How to Backup Shopify Store: Filey Review

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Today we’ll take a look at an extension – Shopify App Store that allows you to make a backup of all your store files. We are sure many people have asked the question “How to backup Shopify store“. Here is the answer: Filey – Files Backup & Export will save your files with ease. And you won’t have to spend a lot of time on it. After downloading this extension,  you only need a couple of clicks to figure out and successfully back up the Shopify store or restore your backups.

This may be useful for most platform users because it can help with store upgrades. Whether it’s changing something in the files, putting a new Shopify toy store theme, or restoring your shop. In this article, we examine the main attributes, capabilities, and general user interface of the Filey ‑ Files Backup application, offering valuable perspectives on its capacity to safeguard your data

In the end, we will unveil another reliable tool for Shopify backups – the Firebear Improved Import & Export Tool. But first, let’s examine the Filey app. 

What Is Filey ‑ Files Backup & Export?

In brief, the Filey app creates a store backup by exporting files from it to your file storage, be it a computer drive. With it, you can easily download Shopify backup files.

The app stands out for its user-friendly interface. With the original file names preserved, merchants may download their store files, brand resources, and documentation as one archive. This will eliminate the need to change the current theme and simplify the process of exporting these files to a new store. For transferring and backing up crucial information to different locations, Filey is a dependable and secure option.

Key Features 

Let’s now discuss app features. Despite its simplicity, Filey has a good number of useful and simple functions:

  1. Copy/Transfer Store Files. Choosing your files from the “Settings -> Files” area and transferring them to a fresh store with a single click is made exceedingly simple with Filey. It’s quite easy and quick. 
  2. Export Your Brand Assets and Documents. You can export your files from Shopify with their namings.
  3. Export Product Images and Videos. Filey’s ability to handle your media library, including all product pictures, videos, and 3D models, is another outstanding feature.
  4. Make a Backup of Your Store Files. Filey provides retailers with secure backups. A backup is a very important thing for the security of your store and the safety of your data.
  5. Streamline Product Export. The program aims to minimize the difficulties connected with product exportation, making it a great choice for busy retailers.

Does Filey Have Any Drawbacks?

We’ve gone over all the negative reviews on this app to formulate for you the cons. So that when you download it, you understand what can go wrong. Out of over 150 reviews, only one has one star.

The user had a problem using the program. This app froze after 40 files had been backed up. But it was an isolated case. And the developer company immediately responded to him and offered to contact him to solve the problem. 

So we can observe the excellent communication and support the company provides.

Overall, this program is widely recommended by merchants because of its effective and quick backup, development, and migration features. It is acclaimed for fast downloading all store files, including photographs and movies. The program is especially handy for storing product and theme exports as well as moving data to a different shop.

How Does Filey Work?

There’s nothing complicated here either. It’s just a matter of pressing a couple of buttons. You need to click the download button and wait a couple of seconds for the download to start. 

After that, you will get a .zip file with all the data you need. You can use this data in your new store, or just store it on your computer.

So, Filey Worth It?

Our answer is – absolute yes. This handy and quite simple application does exactly what it is required to do. What else can you expect from this kind of Shopify backup app? Filey does work very well. Quickly and easily. That’s why it deserves your attention and is a top option for downloading files from the store. 

So the application will suit perfectly any Shopify stores that have the task to export and backup files. Of course, if you need more advanced export functions and on top of that import, you can try the Firebear Import & Export Tool. In addition to backups, it can help you import and export various store entities with such advanced features as automation, mapping, filters, etc. Follow these links to find more information about our app: