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In the following article, we describe the basic functionality and features of SAP Business One. This guide contains links to more specific materials that elaborate particular elements of the ERP system. So, if you are new to SAP B1 or want to look at your favorite business instrument from a different perspective, peruse the material below. Let’s begin our SAP Business One tutorial!

As you might have already discovered, SAP B1 ideally suits any business and ant e-commerce platform. However, you may experience difficulties connecting your storefront with this potent instrument. Here at Firebear, we know how to address any issues during the SAP Business One integration. Contact us to get help on connecting your e-commerce website to the popular ERP platform. 

SAP Business One Basics

The primary goal of SAP is to help companies of all sizes and industries improve their business management, optimize various routine processes, get more in-depth insights into the enterprise’s life, and enhance key metrics. The software provider empowers people and organizations to achieve higher efficiency to stay ahead of the competition by providing solutions via the following channels: 

  • on-premise installations;
  • on-demand deployments;
  • mobile devices.

Depending on the company size, SAP offers several different products, including Business One. It is an easy-to-implement, complete business management software solution available either in the cloud or on-premise and aimed at small and midsize enterprises. 

SAP Business One is built on top of the company’s in-memory computing database SAP HANA. B1 leverages the powerful foundation to accelerate company growth, increase profitability, implement better control, and automate repetitive processes.

From the perspective of managers and employees, SAP Business One provides an absolutely new opportunity to process information way more effectively. Consequently, sound business decisions gain their weight in the enterprise’s life. 

Perhaps, one of the most notable advantages associated with SAP Business One is dealing with a single system that includes all the tools necessary to address even the most demanding business management needs. As a business owner, you get on-demand access to a unified picture of critical information across your entire organization. Furthermore, the latest functionality is always at your service due to the SAP Business One Maintenance Program. The pre-configured integration advantages associated with SAP Business One are represented by numerous touch-points that include control over:

  • master data management:
    • items, 
    • customers, 
    • suppliers;
  • chart of accounts; 
  • consolidation of financial information; 
  • intercompany trading.

All in one place! 

You may consider SAP Business One a breakthrough in business management software. It not only leverages many years of the company’s experience but also incorporates the latest trends. The solution is built from scratch with small and midsize enterprises in mind. It offers the following key perks:

  • Personalized Work Centers. With SAP B1 work centers, users access dashboard reports, common resources, embed web pages, and even mailing solutions. Everything is based on the drag-and-drop functionality.  
  • Customer Relationship Management. With the CRM functionality, SAP Business One enables rich management functionality towards sales opportunities. You also get the ability to conduct sales pipeline analysis and track customers and suppliers, including their profiles, contact data, and account balances. Rich contract management and service planning are also among the provided CRM features. 
  • Reporting & Analysis. SAP Business One offers unique inquiry and reporting tools, including various integrated solutions that you can enable if necessary. Thus, B1 can be connected to SAP Crystal Reports software, enabling drill down on any item in a report. So, if you want an additional level of digitalization, you can easily get it. 
  • International Trading. No matter whether you work locally or globally. SAP Business One is suitable for both domestic and international companies. The latter ones can handle intercompany and business transactions in multiple currencies within the system. Simultaneously, it is possible to produce all the documentation in a local language. SAP Business One is available in 27 languages by default. As for legislative compliance, the software is optimized for 42 countries. 
  • In-Memory Technology. Due to the use of SAP HANA as a foundation, SAP Business One fully runs in memory. Thus, it is the first business management solution for SMEs with such capabilities. The app also delivers outstanding scalability and supports high-volume transactions thanks to the in-memory technology. 
  • Integrated Ecosystem. SAP Business One lets you integrate all parts of your businesses within a single flexible interface. You create an integrated ecosystem that combines all business channels. Customers, suppliers, and parent companies get their places in a highly ordered environment. Mobile and web services help you integrate each aspect of your company and manage your enterprise most efficiently.

