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Magento 2 B2B Company Guide: Revealing Company Structure & Import

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magento 2 b2b company import guide

If you want to migrate from the existing Magento B2B website, you may face a problem when companies cannot be moved with the help of the default Magento 2 tools. Neither can you synchronize the existing Magento 2 B2B company structure between several websites.  Thus, you should run the transfer manually, recreating the entire storefront section manually. But what if there is a more user-friendly way of importing and exporting Magento 2 B2B companies? In the following article, we shed light on what a Magento B2B company account is. You will learn the nuances of the Magento 2 company structure; and after that, we will guide you through the corresponding data import process. You will learn the attributes used in the import of B2B company accounts to Magento 2. We also explain the meaning of a CSV file for importing company roles. After that, you will find out how to run the Magento 2 B2B company import. Continue Reading

Magento 2 SAP Business One Integration: How to Synchronize B2B Companies Between The Two Systems

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Magento 2 SAP Business One Connector

Below, we focus on Magento 2 company accounts – a B2B entity available in Magento 2 Commerce only. The following blog post describes how companies are used in Magento 2 and SAP Business One correspondingly. We show how to import and export companies between Magento 2 and SAP Business One to synchronize the two systems. Thus, you will learn how to make the leading provider of ERP and CRM services a part of your online business within just a few clicks. Automate and simplify various routine processes without any headaches, using innovative and intelligent tools. If you still don’t know how to move company accounts from Magento 2 to SAP Business One, check the following guide.  Continue Reading

Aheadworks B2B Magento 2 Extensions

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In this post, we provide an overview of B2B extensions developed by Aheadworks for Magento 2 sites. All of the described modules add vital functionality to ecommerce stores and provide advanced features for improving the user experience of both B2B and B2C customers. By implementing the Aheadworks business-to-business solutions, you will be able to offer extended payment options, fine-tune your business strategy on the basis of customer segments, differentiate pricing policy for your products, and personalize your marketing campaigns. 

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Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2

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Today, we are exploring a B2B extension developed by AheadworksCompany Accounts for Magento 2. The Aheadworks solution offers essential B2B features for creating and managing company accounts. The module enables merchants and their business-to-business partners to set multiple accounts within a company and arrange a structured hierarchy of member roles. 

Below, we describe the core features of the multi-user and sub-account Magento 2 module. Continue Reading