The best must have Magento extensions 2016

Best Magento Modules

The best must have Magento extensions of 2015 can change a lot in your e-commerce store. In this post we put all the extensions into 6 major groups: “Performance”, “SEO”, “Frontend, UI, usability”, “Loyalty, referral campaigns”, “System, backend”, and “Marketing, sales”. All of them are tested and accepted by Magento developers, so you will only deal with the most reliable tools. Two other important things about “The best must have Magento extensions of 2014” are novelty and relevance of further described products.

The post is divided into the following categories:

The best Magento 2 modules are listed here: The best Magento 2 extensionsMust Have Magento 2 Extensions For Advanced Ecommerce Experience; and Magento 2 tutorial.

We also recommend you to check our guides to performance, seo, security, extension installation, and pre-launch. They provide all the necessary information about all vital improvements and procedures important in making every e-commerce site competitive.

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Being a part of customer relationships, good performance is the key to growing revenue and profit. This significant aspect affects customers loyalty and search engines ranking, and as a result – your cash flows. There are two things to improve your Magento store performance: correct settings and useful extensions.

When Magento store is not set up correctly, it works slowly, and low speed alienates customers. Sometimes even experienced web developers might miss some settings, so it is very important to monitor if everything is set up correctly. The other significant tool in the struggle for better performance are different extensions. Few correct extensions for your e-commerce webstore can dramatically change its speed. Further, you will find some of them.

Fooman Speedster


best Magento extensions

Fooman Speedster combines multiple Javascript files into a single one (with far future expire headers). The same happens with CSS files. As a result, you get shorter page load time. The other feature of Fooman Speedster extension is to reduce the total size of all files to be loaded for empty and primed caches. The number of HTTP requests is also reduced. Fooman Speedster doesn’t require any gzip support on the server. All files are compressed without it. The extension is fully automated, supports multi store capabilities, uses the Minify library by Steve Clay. You can install Fooman Speedster here for free:

Download Fooman Speedster

Alternatively, you can check Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento Extension. This minificator also works well speeding up ecommerce Magento stores.

Extendware Minify JS CSS HTML Magento Module Overview

Download / Buy Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento Extension



best Magento extensions

Lesti::Fpc is internal full page cache for Magento, which works with events. One of the most important thing about this tool is that it needs no external software. Being an internal cache Lesti::Fpc replaces dynamic blocks before sending response to customer.

Cms_index_index; cms_page_index; catalog_product_view; catalog_category_view are cached per default, but you can also add your own layout-handles. Global_messages; messages; right.reports.product.viewed; global_notices are dynamic per default. Top.links; cart_sidebar;; wishlist_sidebar and welcome are Lazy. You can add your own dynamic block without children in the configurations. To find more information and install Lesti::Fpc visit this page.

Full Page Cache by Mirasvit

Full Page Cache by Mirasvit

As for the best paid FPC solution for Magento, it is offered by Mirasvit. The company’s Full Page Cache extension significantly speeds up your current page load time as well as dramatically reduces the load on your server. Consequently, you can improve website ranking and increase sales conversion with the aid of this Magento module. Full Page Cache by Mirasvit costs $149, and it is a very reasonable price. You can buy the module here.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Full Page Cache Magento Extension

Cache Warmer by Extendware

Extendware Cache Warmer Magento extension

With the Cache Warmer extension by Extendware, you Full Page Cache solution will be always ready to serve your website pages at the fastest speed. Furthermore, the extension is designed to reduce both bandwidth and CPU load as well as crawling time. Optionally, you can set up Cache not to crawl certain. Appropriate FPC solution.

Download / Buy Extendware Cache Warmer Magento Extension

If you are looking for a free alternative, try wfpc.

Layout Compiler for Magento

Layout Compiler for Magento is also a great performance tool. It transforms recursive layout xml files into simple one level php code. This code is cacheable by opcode cache.

Download EcomDev Layout Compiler for Magento

Control for CloudFlare®

best Magento extensions

CloudFlare – it’s true magic most  simple solution for speed up you Magento store!  CloudFlare it’s world lead CDN (Content delivery network) service what is extremely useful  for Magento stores! Dozens of Java Script, CSS  and image files what now Magento load from you server for each page view (even if you use Full Page Cache and minification!) now can be loaded not from you server but from distributed servers around the world! This is dramatically reduce you server load and allow you customer get you pages with amazing speed! Additional to CDN CloudFlare also provide lot of very usefull features like resource caching, DDoS protection, additional form and files security, asyn js load. In our time CloudFlare it’s true must have for any web site especially for Magento! Since almost all Magento stores have SSL protection you should pay 20$ per month ( for use service but it’s very very cheap price for speed and protection what you get!

