Import/Export cookbook: How to update Magento 2 product prices during import quickly, without editing the CSV table

If you are a dropshipper or want to follow the inflation and increase product prices for your whole Magento 2 catalog or a part of it, you can do it quickly with the Improved Import & Export extension.

Export product catalog and import it back with the Price Rules – a quick filter that allows increasing and decreasing prices by a percent or a flat value.

Start with exporting your product catalog

Step 1: get to the export job grid

Log into your Magento 2 administrator panel and navigate to System > Improved Import / Export > Export jobs and click the ‘Add New Job’ button.

Step 2: create export job

Fill in required fields, to quickly export product catalog:

  • Job Title – name the job
  • Entity – select ‘Products’
  • Store View – select ‘Only Admin Values’ to export only default store values
  • Export Source – select ‘File’
  • File path – specify the path where to export the file. E.g. copy and paste: /var/import/my_products.csv

Step 3: get your product catalog in CSV

Click the ‘Save & Run’ button in the upper-right corner of the screen and get a CSV file with your whole product catalog.

And import your catalog back

Step 1: get to the import job grid

Navigate to System > Improved Import / Export > Import jobs and click the ‘Add New Job’ button.

Step 2: configure import job

You do not need to fill each job setting, fill only the fields I specify below, to quickly import product updates to your Magento 2 store:

  • Job Title – name the job
  • Entity – select ‘Products’
  • Import Behavior – select ‘Add/Update’
  • Import file type – select CSV file type
  • Import Source – select ‘file’ and upload the product catalog file you have just exported

And click the ‘Validate file’ button to let the extension check the file integrity.

Step 3: price rules

Scroll down to the Price Rules section, you should see it looking like this:

If you look at the screenshot you will see that I want to:

  • Increase price by 10% for the products with SKU containing ‘1’
  • And decrease price by $5 for the products with SKU containing ‘3’

The Price Rules section allows you to adjust the prices of the products you are currently importing. Aside from the ‘Add Rule’ button which allows you to add more price rules, there are six elements you need to know:

Round Price/Special Price selector – if the selector is enabled, the prices you are importing will be automatically rounded to either .99 or .49 in currency you are using. E.g. if the product price is $123.5 it will be rounded to $123.99.

Apply column – here you select whether you want to increase prices by a ‘percent’ or ‘flat’ value.

Value column – here you can specify the value or the negative value which should be applied to the price of the imported product.

Conditions column – here, using native Magento 2 conditions, you can specify the products which should have their prices adjusted. The prices will be adjusted only for the products from the file you are importing.

Step 4: import products with price rules applied

Once you have applied all necessary price rules – hit the “Save & Run’ button in the upper-right corner to import your catalog updates back to your store.


This is it. You have just updated your product prices using the ‘Price Rules’ section of the import job. This is much faster and can be used if you are following the inflation, want to review the prices, or a dropshipper receiving products from the supplier.

Get Improved Import & Export extension for Magento 2

FAQ: how to update product prices during import

Q: Do I need to manually adjust prices inside the CSV table??

A: No, you can start importing the table with the products, and during import apply price rules.

Q: Can I decide to which Magento 2 products price rules should be applied? Or the price rules are applied automatically to all products?

A: You can specify the conditions which will decide to which products from the imported file the price rules should be applied. The conditions work as native Magento 2 where you can specify any product attribute and it’s value.

Q: Can I automatically add $.99 to the product prices and special prices?

A: Yes, inside the price rules section of Imporved Import and Export extension for Magento 2 you can find the dedicated selectors that will let you automatically increase prices of the products to the nearest $.99 or $.49