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SAP Business One Starshipit Integration

Your daily business operations could be substantially improved by contemporary e-commerce tools and technologies. You can integrate your online business with accounting platforms, ERP and CRM systems, and other software programs. With the aid of one or more technologies, such as SAP Business One, one of the most cutting-edge and feature-rich ERP systems we’ve ever had, market participants in both small and large markets can obtain the most in-depth insights and automate their daily tasks. You can also achieve even better results by integrating SAP B1 with other systems. You could, for instance, link it to Starshipit. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, we have a description for you below. Nothing is impossible, even if you have to comprehend and combine two sophisticated business technologies. The Firebear team makes the SAP Business One Starshipit system integration straightforward. Together, we can succeed on both platforms and foster the best kind of cooperation. The SAP Business One and Starshipit connector, created and maintained by our team, automates key business procedures and efficiently handles your operational data. To suit the particular requirements of your company, the connector can be easily modified.

Keep in mind that Firebear Studio can be used to integrate a variety of other systems with Sap Business One. Please contact us using the following link if you need further information:

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SAP Business One Defined

For those who are unfamiliar with SAP Business One, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a number of potent features and improvements to repetitious activities, let’s start with a quick review. Although SAP B1 was designed for small and medium-sized businesses, larger organizations can also use it. Its primary goal is to automate numerous corporate processes so that administrative tasks involving finances, operations, and human resources take less time and effort. If you need more capabilities that are particular to shipping, you can connect Starshipit to your ERP system. SAP Business One has 15 functional modules that cover various business functions:

  • You may use Administration to make all of your basic setup options. With the help of this module, you can modify your SAP Business One system.
  • Utilizing the CRM module, you can replace normal sales staff procedures with those in other SAP functional areas.
  • The Financials module lets you create a chart of accounts and journal entries.
  • By creating leads in the Opportunities section, you may keep track of potential sales and purchases.
  • Sales – A/R contains the entire sales flow. The quote, order, delivery, and AR Invoice are all completely within your complete control.
  • In Purchasing – A/P, the start of the purchasing process is described. The GRPO, Order, Quotation, and AP Invoice functions are included in the module. Each one of them is under your control.
  • Using the Business Partners module, you can edit the master data associated with your business partners. You may get acquainted with prospects, customers, and suppliers from here.
  • In the banking area, you keep track of your receiving (sell) and outgoing (purchase) funds.
  • Users can access the master data for items that have been purchased or sold as well as the amount and price of those items that are kept in storage facilities with the help of the Inventory module.
  • The Resources section contains the master data for the production resources (machines and personnel; capacity and planning respectively).
  • You have access to the master data for the Bill of Materials through the Production module. This section also allows you to place production orders.
  • You may organize your projects and decide what needs to be done to accomplish your business goals using the project management module.
  • Creating a plan for your material needs might uplift your sales/production orders and purchase orders. You can use the calculator on the material requirements planning page to determine how much cash and other resources you’ll need to stay stocked.
  • You can start service requests and perform various contract administration tasks with the Service module.
  • In the HR module, you can also interact with employee master data.

Each of these elements focuses on a particular aspect of your business. All of them are connected, and you may even connect your ERP system to a different data source through links between them. As we’ve already said, you can combine third-party applications like Starshipit to boost productivity even more. Each module has the potential to sync with a Starshipit component thanks to our integration solution.

You can find more information about SAP B1 here: SAP Business One In-Depth Review.

Starshipit Defined

Starshipit is a top-notched software program without a high-end price. It enables you to deliver more products to more customers by automating the labor-intensive fulfillment process.

Streamline every step of your fulfillment process to eliminate human mistakes, and you’ll have satisfied customers, content staff, and more time to develop your brand. The platform aims to reduce the amount of time spent packaging and shipping goods by quickly printing courier labels, either individually or in bulk, as well as electronically completing and submitting customs and shipping papers. Simply plug in and begin your fulfillment routine. And note that dev time is not necessary! Integrate quickly with your current e-commerce systems, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and many more with the help of the Firebear team. We also enable interactions with domestic and international courier services.

