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These days there are many modern eCommerce tools that aim to simplify life. They can automate, facilitate and add new features to the usual day-to-day activities. You can use ERP systems, CRM platforms, and accounting software to handle your store. Businesses of all sizes are turning to these extensions to reduce complexity in eCommerce and increase overall value. One such technology is SAP Business One. It is a feature-rich ERP system available that automates your day-to-day processes. Today we will look at SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart. If you work with the Firebear team, this process will not cause you much trouble. In this article, we will briefly walk through both systems and conduct a detailed analysis of the integration process. 

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One of the main goals of SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart is to synchronize information between the two platforms. This operation will not only help you to work more conveniently with two platforms, but also facilitate your daily routine. With integration, you can still synchronize most of the useful information about customers, shipments, payment information, and other things. Essentially you integrate the data from these sections: 

  • Categories 
  • Items and products
  • Customer addresses
  • Inventory data
  • Price lists
  • Period discounts
  • Business partners
  • Sales orders
  • Shipping information

SAP Business One Introduction 

Now we will briefly walk through the specifics of the platform and why it is one of the most feature-rich ERP systems. SAP Business One is a powerful resource planning system. The platform works in the field of eCommerce mainly with small and medium-sized businesses.  But the functionality of SAP B1 also perfectly handles more challenging tasks for larger players. The main feature of the platform is the automation of your daily tasks. Afterward, you can effortlessly unload yourself from small tasks and raise the value of your store. 

Additionally, SAP Business One has 15 essential modules, which are the foundation of the platform: 

  • Administration – Here you’ll find all the core settings of the platform. This module allows you to customize the basics of your SAP B1.
  • CRM – SAP’s customer relationship management module enables you to distribute the main tasks with other SAP modules. 
  • Financials – This module will help you work with financial operations, produce Journal Entries, and build the Chart of Accounts.
  • Opportunities – Create leads in this section to keep track of possible sales and purchases. 
  • Sales – A/R – Sales flow set up available in this module. From quotation to order, delivery, and AR Invoice, you can manage all options.
  • Purchasing – A/P – Here you can manage the purchase process. Its features, such steps as Quotation, Order, GRPO, and AP Invoice. 
  • Business Partners – Module provides you the ability to change your business partners’ master data. You can work with Leads, Customers, and Suppliers.
  • Banking – This module gives you chance to keep track of incoming (sales) and outgoing (buy) payments.
  • Inventory – Here, you can work with master data of sold/purchased products, as well as their number and value in warehouses.
  • Resources – This module contains master data for resources (machines and people) utilized in production (capacity and planning).
  • Production – You have the access to the master data for the Bill of Materials. In this section, you may also place production orders.
  • Project Management –  With this module, you may define your projects and determine what has to be done to meet your business objectives.
  • Material Requirements Planning –  With this module you can use forecasts to make more useful recommendations for sales/production and purchase orders.
  • Service – The service contract management module allows you to manage service calls and perform other duties in this sphere.
  • Human Resources – This module gives you the ability to manage employee master data.

Each module is designed to solve a specific business problem. Furthermore, the modules are tightly connected to each other and can work excellently with an external data source connected to SAP B1. You can also link 3DCart to your ERP system. We can help you properly link modules with 3DCart effortlessly. 

This article will give you more information about SAP Business One:  SAP Business One In-Depth Review.

3DCart Defined 

3DCart is a company founded in 2000 providing a solution for creating businesses in the digital space. The platform has all the major functionality so you can build your online store and its further development. Also, there is complete support for mobile devices and customization of orders, products, and customers. 

The platform offers a 15-day free trial and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the functionality. 3DCart has great SEO features to enhance your ranking on search engines and increase the overall value of your business. Moreover, 3DCart has a team of PPC and SEO experts who are always willing to help with various issues in the digital sphere. 

The company provides multiple core features of the platform:

  • Sell More. 3DCart complete, all-in-one platform that you need to launch and grow your eCommerce business.  
  • Increase Productivity. Together with a user-friendly dashboard interface, you can improve the navigation on the platform which will help enhance your daily productivity. 
  • Search Engine Optimization. URLs, dynamic meta tags, and link titles that are tied to the search make it easier. 3DCart has one of the most SEO-friendly shopping carts.
  • Real-Time Shipping. The platform is designed with all the essential aspects for fast delivery and works with carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and more.
  • Credit Cards Support. Support a wide variety of payment methods. 3DCart works with 200 payment gateways.
  • Social Commerce. Ability to link to Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and other placeholders to expand your audience. In addition, sync with mobile shoppers to manage your store on the go. 

We have digressed a bit from the main topic of this article. In the upcoming section, we will return to SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart and discuss its features. 

SAP Bussines One 3DCart Integration

Bear in mind, that you can do SAP B1 Integration with 3DCart Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us at the link below for more information on integration: 

Sap Business One 3DCart Integration Free Quote


We can help you synchronize all customer information between the two platforms. SAP Business One master data will retrieve information about customers who have just registered like account information, contact information, billing & shipping address, etc. 


With the Firebear team, you can integrate information about items. New and existing products can be integrated into both directions. Existing products in SAP B1 will be synchronized with 3DCart data. We can also integrate gift card data, product ID, and product category details. 


We will integrate information about orders and their updates. We will integrate information about orders and their updates. Web Orders placed in 3DCart will be integrated into SAP B1 with correct tax and discount calculations. Shipment created in a 3DCart will be synchronized with SAP B1 A/R Invoices. 


Stock Updated will automatically synchronize with 3DCart and attach to Web Inventory. 


We will help you integrate Payment transaction IDs to SAP Business One. 


Shipment created in a 3DCart will be integrated into SAP Business One as a delivery document. 

Integration Principles 

We adhere to several important principles for integration. SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart is no exception.  

Two-way connection 

Creating a two-way connection is the most important part of all integrations. Use configurable import and export profiles to make the procedure work the way you want it to. By the way, since these import and export profiles are independent, they do without the need to be configured at the same time. 


We provide a built-in scheduler for automating SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart. A variety of update timelines can be used to import and export activities that are assigned to the same subjects. To illustrate, let’s transfer client data from 3DCart to SAP B1 on a weekly basis: 

  • Using the menu in your export profile, select updates on a weekly baseline. 
  • The next step is to choose the weekday and time of the transfer. 
  • To transfer client data to SAP Business One before the scheduled time, use the asynchronous technique, which you can configure in your profile. 
  • To get the data back, go to import profile and do the same thing. 


With our mapping tools, we make the integration between the two platforms extremely smooth. Since data adjustments must be provided on base according to the requests of the receiving system, third-party attributes must comply with the native environment’s requirements. Usually, this process takes a long time if you do everything manually. We attempted to optimize this procedure by adding a mapping grid. You can design your mapping scheme to fit the requirement of any platform you are comfortable with. Plus, you can save and upload mapping profiles to use in the future. This process also applies to SAP Business One Integration with 3DCart. 

Other features 

We also support a set of different types of connections for any integration, including this one. We typically use data formats like XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, and JSON.

Additionally, we work with Google Sheets to sync data. You can synchronize all information between your store and this platform using our tools. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, and direct URL are additional methods of data transmission. 

Remember that you can integrate Sap Business One with lots of different platforms and Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us following the link below to get more information on the SAP Business One and 3DCart integration and other projects.

Sap Business One 3DCart Integration Free Quote