Control for CloudFlare Magento extension allow you make full integration with you Magento store and CloudFlare – you can control absolutely all features of CloudFlare directly from you Magento admin – clean CF cache, change CloudFlare security and performance settings etc.

Read more details about Magento improvements with CloudFlare

Layout Compiler for Magento

Make your Magento website fast even without using HHVM and Varnish. Our list of the best must have Magento extensions includes one innovative tool, which increases speed of every store by changing the Magento core and its layout. That’s right! Layout Compiler transforms recursive layout xml files into one level php code, and such code is cached by opcode cache. For further information, check this presentation.

Cm_RedisSession and Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis

Cm_RedisSession is  Redis-based session handler with optimistic locking. In its turn Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis is a Zend Cache backend for Redis which introduces full support for tags. Both work great with Magento and significantly improve its performance. For further information, check the links above. If you have a dedicated server with Redis installed on it or hosting which provides Redis, both Magento extensions are a must have addition.


According to Wikipedia SEO (or Search engine optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid (sometimes they are also called natural or organic) search results. In general, the earlier and more frequently you website appears in the search results list, the more visitors you will receive from the users of each particular search engine. So, proper SEO is very important for your Magento store. Of course, first of all you should sell the right goods or services, but there are a lot of examples then SEO optimisation plays a key role in overall success of e-commerce store. Magento is very SEO-ready ‘out-of-the-box’, so your webstore is already a good foundation to build on top of it. There are many extensions and tools to make your store more optimised.

Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit

SEO MAgento Extensions

If you are looking for a full-featured SEO tool for your Magento website, then this one is the best available option. Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit allows you to optimize both categories and product groups for certain search terms via a template. As a result, you will significantly improve the performance of your ecommerce website on Google and other search engines.

The Advanced SEO Suite extension provides the ability to set up meta tags and H1 headings,add search engine friendly descriptions for all your categories and products, as well as optimize layered navigation. Please note that for different categories there can be different templates, which can rely on different variables.

Magento SEO Extensions

Some notable features of Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit are:

  • Product URL key generation by template;
  • Whole store with a single product URL;
  • Layered navigation, product tags, and product images  with friendly URLs;
  • Home page duplicates get 301 redirect;
  • Correct Canonical links: Cross Domain Canonical URL and Canonical URL for each product;
  • Manual setup of Robots Meta Header for any page;
  • All links on a single sitemap page;
  • Add any links to the sitemap; hide certain CMS pages.

This Magento extension costs $149, and you can purchase it here.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced SEO Magento Extension

Automatic Related Products by AheadWorks

AheadWorks Automatic Related Products Magento Extension

Although Automatic Related Products by AheadWorks is not a SEO extension, it helps to optimize your store and make it more search engine friendly. You only have to define rules for related products and the module will automatically provide your customers with alternatives to current products.

As a store owner, you can adjust the following parameters of Magento related products:

  • Position within the store and on the page;
  • Various display options;
  • Audience selection.

Hence, you will not only improve SEO but will also increase your sales rate with AheadWorks Automatic Related Products Magento module.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Automatic Related Products Magento Extension

Automatic Internal Links by Mirasvit

Mirasvit Automatic Internal Links Magento Extension

Internal relinking is an important SEO technique widely used for the successful online promotions. And with Automatic Internal Links by Mirasvit, you can automatically create links to the promoted store pages by linking keywords and phrases.Thus, you will:

  • Enhance your PageRank;
  • Increase the importance of certain pages by certain keywords;
  • Provide Google with the ability to indexe your store pages more quickly and determine your store niche more precisely;
  • Get an excellent solution to add the affiliate links;
  • Implement better user experience.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Automatic Internal Links Magento Extension

Creare SEO


best Magento extensions

Creare SEO for Magento adds a lot of new features to your Magento webstore. By installing this extension you will get HTML sitemap; Noindex on category filters;  Unique category headings; Default meta descriptions and page titles for products and categories; Config-editable .htaccess and robots.txt; 301 redirects for discontinued products; Twitter cards for product pages; Ability to disable keywords and meta description tags; Performance cleanup script; SEO checking page in the admin; Breadcrumbs schema; XML sitemap fix; Canonical product redirect; Product attribute validator and Duplicate product button removal. You can install Creare SEO for free here.

