How to Make Custom CSV Mapping in Magento 2

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Another import feature that isn’t available in Magento 2 by default is mapping. Neither the native migration tool, nor many third-party solutions offer this functionality. As a result, import processes become hard to implement or have nothing to do with precision. But we know how to fix the problem and apply custom CSV mapping for Magento 2 import.

We’ve already mentioned about our Improved Import extension for Magento 2 and now it’s time to tell a few more words about the tool. The module supports import fields mapping in Magento 1.x style! As a result, you get a powerful mapping feature that allows to map Magento attributes to custom columns in a CSV file. Check the following step by step guide:

  • Go to System -> Import Jobs;
  • Create a new job;
  • On the General tab, specify the source of your CSV file;
  • Click Save Job;
  • Go to the Map Attributes tab;
  • Column names from your CSV file are now available for mapping – do any changes.

The following gif fully illustrates the procedure:


Note that the left column contains a dropdown with all available attributes. Thus, you can match system attributes with appropriate custom attributes within a few clicks.


And this is how a list of your custom attributes looks:


Please note that you should  specify a source file on the General tab and save the job to get this list.

Finish mapping and save your import job once again. Now, you can test it by running the job from the command line. If everything works well, create a schedule.

The import fields mapping feature essentially expands opportunities related to import, since any custom CSV file from various ecommerce systems (PIM, ERP, SAP, etc) can be transferred to Magento 2.

Furthermore, now we are working on import profile presets that allow to apply mapping for import from Magento CE & EE 1.x, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and other ecommerce platforms within a few clicks. But since you can already map any custom data structure, the Improved Import extension already helps to connect your Magento 2 store to all these platforms.

Other extension’s features are:

  • Supported Import Sources: remote FTP server, Dropbox or direct URL;
  • Product images import via remote FTP, Dropbox, or direct URL;
  • Category import via CSV;
  • Creation of products attributes during import;
  • Creation of attribute values during product import;
  • Con job-based schedules for product, category, customer, stock, and attribute import;
  • Configurable product import;
  • Import fields mapping.

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