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Trendy e-commerce tools can nicely enhance and simplify the daily business routine. They provide the ability to connect your online storefront to ERP systems, CRM platforms, or accounting instruments. Furthermore, you can combine a few instruments together. Both small and big market players can get the most in-depth insights and automate their daily workflows. In the following article, we talk about one of the most feature-rich ERP systems – SAP Business One. You can freely sync SAP B1 with Pipedrive CRM combining the two platforms into a single and powerful e-commerce instrument. And we will teach you how to run the SAP Business One Pipedrive CRM integration in the most user-friendly manner. Although it may seem quite difficult at first sight since you need to set up two complicated business tools to be able to communicate with one another, there is nothing to be afraid of in this case. The SAP Business One Pipedrive CRM integration is nothing to worry about if you decide to choose the Firebear team as your reliable partner in this integration. We will help you tame both instruments creating the most efficient duo. Our team develops and maintains the SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM connector that not only automates essential business functions suitable for both systems but also facilitates your operational data efficiently.

Keep in mind that you can integrate Sap Business One with lots of different platforms and Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us following the link below to get more information: 

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SAP Business One Defined

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Let’s say a few words about SAP Business One. The platform represents a mighty enterprise resource planning software solution planned for small and medium-sized businesses but often suitable for some bigger companies. It is designed to automate numerous business operations and simplify your daily burdens associated with financials, operations, and human resources. When the default customer-related features are not enough, you can connect Pipedrive CRM to the ERP system.

SAP Business One incorporates 15 functional modules to cover multiple different areas of your enterprise:

  • Administration – various basic settings are stored here.
  • CRM – share everyday sales employee tasks between modules.
  • Financials – define the Chart of Accounts and create Journal Entries here.
  • Opportunities – generate leads to let you keep track of potential Sales and Purchases in this module. 
  • Sales – A/R – manage the sales flow that starts at the Quotation stage and passes Order, Delivery, and then AR Invoice stages.
  • Purchasing – A/P – the purchase flow that starts from Quotation and proceeds to Order, GRPO, and AP Invoice is at your disposal here.
  • Business Partners – you can manage master data of Leads, Customers, and Suppliers in this module.
  • Banking – use this module to monitor Incoming (sales) and Outgoing (purchase) payments.
  • Inventory – This SAP B1 section lets you manage master data of sold/purchased products along with their quantity/value in warehouses.
  • Resources – master data of resources (machines and people) used in production (capacity and planning) is stored here.
  • Production – this module is designed to let you manage Bill of Materials master data and Production orders.
  • Project Management – define projects here.
  • Material Requirements Planning – use this module to create forecasts of needed items in sales/production and purchase order recommendations.
  • Service – it is possible to maintain service contract management and create service calls here.
  • Human Resources – employee master data is stored in this module.

As you can see, each of these modules addresses specific business challenges on its own. But they are also tightly connected with one another. With the firebear team, you can tie them to an outer source of information to provide your ERP system with even more data. Adding external tools, like Pipedrive CRM, is also possible for even better productivity. We can sync every module with the corresponding part of Pipedrive CRM.

You can find more information on the SAP B1 ERP system here: SAP Business One In-Depth Review.

Pipedrive CRM Defined

Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service CRM solution that exists as a web application and mobile app used by over 100,000 companies in 179 countries. It lets you set up your pipeline stages in the most efficient way: turn your pipeline into a visual representation of your sales process. With Pipedrive, it is totally customizable so it will easily fit your daily routine. The system provides the ability to name your pipeline stages or choose a template. Fill it with deals and simplify your e-commerce duties.

Also, Pipedrive lets you focus on sales actions instead of thinking about the endpoint. Focus on the steps that let you move toward the finish line: a phone call, lunch, meeting, email, or anything in between. You schedule them and Pipedrive reminds you what to do next.

Tracking progress towards goals is another opportunity provided by this CRM system. Pipedrive monitors your performance and calculates your average conversion rate to let you know how many new leads you get and what activities you complete. With real-time reports, you can always see if you’re on track.

