Magento 2 Promotion Banners by Ulmod

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Store owners always offer tons of discounts to their store visitors and customers as an attempt to boost sales.

Magento 2 platform by default doesn’t provide an easy way to display catchy promotion banners on store pages. If you want to inform all your visitors about promotions and hot deals you offer, you can install the Magento 2 Promotion Banners by Ulmod.

With the extension, you will be able to show a clean and catchy promotions banners and notification bars at the specified store pages to inform shoppers of all specials offer, discounts and deals you offers.

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Key Features

  • Create any number of promotional banners and notification bar throughout the store;
  • Flexible banners and bars placement, display promotions at the home, product, category, cart, checkout, and other pages;
  • Ten predefine, positions to display the promotions at any page;
  • Display multiple banners and bars in an attractive slider with various effect, auto play, auto close, pagination, and navigation buttons
  • Restrict promotions display to one store view or a particular customer group;
  • Responsive for mobile devices, work great on any devices screens;
  • Manage promotion banners from the admin panel
  • Various customization options in the admin panel, to design the promotion banners from the height, to text and background colors.


The extension settings consist of only one section: General. In this section, you can enable/disable the extension in the storefront, show/hide close promo arrow in the top right position of the promo. Select the close arrow type, enable/disable the multiple promotions banners display, this show banner set on the same position in a slider.


Next, you can specify the interval time (in seconds) between each slide, defines the amount of time to auto-close slider, show/hide the navigation and pagination on the slider.

To view, edit or create new promotion banner, go to MARKETING ⟶ Promotion Banner by Ulmod ⟶ Manage Promo Banner. Here a convenient grid displays all your promo banners. You can delete, activate, or inactivate promo banners in bulk.

To add a new banner, click “Create New Promotion Banner” button and fill in the following 3 tabs of settings provided by the extension:  General, Display, and Content.

The first tab allows you to specify a banner name, status, appropriate store views, and customer groups, from/to date and banner priority.


In Display tab, select the page to display the promo banner, choose the position of the banner at selected pages, enter a comma-separated list of categories IDs and Product IDs to be excluded.

Defines the time (in seconds) to auto close the promotion banner. Set to ‘0’ to disable the auto close promotion banner

The last tab, you can select the banner type, and configure settings related to a chosen banner type.

If banner type: Image is selected, only upload a picture of any format and define the link to include in the image and the title;

If the banner type: HTML is selected, create a catchy promo banner, using WYSIWYG editor. You can insert media in the promotion banner and includes links. Defines the height and background color of the banner



Below is an example of two separate promotion banners with Banner Type “HTML” displaying “Before Main Menu” of the homepage

Example of one promotion banner with Banner Type “Image” displaying in “Sidebar Main” on the category page

Example of one promotion banner with Banner Type “HTML” displaying “Below Cart Button” on the product page

Promotion banner with Banner Type “HTML” displaying “Below Total” on the cart page.

Promotion banner with Banner Type “HTML” displaying on the “Main Content Bottom” of the checkout page

Final Words

The Promotion Banners for Magento 2 by Ulmod is a powerful tool for running promotions. The extension offers an excellent opportunity to fully leverage banners in your Magento 2 website, and make your campaign more precise and effective.

Download/Buy Magento 2 Promotion Banners by Ulmod