Download / Buy Creare SEO Magento Extension


best Magento extensions adds meta data to your product pages. Product name, its description, price, stock status, ratings and non-cached image path will be added to the information about every product page of your e-commerce store. extension is compatible with Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can buy the extension here for $5.

Download / Buy Extension

SEO Pagination


best Magento extensions

The easier it is for search engines to understand store structure, the higher keyword ranking in search results it gets. This is the core principle of SEO Pagination extension, which allows you to implement Google recommendations to target pagination issues in SEO with rel=”prev” and rel=”next” markup tags. That means that category pages of your Magento store will be optimized for most search engines robots. After installing the extension, search engines will receive a strong hint to treat pagination within category pages as a logical sequence. SEO Pagination shows search engines how to work with pages of your webstore. As a result, this helps to avoid duplicate content issues. You can get SEO Pagination here for $99.

Download / Buy SEO Pagination Magento Extension

Simple Google Shopping


best Magento extensions

Simple Google Shopping extension allows you to export valid data flow of products from your e-commerce web-store to your Google Merchant account in a few minutes. It is very important, because Google Shopping is a free service that allows your potential buyers to find products during online shopping. By using Simple Google Shopping you submit your products to Google Shopping and to extra final customers, which can find your e-commerce store more easily and more quickly.the extension costs €40 and you can buy it here.

Download Simple Google Shopping Extension

Improved robots.txt


best Magento extensions

Correct robots.txt for Magento is a basic feature for right SEO optimisation of your Magento e-commerce store. It works with robots.txt file, which is situated in a site root and has guidelines for all search engines robots. It shows them how to index the website. Improved robots.txt helps to build correct robots.txt for better SEO results for your Magento store. The extension pushes only the right pages of your store to search engines. By installing Improved robots.txt extension you get most advanced, optimised and Magento specific robots.txt file for you e-commerce store. Improved robots.txt costs $40.00, and you can buy it here.

Download / Buy Improved Robots Magento Extension

Frontend, UI, usability

Frontend, user interface and overall usability are closely associated with each other. The frontend is responsible for collecting data from the user for the backend, so it is an interface between your customers and the backend. And the user interface is the place where interaction between customers and the store occurs. As you can see, Frontend and UI are closely connected and have significant influence on overall usability. By using proper extensions, you can improve frontend, UI and usability of your Magento store.

One Step Checkout by Amasty

Magento One Page Checkout Extension

We all know that a short and clear way to the end of the checkout procedure enhances customer’s satisfaction and as a result boosts the sales rate. Thus, a simple checkout process will dramatically increase the number of sales on your Magento store. Therefore, we recommend you to install Amasty One Step Checkout Magento extension, which will provide an easy and rapid checkout procedure for your ecommerce store, so your customers won’t even notice that they have completed a purchase.

Lightning-fast one page checkout process implemented with One Step Checkout by Amasty will help you combine a shopping cart and a checkout process into a single page, improving your sales conversion and decreasing the number of abandoned carts. As a store owner, you will be able to manage layout and display of all fields in appropriate sections. And note that the extension is compatible with Order & Customer Attributes.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension

Other vital features of Amasty One Step Checkout Magento extension include:

  • The highest possible performance of your checkout page;
  • Full mobile support with responsive design;
  • Guests can also use the benefits of One Step Checkout.

You can purchase the extension for $149 here.

Download / Buy Amasty One Step Checkout Magento Extension

One Page Checkout

best Magento extensions

This One Page Checkout module is a free solution that significantly reduces the steps required in the checkout. In the situation with e-commerce store less steps means that your customers will more likely complete the full checkout process. One Page Checkout extension allows users to checkout without any hesitation. The checkout process can be modified to fit your web-store needs.

The extension is free, so you can grab it here.

Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit

Advanced Magento Search

Sphinx Search Ultimate is the best top level solution for the product search. It combines all the modern approaches to this process, making your store more user-friendly. Having installed  Sphinx Search Ultimate, you provide your customers with the ability to find what they are looking for without any headaches: you greatly improve your current search quality, and visitors easily find products they are looking for.

