10 E-Commerce Strategies To Survive Global Recession 2023-2024

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E-commerce during a global recession of 2023 & 2024 strategies to survive

The ongoing Russian war against Ukrainian has affected not only millions of Ukrainians, destroying their homes, killing their friends and relatives, and devouring their usual way of life, but has had far-reaching consequences, including a global economic downturn. This recession has had a significant impact on both businesses and consumers, with many struggling to stay afloat. As consumers adjust their spending habits and businesses face new challenges, the e-commerce sector has been particularly influenced. In this article, we will look at the impact of the global recession on e-commerce, as well as the strategies that businesses can use to weather the economic storm. Continue Reading

Everything You Need To Know About E-Commerce Total Cost of Ownership

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E-commerce TCO

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of e-commerce has become increasingly important in recent years, especially during a crisis. As businesses seek to stay afloat, TCO is a crucial factor in decision-making when investing in new technology and infrastructure for online sales. In the following article, we define what TCO is and describe its place in an average e-commerce model. You will learn the difference between the in-house and outsourced e-commerce TCO and their relation to open source and SaaS models. After that, we explain how to calculate the e-commerce Total Cost of Ownership. The last chapter explains why TCO is especially important in critical times for companies to understand the full financial impact of their investments and to assess the long-term benefits that e-commerce can bring. So, by carefully considering the e-commerce Total Cost of Ownership, businesses can take vital new steps in optimizing their investment and ensuring success in the competitive e-commerce landscape, but what exactly is TCO? Continue Reading

Ecommerce Product Page SEO Checklist: Key Optimizations Everyone Should Implement (Magento, Shopify, Shopware, BigCommerce, etc)

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Your rivals will get a robust competitive advantage over your website if you don’t leverage product page SEO right now. A common misunderstanding in ecommerce is that customers first browse the homepage or a category page before moving on to a product page. However, potential buyers frequently generate a lot of organic traffic straight to product pages. Therefore, you’re losing out if your product pages don’t take the lead in your SEO plan. Below, we prepared an essential Ecommerce Product Page SEO Checklist for your online storefront. You’ll discover how to optimize ecommerce product pages for SEO by reading on. Keep in mind that you can implement most of these SEO enhancements by yourself, involving no third parties. Below, we show where to apply them if you run your ecommerce website on Magento or Shopify. Note that other ecommerce platforms (BigCommerce, Shopware, etc.) are similar. Continue Reading

Best Apps and Extensions for Shopware 6: Evaluation and Analysis Tools

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Third-party programs and extensions are now an essential component of any ecommerce business. Their primary goal is to make your life easier and to assist you raise the value of your company. If you didn’t have it, you’d be missing out on a lot of vital and beneficial possibilities. That is why digital industry heavyweights such as Magento and Shopify have their own app marketplaces. It not only helps to organize all of this app, but it also encourages developers to design an extension specifically for their platform. Today, we’ll look at the top 20 tools for Shopware evaluation and analysis. We’d like to emphasize that any extension we look at is compatible with Shopware 6. This article also contains some generic information regarding analytics tools: What exactly is it? What do they stand for, and who should utilize them? The top extensions for Shopware 6 are listed in this page, which we also encourage you to visit. Let’s begin. 

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Best E-Commerce Tools And Services To Enhance Your Business

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Firebear Studio Magento 2 extension development agency

In the following article, you will find a list of the best e-commerce services. We not only provide tools combined in different groups but also explain the related processes, shed light on how to choose a solution that suits your business needs, and offer advice on implementing the related strategies. Below, you will find the finest instruments for email marketing, customer support, referral marketing, improved product visibility, and so on. You’ve come to the right place if you want to empower your teams with the latest technologies to optimize multiple internal and external business processes.   Continue Reading

Getting Ready For Black Friday

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black Friday, cyber Monday

Purchasing goods online has become a common practice around the world. In 2020 2.05 billion global buyers purchased goods and services online, up from 1,32 in 2014 (55% increase). And even Black Friday has been trending toward an online shopping day rather than an offline event in brick-and-mortar shops. That shift will only continue this year as well. So now, Black Friday and Сyper Monday are both major online events for buyers and stores. This is especially relevant for the last 1,5 years of Covid-19 isolation when Black Friday moved to the online format. And there are low chances the mad rush of in-person shopping will return soon. Shoppers can relax, sit back and make purchases from their couch instead of standing in lines in offline stores.

But these days are really challenging for web stores. Merchants commonly face the situation when there are so many digital shoppers on Black Friday that the website can’t cope and goes down. Getting prepared for the event involves a lot of expense – marketing, google ad, traffic – but a poor web background can undo all the efforts. So, what is the way out and how to prepare appropriately for Black Friday? Continue Reading

E-Commerce Tools And Services: Best Referral Program Software in 2022

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referral marketing software

Various tools, platforms, and services for referral marketing are discussed in the article below. You will learn the definition of referral marketing and discover the differences between it and word-of-mouth marketing. We also go over the significance of referral marketing: You will find out why referral marketing works and how it works. And, of course, we discuss the best referral program software. This material includes a list of 15 referral marketing services, including Referral Factory, SaaSquatch, Referral Candy, and others. The exploration of how to select a referral marketing software solution that perfectly suits your business is also available in the following material. In addition to that, you will learn what benefits of referral marketing help you get the most out of your interaction with customers. Wondering how to get referrals? Continue reading this article. More tools for your business are described here: E-Commerce Tools And Services. Continue Reading

Exploring Shopware: Getting Started With The Platform

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Here at Firebear, we are always passionate about e-commerce technologies and platforms. From the very beginning of our history, we were dedicated to the Magento ecosystem. However, it’s time to exceed the existing boundaries, exploring new solutions. This time, Shopware captured our attention with an incredible amount of information to discover, especially after the switch to Shopware 6. Below, we describe how to get started with the Shopware e-commerce platform. The article contains a basic guide to the ecosystem as well as links to other materials that explore its admin and features.

You will find some basic facts regarding Shopware 6. We explain the difference between the latest version and its predecessor, shed light upon the platform’s headless architecture, explore the most important features of Shopware 6, and touch upon the topic of the core Shopware products. Below, you will also come across answers to some general questions about the platform.
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The Ultimate Guide to the Future of E-Commerce

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E-commerce has seen steady growth for years, but after COVID-19 hit the world, online retails faced both new challenges and possibilities in developing their business. As a year after the start of the pandemic passed, the online sales landscape has changed dramatically. The avoidance of face-to-face contacts, store closures, and numerous coronavirus-related restrictions has forever changed customer behavior patterns. While the economy and society are undergoing a crucial shift, e-commerce merchants need to adjust their business strategy according to the new requirements.

Since more consumers turn to online shopping, digital transformation becomes inevitable for sellers who want to keep their business going and meet new customer demands. By adopting the latest technologies, implementing personalization techniques into the marketing strategy, and switching to more efficient supply chain practices, companies can achieve success in the upcoming years. To help you better understand in which direction to move and which activities to focus on, we’ve compiled a list of emerging e-commerce trends that are changing the business environment in 2021 and are expected to stay for the years to come. By understanding the expectations of a modern buyer and taking appropriate strategic actions a few steps ahead, it is possible to turn crisis times into an opportunity and ensure consistent business growth.

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