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Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

Below, we shed light on one of the most robust Magento 2 themes. Pearl is a solution that suits both small businesses and ecommerce giants. The Magento 2 theme offers tons of various features and several pricing plans. In the following post, we make things as clear as a bell, so after reading it, you will know what to do with the Pearl Magento 2 theme.


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Either you run a tiny online storefront or a large ecommerce website, in both cases, it is necessary to install a new Magento 2 template. If your technical skills are not enough to perform this procedure, you can buy the advanced Pearl pack and get professional installation by certified developers who know all the nuances related to the Magento 2 theme. We describe available pricing plans in more detail below.

Another great aspect of Pearl is the availability of 800+ admin options which allow customizing the appearance of the Magento 2 theme without any need to edit code. There is even a document that describes the template on more than 4000 pages. Note that this document is constantly updated after every new release.

If you don’t enjoy tweaking, the Pearl Magento 2 theme allows you to leverage pre-built layouts. The template offers 15 homepages, 4 product page types, 8 category page layouts, 4 different headers, and 4 footers. Thus, even without customizing the Magento 2 theme, you can create a unique website by combining the available pre-built layouts.

As for the performance of the Pearl Magento 2 template, it is super fast. Pearl has a modular nature. It means that you can turn off all unnecessary features, applying a vital performance optimization. It is no longer necessary to spend resources on features you don’t use! Also, the theme is frequently updated, so you will always get lots of improvements, including ones related to speed.

With the Pearl Magento 2 theme, you get 8 size charts, 77 buttons, 2000+ icons, and many more other amazing theme features. Pearl also provides a design guide with extensive instructions and included .psd files. Besides, you get access to over 25 extensions that cover such areas as analytics, Instagram integration, XML sitemap generation, improved shopping cart, rich snippets, sliders, and more. Furthermore, the Pearl Magento 2 template is fully compatible with other third-party Magento 2 modules.

It is also necessary to mention that Pearl is fully responsive on mobile devices. It is an essential feature since more and more customers shop from their smartphones. If your ecommerce store is not mobile-friendly, you might lose potential buyers. Furthermore, Google loves responsive websites more than those that don’t work on small screens as expected.

Now, we’d like to draw your attention to core elements of the Pearl Magento 2 theme. In order not to turn this review into a door stopper, we’ve decided to examine only one version of each element, so let’s start with the Home Page V9.


Each time you launch the Home Page V9, a slider meets you at the top of the page. It supports both clicks and touch gestures. Each slider is divided into several blocks: product image, title, description, Shop Now button, etc.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

Next, there are some static blocks that lead to various categories. Every time you hover over an image in the block, it is zoomed.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

Below category blocks, there is another slider that contains brand logos. The slider also supports both gestures and clicks, but it doesn’t lead to “Shop by Brand” page as we’ve expected.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

The bottom of the page contains two active areas: FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURN.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

Hover over each area, and the initial text will be scrolled down and replaced with description.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

As for the footer, it is divided into three rows. First of all, there are three social buttons leading to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages correspondingly. Next, the Pearl Magento 2 theme provides links to FAQ, Privacy, Terms of Use, and Contact pages. The last row allows subscribing to the newsletter.

Pearl Magento 2 Theme Template

Category Page

Pearl provides 4 core category pages by default: with the 5, 4, 3, or 2 columns layout. Besides, each page has two variations: with or without sidebar. We will describe a 4-column layout with a sidebar. The sidebar is located on the left and includes layered navigation filters (Climate, Color, Material, Model Stats, Pattern, Size, Style Bottom, Brand, and Price), products to compare, and wishlist items. On the top right, there is a field that allows choosing sorting options.

As for products, Pearl displays a product image, title, and price. If you hover over each image, additional options appear: Add to Wish List, Add to Cart, and Quick View.