Pipedrive’s easy analytics system lets you optimize and grow your sales process. Automations and integrations let you combine Pipedrive with your favorite tools and automate various routine processes, saving you time and effort.

However, if you are already an experienced merchant, you should know all these facts and might have got bored, waiting for the main piece – SAP Business One & Pipedrive CRM Integration.  

SAP Business One Pipedrive CRM Integration

Now, when you are familiar with the essential benefits of SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM, we’d like to draw your attention to their connection. Remember that the Firebear Studio can help you integrate SAP Business One with Pipedrive CRM. Contact us following the link below to get more information: 

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We can help you sync customers between SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM. Our instruments are capable of transferring all customer details, including info on all the associated orders. When you enter leads in Pipedrive CRM by the corresponding Sales Rep, we sync them to SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data.  The same is about such entities as Organization and Person created in Pipedrive. Note that the SAP B1 Business Partner Leads can be synced to Pipedrive CRM as well.

After you qualify Leads in the CRM system, converting them into Accounts and Contacts, the corresponding Leads in SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data are automatically updated as Customers and the CRM Contacts are added. All data transfers associated with customers are possible in both directions.


When you create deals created in Pipedrive, we synchronize them with SAP Business One and save them as Opportunities there. Next, with every Stage change in Pipedrive, we update the corresponding statuses in the Opportunity section of SAP. For instance, if the Deal is marked as Won in Pipedrive, the Opportunity status is also changed to Won in SAP Business One. All these improvements work in the opposite direction too.


We synchronize products between SAP B1 and Pipedrive CRM in two directions. As for price lists in SAP, they are automatically mapped as standard prices in the CRM system. All product and price changes are automatically synced between the two systems.


You can automatically synchronize orders between SAP and Pipedrive. The same is about sales quotes. As for sales orders, they are synced with their current status between the two platforms. 

Our SAP Business One Pipedrive CRM Integration is also associated with invoice synchronization. We will help you transfer them between the two systems: Pipedrive CRM Invoices -> SAP B1 A/R Invoices and back.

Integration Principles

We use the following principles for all our integrations, including the SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM Integration.

Two-way connection

You get a two-way relationship between two systems. This groundbreaking feature partakes in the integration, delivering highly-configurable import and export profiles. Thus, you can apply any customization to data transfer processes. And there is no need to set up both functionalities simultaneously since import and export profiles are independent.


Next, you get a built-in scheduler that empowers you to automate your SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM integration. You can apply different update timetables to import and export processes associated with the same entity. For instance, it is necessary to transmit customer data from Pipedrive to SAP B1 weekly:

  • Proceed to your export profile and choose weekly updates. 
  • Next, pick a day of the week and the precise transfer time for your Pipedrive SAP integration. 
  • For providing SAP Business One with the new customer data from Pipedrive CRM before the scheduled, leverage the asynchronous method, launching the profile manually. 
  • Head to your import profile and apply identical modifications to transfer customer data back. 


Also, your team lets you enjoy powerful mapping facilities that improve the way you sync data between two systems. Since you always need to edit data updates according to the norms of the accepting system, matching third-party attributes to the requirements of the accepting environment may take lots of time. With the Firebear team, you can essentially simplify this process by leveraging the mapping grid that appears in every import and export profile. 

We provide you with the ability to create a corresponding mapping scheme matching any attributes to any rules and requirements. It is also possible to save and load mapping profiles for further use for recurring import and export processes, just like in the case of the SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM Integration.

Other features

Other features associated with the SAP Business One Pipedrive CRM integration and other similar processes include support for multiple connection standards. Our team lets you use data files of different types, such as XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, and JSON. 

We also support Google Sheets transfers. Our tools provide the ability to sync all information between any system and this platform. As for other data exchange points, they include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP, and direct URL uploads. Besides, It is possible to create API-based connections for complex integrations.

Bear in mind that you can integrate Sap Business One with lots of different platforms and Firebear Studio will kindly help you do that. Contact us following the link below to get more information on the  SAP Business One and Pipedrive CRM integration and other projects: 

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