The extension supports 665 stop words and contains 60730 synonyms. It provides the ability to search products by category names, tags, or even associated product skus. Search by multiple content types is also possible. Thus, the Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate works with Catalog Products, Categories, and Attributes; CMS Pages; Blogs; Simple Press Forums; CommerceLab News, as well as vBulletin Forum.

Magento extensions: Sphinx Search Ultimate

Other vital features of this search Magento extension are:

  • Typing errors correction;
  • Singular or plural search;
  • The ability to search products with hyphens or slashes;
  • Landing pages optimized for specific keywords;
  • “Out of stock” products at the end of search results;
  • Fallback search;
  • Amazon-like search categories;
  • AJAX;
  • Support for responsive mobile themes;
  • Drop-down box with price and product images.

The price of this Magento module is $149.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate Magento Extension

iPhone Theme by AheadWorks

AheadWorks iPhone Theme

Increase your m-commerce conversions with the AheadWorks iPhone Theme – a solution that will provide your visitors with the ultimate usability. Customize your Magento 2 home page for a mobile store view, add gestures support, implement AJAX and tablet-tailored design with the aid of iPhone Theme. Please note that it supports multiple stores.

Download / Buy AheadWorks iPhone Theme for Magento

Social Connect Magento extension


best Magento extensions

Social Connect Magento extension by Inchoo adds Google, Facebook and Twitter buttons to your login page. Customers can use these buttons for login or registration procedure on your e-commerce store using their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Thus, the overall process becomes easier and dramatically faster. More information about Social Connect Magento extension you can find here.

Toogas Featured Popup Free


best Magento extensions

Toogas Featured Popup extension provides you with fully customized options for the pop-ups. All the options appears at Magento’s admin. The correspondent image, its dimensions, associated store views and the several other settings as opacity and priority are provided with the extension. Toogas Featured Popup is absolutely free but you can download the Pro version here.

Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty

Improved Layered Navigation for Magento

Since your magento website is an unfamiliar area to your visitors, it is necessary to provide them with a user-friendly ‘map,’ otherwise they will get lost and leave your shop without any purchases. That’s why we recommend you to install the Improved Layered Navigation extension – a ‘map’ that won’t let it happen. This extension provides the most simple and intuitive navigation for Magento. It’s a must have addition for every ecommerce website on the basis of the platform.

With Improved Navigation by Amasty you will make your store much more user-friendly and your customers will clearly find the path from your website main page to the product they are looking for. By using modern Magento navigation you can increase revenue and customers loyalty and $139 is absolutely affordable price for such an improvement.

Amasty Improved Layered Navigation for Magento

Improved Navigation Main features

  • Seo layered navigation
  • Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Layered navigation filters
  • Layered Navigation pro
  • Shop by brands
  • Advanced categories menu
  • Price Slider

Download / Buy Amasty Improved Layered Navigation Magento Extension

Menu Manager Pro by Mirasvit

Mirasvit Menu Manager Pro Magento Extension

Menu Manager Pro by Mirasvit introduces some essential improvements to the frontend of Magento. The extension completely revamps the default store menu, significantly improving navigation and increasing conversion. As a store owner, you get the ability to rearrange the menu so that your buyers will find what they are looking for without any headaches.

Mirasvit Menu Manager Pro Magento Extension

Some key features of Mirasvit Menu Manager Pro includes:

  • Unlimited number of menus;
  • Two menu themes;
  • Custom position for each menu;
  • Each menu can be divided into columns;
  • You can even add banners and images to your menus;
  • Each menu can point to categories, products, cms pages, store internal pages, or external pages;
  • Drag & Drop interface and various style options.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Menu Manager Pro Magento Extension


best Magento extensions

By installing AddThis extension to your Magento store you add special tool with which every customer can share your content to more than 350 social services and networks. Also you can create AddThis account to see sharing stats: how many visitors are sharing your content; which services they are using; which content is shared; what text is copied from your website. You can install AddThis extension here for free.

Easy Lightbox 2.0

best Magento extensions

Magento Lightbox extension is a special tool designed to install Lightbox widget for your Magento store. With the extension you can install and configure Lightbox in 5 minutes. The process is free and easy: no files are replaced and you don’t need any coding experience. For more information and download link go here.

