Aheadworks B2B Magento 2 Extensions

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

In this post, we provide an overview of B2B extensions developed by Aheadworks for Magento 2 sites. All of the described modules add vital functionality to ecommerce stores and provide advanced features for improving the user experience of both B2B and B2C customers. By implementing the Aheadworks business-to-business solutions, you will be able to offer extended payment options, fine-tune your business strategy on the basis of customer segments, differentiate pricing policy for your products, and personalize your marketing campaigns. 

B2B Company Credit Magento 2 Extension

The Company Credit extension is designed for building stronger relationships with B2B customers while increasing your profit. B2B Company Credit adds the possibility to use credit payment to buy products or services on an online store. The Magento 2 module provides settings that allow merchants to establish a well-organized customer and company credit system.

The Magento 2 credit module enables store managers to set individual credit limits per customer, as well as specify an available amount of credit for each customer group separately. The extension also offers necessary settings for providing corporate clients with a credit payment option. Besides, the Aheadworks tool allows selecting countries eligible for the corresponding payment method and setting cart total limits. This way, merchants get comprehensive control over the credit payments availability on their stores.

As for other useful features offered by B2B Company Credit for Magento 2, they include an automatic currency converter and email notifications sent to customers on the credit balance updates.

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NMI Payment Magento 2 Extension

NMI Payment is another robust solution from the Aheadworks B2B series that enhances the default Magento 2 checkout experience. The extension provides seamless integration with the Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) payment gateway and supports all its essential features. The NMI payment option is implemented in the familiar checkout interface, which allows customers to conveniently complete their purchase. Besides, the B2B module supports the Magento 2 Vault functionality that lets online shoppers save their credit card details for quick checkout in the future.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) ensures protection of the cardholder sensitive data when processing payments via the NMI gateway. A high level of security is also achieved due to the storing of credit card details exclusively on the NMI servers and processing of SOAP API requests via NMI WSDL. Besides, the Magento 2 NMI module is fully compliant with the PCI security standards.

As for other features improving user experience on the frontend, it is necessary to mention the possibility of checking out with multiple shipping addresses. Besides, due to the country specification in the backend, only eligible customers will see Aheadworks NMI in the list of available payment methods.

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Payment Restrictions Magento 2 Extension

The Payment Restrictions extension is a beneficial solution for business owners who work with both B2C and B2B clients. The module makes payment management more convenient for both store admins and online shoppers.

If you install this Magento 2 B2B solution, you will be able to restrict access to particular payment methods on your store depending on the segment to which a customer belongs. The Payment Restrictions extension extends the default possibilities of the Magento 2 platform and provides flexible settings for personalizing your sales strategy.

It is possible to define which customer groups will have access to a specific payment option for each payment method enabled on a store separately.

At the checkout, customers will see only those payment methods to which they have access. This way, you will avoid confusion and loss of time that might occur when an unavailable payment option is displayed in the list.

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B2B Company Accounts Magento 2 Extension

With the Company Accounts Magento 2 B2B extension, you can set up a clear hierarchy of member roles within a company. The module is an essential add-on for ecommerce businesses working with corporate clients who need to have separate accounts on a website. The extension provides a user-friendly interface and advanced settings for managing company users on both backend and frontend.

The B2B module provides companies with a convenient frontend interface not different from the one available to B2C customers. Thus, your corporate clients can register their companies, specify all important details, create a list of company members, and set permissions for each of them in the most convenient way.

Moreover, store admins can utilize the re-assign function to move a particular customer from one group to another and change their company. The Company Accounts extension also allows enabling email notifications on the events related to the company activity. 

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B2B Cart to Quote Magento 2 Extension

With the Aheadworks quotation solution, you can implement the request for quote functionality on your Magento 2 store and negotiate custom price proposals with your clients. The extension places the “Add to Quote” button to the product and category pages and adds a separate quote cart where customers can view and manage items included in the quotation. Online shoppers also have an option to send quote requests right from the cart page.

Store administrators get a separate grid that gathers all existing quotes along with their details. It is possible to create a new quote for a selected customer from the backend, re-calculate the price with a discount, and set an expiration period for quotations. Besides, as a store manager, you can define customer groups that will have access to the RFQ function.

The Magento 2 quotes module also helps sellers to improve communication with customers by allowing them to exchange messages related to the quote request. A chatbox with all sent messages is displayed in both the admin panel and customer account. It is also possible to view a full history log of the price negotiations.

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Customer Segmentation Magento 2 Extension

Another solution from the Aheadworks B2B modules group is intended to empower your marketing efforts and personalize promo campaigns. The Customer Segmentation extension enables Magento 2 merchants to fully leverage the customer group-specific rules that will act as a trigger for special offers. You can use any information received from your clients as a basis for the rule conditions, such as a customer’s billing or shipping address, personal details, order-related data, product attributes, brands, and more.

The Magento 2 module allows dividing both registered customers and guest website visitors into segments depending on various parameters. You can assign customers to a particular group based on their orders history, buying behavior, or personal details.

Furthermore, the Customer Segmentation extension is integrated with native Magento Cart Price Rules and Newsletter, which allows for setting more targeted promotions with personalized discounts.

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