The Quick View window is AJAX-based, so it appears without reloads. The information available in the demo-window includes product name, estimated arrival date, SKU, price, stock availability, and image. Since it is a configurable product, you can choose a size and color. The Quick View window allows to add each item to the shopping cart, as well as go to the product view page.

It is also necessary to say a few words about layered navigation. Although it was essentially improved in Magento 2 in comparison with Magento 1, there is still a room for improvement. For instance, Magento 2 doesn’t provide the ability to select two parameters of the same filter by default. This limitation can be overcome with the help of third-party modules, such as Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty, but what about the Pearl Magento 2 theme? The demo version of the category page we were exploring works as the default Magento 2 navigation. It means that only one parameter of the filter can be selected. However, it is not a big problem, especially if you choose a layout without the sidebar.

Product Page

Product page layouts of Pearl are absolutely different, so let’s describe two of them. The first example displays a configurable product. It contains such elements as a slider with product images, product name and price, estimated arrival date, rating and reviews, configurable options (color and size), quantity selector, and Add to Cart button.

Below, there is a section with additional information divided into 6 tabs: Details, More Information, Reviews, Size Chart, About the Brand, and Model Stats.

Next, you can see a grid with related products. Below product images, titles and prices are shown.

A completely different approach is implemented with the Product Page V4. All product images are arranged vertically. If you scroll down the page, the block with product name, arrival date, rating, reviews, price, SKU, configurable options, and Add to Cart button behaves like a sticky menu.

Scroll down to the last product image to see additional details.

Other Elements

Below, you can see a list of native alert boxes of the Pearl Magento 2 theme:

Besides, the theme provides extended style boxes and Bootstrap alerts.

Various button styles:


Also, note that there are several options for social icons. Round, square, colored, monochromatic – all possible variations are available with the Pearl Magento 2 theme. You no longer have to hire a designer, since the template already includes everything you need.


Now, when you know that the Pearl Magento 2 theme looks stunning, offers tons of features, and provides excellent shopping experience, we should say a few words about the available pricing plans. There are two basic plans: Essential ($499) and Professional ($999). So, what’s the difference between them?

Both pricing plans provide the following 5 basic features:

  • Pearl Responsive Theme Pack with 24 premium extensions included;
  • Lifetime theme updates;
  • Self-service Help Center & Community;
  • Email support;
  • Design Guide and PSD files.

With the Professional plan, you also get additional Magento 2 modules installed and some advanced features configured:

  • Free theme installation;
  • Sample data setup;
  • Theme audit service before going live;
  • Setup of the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tag Manager;
  • SEO setup including Google Webmaster Tools and XML Sitemap configuration;
  • Google Rich Snippets, Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph, and Pinterest Rich Pins Validation;
  • Homepage setup;
  • Configuration of transactional emails with Gmail Markups support;
  • Test Order QA (via PayPal);
  • Shipping configuration;
  • Custom Magento development;
  • Recommended Magento 2 specialized hosting.

Besides, you can go for a custom plan. Its price depends on the amount of work and included options.

The mentioned above prices relate to the Magento 2 Community version. If you are using Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, the Pearl Magento 2 template can be purchased for $999 on the Essential plan, and $1499 on the Professional plan.

Final Words

In comparison with other Magento 2 templates and themes, Pearl is an expensive solution, but there are several aspects that make the indicated prices reasonable. First of all, Pearl includes lots of Magento 2 modules that radically improve the default shopping experience of the platform. As a result, you get some vital features out-of-the-box without any need to purchase additional Magento 2 modules. Thus, there is no need to debug 3rd party extension conflicts, since you don’t need to install these extensions.

The second reason is that the Pearl Magento 2 theme was reviewed and approved in Magento Marketplace. Most of the existing Magento 2 themes were developed without respect to Magento best practice guidelines, which is a reason for conflicts and compatibility issues. With Pearl, you can easily avoid such troubles.

Such a scrupulous approach to theme development makes Pearl a leading Magento 2 template. For further information, follow this link:

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