Quick Contact

best Magento extensions

Quick Contact extуnsion allow customers send the feedback to the e-commerce store in fastest and easiest way. Admin also gets a possibility to manage contact fields and emails with this tool. It is absolutely free, easy to install, upgradable and customizable. You can download Quick Contact extension here.

best Magento extensions

Banner Slider extension is the most powerful banner management tool for Magento e-commerce. It provides 36 available positions for displaying banners and slideshows on your store. With Banner Slider you also get easy banner management with URL, image, showing time, appearing order, etc. Extension includes 10 banner rotator effects and slider with customizable style.

Advanced Product Options

best Magento extensions

With popularity score of 4701, Advanced Product Options has rating of 4.5. The extension costs $249 and has a lot of useful options and features. With Advanced Product Options you can specify available quantity of every standard custom option of Magento, upload an images for all of them and show your customers what you are selling in more convenient and affordable way. The extension is used by thousands of e-commerce Magento web-stores in more than 85 countries worldwide. Visit this page to purchase the extension.

 Download / Buy Advanced Product Options Magento Extension

Loyalty, referral campaigns

It is very important to increase users loyalty. In the case when different stores sell similar products, customers loyalty means almost everything. So the increasing of users loyalty leads to the increasing of sales. Recommendations or opinions from friends posted online became one of the the most trusted forms of advertising, so there is no question to start referral campaign or not. The question is how do it as best as possible. Of course you can install few proper extensions.

Reward Points + Referral program

Reward Points Magento extension  Referral program Magento module

By running a loyalty program on your Magento website, you will easily turn your visitors into buyers increasing sales and getting new business opportunities. And the best way to achieve this goal is to install Reward Points + Referral Program by Mirasvit. With this Magento extension, you will provide your customers with the ability to earn reward points for orders and spend them on purchasing something else on your ecommerce website.

Reward Points + Referral program Mirasvit Magento Extension

Besides, you customers will get an opportunity to refer friends receiving points for friends’ orders. Alternatively, you can set up other actions that will generate points. For instance, a customers can get a reward for a review or sharing in social media.

Converting your visitors into a loyal customers and brand advocates is a piece of cake with Reward Points + Referral Program by Mirasvit!

Download / Buy Mirasvit Reward Points + Referral program Magento Extension

Sweet Tooth Loyalty & Reward Points

With this extension you can create a rewards points program, which will increase loyalty and as a result sales. Sweet Tooth is the most customizable loyalty & rewards extension among other similar Magento tools. Turn your visitors into first time buyers, first time buyers into profitable customers, and finally profitable customers into brand advocates that bring their friends to your magento store. Sweet Tooth is available on a monthly subscription basis with price starting at $58. For more information go here.

Refer a Friend by aheadWorks

best Magento extensions

This extension stimulates customers to invite their friends to the e-commerce store. Every Buyer gets a percentage or flat discount on a purchase for invited customers. At the same time you get more customers and revenues grow. You can get Refer a Friend by aheadWorks here for $99.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Refer a Friend Magento module



best Magento extensions

Unirgy_Giftcert provides your Magento store with Gift Certificates. The extension costs $125. For more information visit this page.

Gift Registry


best Magento extensions

By installing Gift Registry you can help your customers to get the gifts they want. Extension allows your customers to create and manage gift registries with the information about their wishes for special occasions. AS a result your customers will bring all their friends to your webstore for gifts. You can buy Gift Registry extension here. The price is $99.

System, backend

System and backend also have their specific extensions. Usually they make administrators work easier, providing some new features and extra customization.

Security Suite by Amasty

Amasty Security Suite Magento Extension

There are a lot of different threats dangerous for your ecommerce business. In order to protect yourself and your customers, we highly recommend to install the latest version of Magento software and protect your website with security extensions, one of which is Security Suite by Amasty – a complex solution responsible for turning your Magento store into an unassailable fortress.

Magento module Security Suite by Amasty

With this Magento extension, you will be able to track all admin actions, effectively manage role permissions, as well as protect your backend from unwanted login attempts. Security Suite by Amasty does the following:

  • Tracks all backend activities, so you can always know what your admins do.
  • Manages permissions of admin users, so your admins will only able to work with certain content.
  • Backups Magento store database, so you can always restore its latest version.
  • Protects your store admin from all malicious login attempts, so you can easily avoid keylogging and data sniffing.

