Amasty Order Manager Toolkit for Magento

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit Magento Extension

Unfortunately, the default order processing in Magento consists of various time-consuming operations. Thus, you should spend a lot of time and effort managing your orders. If you no longer want to waste time, give Order Manager Toolkit a try. This Amasty extension provides convenient tools for fast and efficient order processing, displays all the necessary order info, adds an extended order grid, supports bulk actions, as well as and adds the ability to attach order related files to orders.

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Order Manager Toolkit combine the functionality of such modules as Extended Order Grid ($99), Order Flags ($79), Mass Order Actions ($69), and Order Memos and Attachments ($89). Their total cost is $336, but with the toolkit you get all these extensions for just $199. As you can see, by purchasing Order Manager Toolkit you save $137, but what are its core features?
The extension offers 5 major groups of features:

  • Visible improvements;
  • Powerful order grid;
  • Bulk order actions;
  • Order flags;
  • Attachments.

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Let’s pay close attention to each group.

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Visible Improvements

With the extension, you get a set of tools for clear and efficient order operations. These tools are designed to save a huge amount of time and effort as well as make all order management procedures more precise and accurate. With the toolkit, you will forget about missed delivery dates, lost order information,and chaos in order processing.

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Powerful Order Grid

As for the new order grid, it is enhanced with various information related to orders and products. Besides, you can add new columns to the grid with important information about your products as well as remove default ones. There are even thumbnails available after the enhancement.

Magento Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty

All orders can be organized and prioritized with the help of colour flags. And you can perform various actions in bulk. As for order-related files, they are also available on the grid. Another important feature is the ability to search or sort orders by priority, attributes, and other characteristics.

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Bulk Order Actions

Order Manager Toolkit provides the ability to apply one or several actions to your orders. For instance, it is possible just to invoice a number of orders or invoice and ship them simultaneously. You can even choose actions that will be available on the grid.

Magento Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Order Flags

When it comes to order flags, it is necessary to mention that you can easily flag all your orders as well as add comments to the flags. Also note that the toolkit provides the ability to use several columns with flags. You can even apply several flags to a single order. If the default flags are not enough for you, it is possible to create custom ones. You can even turn on automated flag assignment.

Magento Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Attachments

Since the extension provides the ability to upload files to orders, you can easily prevent loss of important data. It is possible to add payment documents, images, or other paperwork to every order. Besides you can add a number of additional fields to each order, which can be disabled. Such fields could be displayed for orders with certain statuses.

Magento Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty

Amasty Order Manager Toolkit: Final Thoughts

As you can see Order Manager Toolkit by Amasty is a very helpful extension which significantly enhances the default order management opportunities available in Magento. The toolkit combines features of 4 different modules, but costs essentially cheaper than these modules cost together. Besides, you can run only one installation instead of 4 different procedures.

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