You can accomplish the following tasks considerably more quickly using the Starshipit solution:

  • Directly bargain shipping charges with the couriers at fair market value. The platform provides greater rates than you would get through an aggregator.
  • Display a variety of delivery options at the checkout, such as same-day, overnight, weekend, or click-and-collect, to allow your customers to select the one that best meets their needs.
  • Send branded tracking pages and delivery-related SMS or email notifications automatically to keep clients updated throughout the fulfillment process.

SAP Business One Starshipit Integration

We wish to draw your attention to the relationship between SAP Business One and Starshipit. Keep in mind that you might be able to link Starshipit with SAP Business One with the help of the Firebear Studio. You may rely on our professionals to help you with this. Please get in touch with us at the following link for more information:

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Customer contact and address information can be entered into Starshipit and synced with SAP B1 using the Firebear connector. It is a two-way sync function. A customer’s details may have been changed after they were added, and these changes will be updated from SAP B1 to Starshipit or the other way around via Firebear.


Starshipit orders or multichannel imported orders can be added to or imported into SAP B1 sales orders with specific information, including billing/shipping details, items, the amount paid, tax amount, shipping amount, and – perhaps most importantly – information about the store from which the order originally came. According to customer needs, orders can be produced in the SAP B1 ERP and synchronized back to Starshipit because the sync procedure is bidirectional.

Orders that have already been synchronized with SAP B1 can be updated. Following the addition of an order to SAP, it is simple to modify the order by altering the item, delivery date, prices, etc.


It is possible to update the Starshipit order shipment data that was obtained from SAP B1. With the help of our experts, an order that creates a tracking ID and needs adjustments to the shipping costs, processing durations, etc. may have these tasks carried out automatically.


Add new items to SAP B1 using Starshipit, including details like SKU, weight, item cost, price, dimension, tariff code, country of origin, and product description. It is necessary to update a product that has already been synced to SAP B1. After introducing a product, Firebear will immediately update the SAP B1 values that need to be altered if revisions are required in both Starshipit and SAP.


Firebear will sync labels produced by Starshipit after orders have been processed with their associated SAP B1 orders as delivery documents. Starshipit may populate package size, label, weight, and tracking information for shipped orders, and SAP B1 is automatically updated with the shipment status.


Stocks between SAP Business One and Starshipit will be synced. We give you a variety of options for this process.

Integration Principles

The following guidelines are followed by all of our integrations, including those employing Starshipit and SAP Business One.

Two-way connection

Between the two platforms, a two-way communication channel is established. The technologies we use for integration offer this feature. You, as the person in charge of the integration, can modify data transfer profiles any way you see them fit thanks to fully configurable import and export profiles. Due to their independence, the import and export profiles do not need to be set up simultaneously.


You may automate the communication between Starshipit and SAP Business One by using our built-in scheduler. It is possible to utilize update timelines for import and export operations involving the same entity. Let’s say Starshipit needs to send SAP B1 order data once every week:

  • In your export profile, choose weekly updates from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, choose a specific weekday transfer time.
  • Use the asynchronous method and manually activate the profile to update SAP Business One’s customer data from Starshipit earlier than anticipated.
  • Go back to your import profile and make the identical changes there to retrieve the order data.


Our mapping tools make it easy to synchronize data between any two systems. Since data modifications must always abide by the constraints of the receiving system, third-party attributes should be matched to those of the local environment. This stage requires manual completion, which takes time. On the other side, this tactic could be greatly enhanced. The mapping grid is accessible via the Firebear team for each import and export profile. You can now design a mapping strategy that modifies any property in order to satisfy the requirements and standards of the accepting platform. Map loading profiles can also be saved and loaded again for later use. For repetitive tasks like the SAP Business One Starshipit integration, it performs admirably.

Other features

Support for a range of connection standards is another aspect of the SAP Business One Starshipit integration and other projects we work on. For integrations, we maintain a variety of data file formats on hand, including XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, and JSON.

Data is also synced using Google Sheets. Using our tools, you may synchronize all of your data between your store and this platform. Direct URL uploads, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are additional ways to send files. The usage of API-based ties allows for the construction of more complex linkages.

You should be aware that integrating Sap Business One with a variety of platforms is made simple by Firebear Studio. Click on the following link to get in touch with us and discover more about the connections between Starshipit and SAP Business One as well as additional interconnections:

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