SAP Business One Benefits

With SAP Business One, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, seize opportunities, make well-thought decisions, and immediately address challenges. Let’s explore the benefits the ERP system offers:

  • Revenue Boost. Access to real-time information helps you identify new opportunities and address issues before they start impacting your business.
  • Reduced Costs. SAP Business One lets you avoid costly upgrades and customisations. You decrease expenditures associated with system maintenance since achieving compatibility with your business functions is simplified and often automated.
  • Better Customer Relationships. The CRM system mentioned above lets you build better relations with your customers. It enables stronger sales due to enhanced customer satisfaction and a better shopping experience.
  • Clear Insights. SAP Business One offers real-time analytics powered by SAP HANA. You can immediately view snapshots of key performance indicators and explore your business health in the smallest details.
  • Proactive Alerts. The system indicates changes in your daily workflow. It can highlight both crucial shifts and the tiniest moves.
  • Improved Efficiency. Due to a unified data repository, SAP Business One lets you dramatically boost your business management efficiency. You can always get the right information at the right time. Simultaneously, the system alerts you regarding the possible issues long before they become visible, affecting your enterprise. 
  • International Opportunities. As we’ve already mentioned, SAP Business One lets you grow your business overseas. 
  • Flexible Deployment. No matter whether your SAP is deployed in your office or miles and miles away in the cloud. You can access it on-the-go any time you need. The SAP Business One mobile is always at your service.
  • Broad Integrations. SAP Business One offers a bunch of integrations right from scratch. For instance, you can connect Microsoft Office or SAP Business Suite to it. At the same time, numerous third-party integrators are available, such as Magento 2 and Shopify connectors. 
  • All-in-one Businesses Management Software. SAP Business One contains all tools necessary to manage your business. Inventory management and accounting, CRM and manufacturing, sales and purchasing, banking, and numerous other tools are at your service.

SAP Business One Functionality Overview

Now, let’s briefly describe the core functionality of SAP Business One. In this article, we only touch upon the main features of the ERP system. More detailed descriptions are available in our articles listed below.

  • Finance. Keep your finances in order with SAP Business One. The platform enables you to handle financial transactions. You can efficiently manage your general ledger, accounts, and journal entries. The ERP platform supports multidimensional cost centers and numerous foreign currencies. 
  • Bank Transactions. All bank transactions are also ranked high within the system. Thus, SAP B1 helps you take care of all bank transfers. Besides, you can manage deposits, configure advance payments, enable credit card payments, and maintain bank reconciliation.
  • Sales. SAP Business One lets you conduct sales in a way more efficient manner than you’ve got used to. The system provides user-friendly tools that let you create quotes and orders, set up deliveries, manage all invoices, update stock balances, and effortlessly work with account receivables. All your products are stored within business partner master records:
  • Purchasing. The ERP platform also covers purchasing. It offers tools that let you manage supplier transactions. Thus, you can issue purchase quotes and orders, update stocks, calculate import landed costs, handle returns, manage credits, and process payments. Customer Relationship Management. The dedicated CRM system lets you control all the customer data via business partner master data records. In addition to that, you also get all the supplier information in one place within the same interface. Thus, controlling profiles, contacts, account balances, and sales pipelines becomes easier with SAP B1.
  • Stock Control. Never get into a situation when you run out of a popular product. SAP Business One offers a system of alerts that inform you about a critically low level of items in a warehouse. You can easily handle stock levels and manage items, price lists, special price agreements, as well as transfers between warehouses with the ERP system. Various stock transactions are supported too.
  • Materials Requirements Planning. With the MRP system of SAP Business One, you can schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on various criteria, automating the repetitive processes.
  • Reporting. Of course, powerful reports are also at your service. SAP B1 Lets you control nearly every aspect of your business, such as cash flow, customer credit, supplier debt, etc. At the same time, you can leverage Integral SAP Crystal Reports to achieve more in-depth analysis and visualize your stats. Configuring a new price report requires data from partner and item records and looks as follows:
  • Service. When it comes to your service departments, SAP Business One delivers numerous enhancements. You get the tools necessary for multi-operational support, service contract management, service planning, customer interaction activities tracking, etc.

SAP Business One In-Depth Review Articles

In this section, you can see our articles dedicated to SAP Business One. Each material covers a specific topic, shedding light on the functionality of the ERP system.

How to integrate SAP Business One with external systems

Although SAP B1 offers built-in tools for integration with third-party platforms, they are not enough to cover the entire spectrum of connections a modern business is bound to. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to synchronize your e-commerce website with SAP Business One in the most discreet way. The Firebear team offers various tools that enable integrations with core e-commerce platforms, such as Magento 2 and ShopifyContact us with specific inquiries regarding the SAP Business One integration with your online business.  

Also, check our Magento 2 SAP Business One Integration tool:

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