Download / Buy Amasty Security Suite Magento Extension

Product Manager Toolkit by Amasty

Product Manager Magento extension

Chances are that you or your admins spend lots of time and efforts managing products. If you are familiar with this situation, you should know how much headaches an inconvenient product management causes. Luckily, we have the Product Management Toolkit Magento module, which extends product grid with all possible attributes, including brand and cost; provides the ability to edit product data right on the product grid; offers a bunch of effective product management actions; incorporates an opportunity to add attachments to product pages; and implements a fast and convenient product images upload procedure.

Amasty Product Manager Toolkit Magento Extension

If you wish to stop chaos in your store, implement convenient product management , get highly adjustable tools for specific product management needs, and eliminate inefficient time spent, then install Product Management Toolkit – it’s an all in one solution which will be perfectly suitable for your business goals.

Download / Buy Amasty Product Manager Toolkit Magento Extension

Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty

Advanced Order Management for Magento

Another useful management tool for Magento is Order Manager Toolkit. If you are tired of time-consuming routine with orders, pay attention to this Magento extension, since it provides the most convenient tools for efficient order processing. Having installed Order Manager Toolkit, you can get all order information within the extended order grid as well as perform bulk order actions. Besides, the module supports adding files to your orders.

Amasty Order Management for Magento

Top features of Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty are:

  • The ability to enhance the order grid with new order attributes.
  • The ability to create invoices and ship orders from the order grid.
  • Color flags to set up the orders priority.
  • Important order data is never lost!’

Download / Buy Amasty Order Manager Toolkit Magento Extension

Enhanced Admin Grids (+ Editor)


best Magento extensions

By installing Enhanced Admin Grids into your Magento store you get extra customization options for most of the administration grids. As a result your administrators get a lot of new useful features, some new columns and powerful editor. You can find more information about Enhanced Admin Grids (+ Editor) here. The extension is absolutely free.

Pulse Storm Launcher


best Magento extensions

This is free, fast and highly productive tool for the Magento admin console. It gives you one-click access to both store managers and Magento developers can save their time (and your money) with Pulse Storm Launcher. You can get the extension here.

Improved Import


best Magento extensions

Improved Import extension enhances the ability of default Magento import process. By installing this extension you add the most requested features into your e-commerce store! All of them work with default Magento Dataflow import/export from .csv files. Improved Import extension allows import multiple product images from external URLs along with product custom options and tier prices. For more information, price and download link visit this page.

Seamless Delete Order


best Magento extensions

Seamless Delete Order extension is the easiest way to delete order in backend seamlessly, using the Action dropdown box from the native Order Manager. Here you can find all the necessary information about installation and download link. The extension is free.

Marketing, sales

Also, there are Magento extensions which can be used in marketing campaigns. They have different purposes, but the same final goal. Such extensions are aimed at implementation of successful marketing campaign and increasing sales.

Follow Up Email by AheadWorks

AheadWorks Follow Up Email Magento Extension

Follow Up Email by AheadWorks is among the best Magento extensions that help to reduce cart abandonment rate. Certain customer’s actions trigger automated emails with coupons, pictures, restore cart links, and purchased products. As a store owner, you can create custom templates for emails, as well as set up rules when they should be sent.

Follow Up Email Magento module

So with the aid of Follow Up Email, you will be able to:

  • Send emails to your visitors who abandoned their carts;
  • Run second order e-mail campaigns;
  • Create an email marketing strategy that perfectly suits your business needs;
  • Provide customers with the ability to restore their carts with a single click;
  • Greet customers on their birthdays.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Follow Up Email Magento Extension

Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

We also recommend you to check Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks. This is a combination of the aforementioned module with other email marketing extensions by AheadWorks. Together they completely revamp the default email marketing capabilities of Magento. If you need a more robust solution for your email campaigns, this tool is a must have solution.

Download / Buy AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

Special Promotions Pro by Amasty

Amasty Special Promotions Pro Magento Extension

Another reliable marketing tool is offered by Anasty. With the Special Promotions Pro Magento extension, you will be able to create personal promotions on the basis of customer’s’ account information and order history. The module offers 20+ discount rules for your promotions. All deals could be based on name, DOB, or other customer attributes.

