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Have you ever wondered why Magento 2 import and export processes are so slow? If you move data to and from your store on a regular basis, low import/export speed may become really annoying. But what is the reason of this problem and how to solve it? You will find the answer below.


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The first reason is related to Object-Relational Mapping. It is a programming technique designed to converting data between incompatible type systems. In case of Magento 2, ORM must be flexible and as a result complex – this makes access to database much slower.

The second reason is the database itself. Due to the nature of the ecommerce platform, the database has a complex structure. Thus, the Entity Attribute Value model on the database causes the situation when product and other entities data is distributed by dozens of tables, so lots of information need to be collected and bundled on each request. So, how to enhance the default Magento 2 platform and increase import and export speed?

The answer is very simple: you need a reliable third-party extension that improves Magento 2 import and export performance. And there is the appropriate module in our portfolio. With the Firebear Improve Import & Export for Magento 2, you will dramatically speed up both processes. For instance, an average import speed of Magento 2.1 on 4 core CPU and 8 RAM per 1k simple products takes approximately 3 minutes. In case of our Magento 2 import extension, it is decreased to ~20 seconds. And this is not a final result. We constantly work on improving our import/export solution, so in the nearest future it will provide even better performance.

High productivity results get the highest priority when we work on our products, and Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 is not an exception. The extension leverages the sami principle that was used in Magmi for Magento 1: it executes more direct SQL without ORM. So if you are thinking about Magmi on Magento 2, freely choose our Magento 2 import/export extension, since it is the closest possible Magmi replacement (and analog) for Magento 2.

The recent speed tests conducted on March 2019 displayed the following results for different entities.

Behavior Entity Entity count File size Minutes Memory usage Entities/minute
Import Products 500k 645 Mb 200 3.5 Gb 2500
Import Customers + one address 1m 164 Mb 45 2.5 Gb 11111
Import Customers + one address 1m 330 Mb 117 6.18 Gb 8574
Export Products 500k 710 Mb 159 500 Mb 3145
Export Customers 1m 240 Mb 6 3.72 Gb 166667
Export Addresses 1.4m 244 Mb 13 5 Gb 107692

NOTE: native Magento 2 import/export tool couldn’t manage such data volumes. The import process either halts and imports only a part of the data with some of the entities missing, or has troubles validating the imported files.

Import and export performance tests have been conducted on the following setup:

PHP 7.2.6

8 core CPU

64 Gb RAM

MariaDB 10.1.26 (MySQL 5.7)

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 v5 @ 3.60GHz


2 x Crucial MX550 SSD

We are working with Magento 2 merchants from all over the world and there are both small merchants and huge ecommerce enterprises among the users of Improve Import and Export for Magento 2. Thus, millions of products are imported and updated daily with the help of our module. And due to the collected feedback, we always make import/export processes faster as well as fix core bugs and bottlenecks of the default Magento 2 procedures related to the functionality of our module.

For further information about the Magento 2 Improved Import Export extension, check its manual: Firebear Improved Import Export Extension Manual. You can purchase the module here:

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