The Ultimate Guide To HubSpot Integration

- System Integration

ultimate guide to hubspot integration

The following article sheds light on HubSpot and its integrations. You will learn what this platform is famous for and how to connect it to external systems. We focus on four types of HubSpot integrations below. You will find out what groups of native HubSpot integrations are available and how to find them on the HubSpot App marketplace. After that, we proceed to third-party integrations. The article sheds light on the core aspects to consider while choosing a reliable third-party HubSpot connector for your business. In addition to these traditional HubSpot integrations, we focus on more modern iPaaS solutions. You will learn what their pros and cons are in comparison to other integration types. Also, there is a chapter that discusses custom HubSpot connectors. Although they are not suitable for most businesses, there are situations when a bespoke integration is the only solution that can satisfy specific demands. In the final chapter, we focus on the most popular HubSpot integrations: Salesforce, Quickbooks, Shopify, Mailchimp, and Zendesk. The chapter focuses on the iPaaS possibilities and provides links to alternative native and third-party connectors that let you integrate HubSpot with these five systems.  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Mailchimp Integration

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Ultimate guide to mailchimp integration

In the following article, we explore Mailchimp integrations. First of all, you will learn what Mailchimp is. We explore the top five platform features. After that, you will learn what are Mailchimp’s advantages and disadvantages. Next, there is a section dedicated to system integrations. It describes four types of Mailchimp integrations: native, third-party, iPaaS, and custom. Finally, we proceed to the most popular Mailchimp integrations. They include Facebook, Google Sheets, Typeform, Pipedrive, and HubSpot Mailchimp integrations. We explore the associated iPaaS opportunities and provide links to alternative native or third-party connectors.  Continue Reading

The best must have Magento extensions 2016

Best Magento Modules

The best must have Magento extensions of 2015 can change a lot in your e-commerce store. In this post we put all the extensions into 6 major groups: “Performance”, “SEO”, “Frontend, UI, usability”, “Loyalty, referral campaigns”, “System, backend”, and “Marketing, sales”. All of them are tested and accepted by Magento developers, so you will only deal with the most reliable tools. Two other important things about “The best must have Magento extensions of 2014” are novelty and relevance of further described products.

The post is divided into the following categories:

Growth Hacking (Ultimate Guide + Resource List)

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Growth Hacking GuideEven a perfect product will never make your business successful without lots of additional efforts. You always have to reach your potential customers to become profitable. Traditional marketing techniques are often very expensive, so they are not affordable for startups and small businesses. That’s why we witness the increasing popularity of growth hacking, which is a marketing technique with non-traditional approach to increasing the growth rate or adoption of new products and services. Growth hacking utilizes analytical thinking combined with creativity and social metrics for growth purposes. In the growth hacking guide below, you will find all the important information about this new startup marketing strategy. Continue Reading

Best Magento Newsletter Extensions And Email Marketing Services

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Email marketing is one of the key tools of e-commerce business development, which helps you reach your audience and understand its response. By sending commercial messages to different groups of people using email, you build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. You can use both sold lists and current customer database to implement email marketing for your business. There are a lot of Magento tools designed for email marketing. In this post, you will find the best Magento newsletter extensions and email marketing services.


Magento 2 Newsletter Extensions And Email Marketing Services

Improved Emails for Magento 2

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