Special Promotions Pro Magento module

Moreover, the Special Promotions Pro Magento module is able to show detailed discount breakdown on the front end as well as skip items with special prices. The extensions stimulates repeat purchases, helps to sell expensive products with better efficiency, and provides the ability to implements individual approach to each customers via individual promotions.

Download / Buy Amasty Special Promotions Pro Magento Extension

Advanced Product Feeds by Mirasvit

Advanced Product Feeds Magento Extension

Publication of your products in comparison shopping engines is a great marketing trick, as it attracts more buyers to your Magento website. That’s why you need a tool that will generate a feed with products for all common comparison shopping engines. And Advances Product Feeds by Mirasvit perfectly does this job. The extension works with Google Product Search, Nextag, Shopping, Twenga, and other similar platforms.

Advanced Product Feeds by Mirasvit offers over 20 ready configurations aimed at all popular price comparison engines. Besides, you get a convenient and flexible mechanism of filtering products. As for supported formats, they include csv, txt, xml, and zip.

Magento Product Feeds

Besides, the module provides email notifications, incorporates a comprehensive analytics engine, and support multiple stores and languages. You can purchase it for $119.

Download / Buy Mirasvit Advanced Product Feeds Magento Extension



best Magento extensions

Ebizmarts is official extension for Mandrill and MailChimp Integration. By installing this extension you will using Mandrill to send transactional emails up to 12K emails per month for free. Ebizmarts also provides support for Autoresponders emails and Abandoned Carts Recovery. The extension is absolutely free and you can grab it here.

Improved Newsletter

best Magento extensions

Improved Newsletter – most aggressive and effective Magento extension on market for collect huge data base of customer E-Mails for build success E-Mail marketing strategy! Autosubscribe customers to newsletter on registration and place order, collect not subscribed emails from orders and subscribe it! Fast manual newsletter subscription by E-Mail in Magento admin. With Improved Newsletter you really can increase you E-Mail marketing profit! You can buy it here for 40$

Advanced Reports

With Advanced Reports Magento extension you can create complete picture of your business situation. By installing this tool you will get all the statistics about your Magento store organised in groups. Different views and forms of reports can be used for displaying all the important data. Advanced Reports costs $129 and you can find it here.

Download / Buy Ahead/Works Advanced Reports Magento Extension

LUKA Google AdWords Conversion Tracking


best Magento extensions

This extension integrates Google AdWords Conversion Tracking into Magento store. By installing it you can add Google conversion tracking codes to every page of your store. The extension is absolutely free. Visit this page for more information and download link.



best Magento extensions

Blog is a special tool for community edition by aheadWorks which you can install for free. The extension gives you an opportunity to communicate with all your customers. With Blog you can create two-way communication platform to provide all the necessary information on your e-commerce store. News, promotions and upcoming products can be spread through the Blog. Also, you can get feedback from your customers by using the extension. You can get Blog on this page:

Download / Buy AheadWorks Blog Magento Module

Related Products Manager

best Magento extensions

Related Products Manager is a special Magento extension that uses existing shopper data to generate related items, cross-sells, and up-sells for your e-commerce store. The tool is free, but for shops with more advanced needs there is a paid version. You can get Related Products Manager extension here.

Google Analytics+ by Fooman


best Magento extensions

This Magento extension provides additional features for the default Google Analytics module. You can combine multiple sites in a single analytics account with Google Analytics+. Besides, t is possible to filter reports by customers with this Magento module. It is also among the best Magento extensions because the plugin implements the ability to filter reports by customers as well as perform other advanced actions. For further information, check this link.

iWeb Auto Related Products

The best magento extensions

Since this Magento tool is designed to remove the headache of manually associating products to each other, it is very useful for making good SEO crosslinking. iWeb Auto Related Products essentially extends Magento’s default features introduced with related products. Thus, the Magento module automatically pulls in a random number of products from an appropriate category that a current product belongs to. More about iWeb Auto Related Products.

Improved Configurable Product

the best Magento extensions

This module will essentially simplify your daily routine with Magento, if you work with configurable products. The extension provides the following core features:

  • Tier pricing for simple products + on the fly price update;
  • On the fly URL change for selected options
  • The color swatch feature
  • Default options for configurable product
  • The ability to point your customers to exactly selected option of a product.
  • Simplified purchase and add to cart algorithms
  • Unlimited combinations of products with unique content
  • Automatically generated URLs
  • Improved SEO

More about Improved Configurable Product.