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Everyone has encountered problems sorting items, ordering excessive amounts of goods, and getting lost in the planning. This extension is a good solution for anyone who needs to plan quickly and easily. Inventory Management and Planner extension for Magento 2 – an extension that automatically supports you to optimize your product supply and keep your inventory in shape. With this application, you won’t need to do any calculations by yourself. It’s an ultimatum for anyone who needs to staff and get their supplies in order. This extension not only helps with sorting problems but also with supplies and leverages your warehouse space. Inventory Management helps you to always know which product, when and how many you waiting to supply. It easily calculates your inventory forecasts. 

In this article, we going to explore the helpful features of this extension.

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  • Saving time
  • Overstock Forecasts 
  • Easy handling of inventory 
  • Great usability
  • Helpful tips

With this extension, you’ll make your team’s work easier. Automatic inventory planning will help everyone stay in line and save a huge amount of time for your employees. You’ll be able to focus on more important things in the store and increase sales performance. 

A useful feature of the extension is overstock forecasts. It helps you keep track of overstock products that are not selling well, and make efforts to fix them. This feature will also help you not to lose money on overstock products. This will help you easily manage your store’s inventory and prevent clutter in the stockroom. You will know exactly how much product you need to order for a successful sale in the future. 

As I said earlier, the extension helps you keep track of your inventory and keep it in perfect order. Inventory projections will help achieve an understanding and balance of what goes into the stock and what goes out. Optimal inventory forecasts also help you use the full potential of your inventory without spending a lot of time learning the little details. Also, the extension automatically determines when and how many items you need to order for optimal sales. This will save you money and prevent backorder at the same time.

The extension gives a great user experience in its use. This is achieved through several factors such as automation, real-time updates, Magento integration, and excellent performance. The automation of the extension makes it possible to avoid constant configuration and reconfiguration. Inventory Planner starts working immediately after installation using available information about your store. Extension updates its forecasts as soon as the inventory data is updated. This allows you to forget about data lag and enjoy the fast and accurate operation of the extension. With full Magento integration, the extension gives you the ability to not use third-party programs and fully control the module with the backend. 

Inventory Planner doesn’t just give you job recommendations. It analyzes your store’s parameters and information to rule out unforeseen performance issues. With this extension, you can view such parameters as: 

  • Stock quantity
  • Overstock quantity
  • Days until selling out
  • Sales velocity
  • Last sale date
  • Sales in the last 7/30/90 days
  • Total sales
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Stock status
  • Replenishment quantity
  • Replenishment date
  • Lead time
  • Days of stock

Now we will look at the functionality of this extension from the Backend point of view.


We can work with three features in the backend. Replenishment, Overstock, and Inventory. Each of these sections gives you new options in the layout of your inventory and makes it easy to manage without spending too much time. 


On this page, you can see all the information about replenishment and other information about deliveries. This makes it easy to sort and keep your inventory in order. You can also see how many days you need to replenish or how long it will take you to sell your inventory. With the extension, you can see as actual quantity in all the warehouses that have your store. To all this, you can see all quantities in all stocks and sales velocity, which allows you to analyze sales and improve their efficiency. 


In this section, you have access to information about the overstock of all your products. The extension automatically detects goods that sell slowly and estimates overstock quantities to keep your inventory in line. Here you can see such important parameters as to when the item was last sold, its sales in 7/30/90 days, all sales and etc. This is a very useful feature of the module that allows you to always accurately estimate the sales of goods and not burden your inventory with unnecessary items. 


This section is all the information about the items that you have in your inventory. You can customize what information you want to see about an item. With this, you can achieve optimal inventory flow and balance your income and spending perfectly. All these features allow you to keep your inventory under your control and not clog it with unnecessary items.


Inventory Planner for Magento 2 is a great solution if you need an automated extension that will quickly simplify your work with an inventory. With all the useful features, the plugin becomes a must-have tool for working with inventory. It helps not only to put things in order but also to avoid unnecessary waste and increase the efficiency of your sales. The extension can also automatically calculate all cost or purchase projections, which saves a lot of time in planning. With it, you don’t have to calculate all this information yourself. This allows you to focus on more important things in store management and improve store performance. You can get Inventory Planner for Magento 2 for 169$.

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