Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Drop Shipping Magento 2 Extensions

Drop shipping is a relatively new trend. Being a unique retail fulfillment method, it reduces the necessity to keep goods in stock. Instead, all products are maintained and shipped by a wholesaler or a manufacturer. This way, as a Magento merchant, you reduce costs related to the warehouse and its personnel.  It is also necessary to mention that drop shipping is extremely popular among small merchants. If you think that this strategy suits best your business needs, give the following Magento 2 drop shipping extensions a try. The appropriate Magento 1 modules are gathered here: The Best Drop Shipping Extensions for Magento 1.

Also, check out the list of leading drop shippers we have composed for you.

Improved Import and Export Magento 2 extension by FireBear

The main difference between Improved Import and Export extension and other extensions and software reviewed in the article is that Improved Import allows you to connect to any drop-shipper.

You can connect your Magento 2 site to any supplier and drop-shipper that offers automatic or manual import and export opportunities, using: FTP(S), SFTP, HTTP, APIs (SOAP/REST), Google Sheets, etc.

It has been achieved through the implementation of numerous connection and mapping options:

  • You can connect to the drop-shippers using Rest API if they support API connections.
  • It can be integrated with all leading drop-shipping services.
  • You can use multiple file types the Drop-Shippers may provide with stock and catalog updates: XML, CSV, XLS, XLSX, ODS, Json.
  • XML file support comes with XLST transformation language support – meaning you can transform any XML file structure into the appropriate and “feed” it to your Magento 2. Ask the FireBear team to compose a template for you.
  • Table separators mapping allows you to manually adjust the imported file to the readable one.
  • Product and other entity attribute mapping built into the import jobs will help you properly import any products to your catalog and create missing attributes.

The functions mentioned above are just a part of the vast feature list of the Improved Import and Export extension. Visit the extension product page for more information, explicit guides on using the module, and introduction to Magento 2 import and export procedures.

How the extension works

First of all, Improved Import and Export is a Magento 2 extension, meaning that you get access to all drop-shipper integration options from the Magento 2 administrator panel. The module introduces Import Jobs – a single import entity where you define whether import should run automatically, specify a source of the import, map attributes, and other details.

While some of the drop-shippers offer API integration and other extensions can only connect you to a single drop-shipper, Improved Import and Export is versatile in what it provides. The extension is not tied to any drop-shipper. Instead, you can use Import Jobs with individual settings for every supplier.

In addition, the extension offers robust migration opportunities. The module comes with Magento 1 and Shopify presets, and can be set up to support other platforms. Later the extension can be used for customer and stock updates. Integrate it with your ERP and CRM systems, and you will have a fully-charged Magento 2 store.

Improved Import and Export is capable of importing and exporting the following additional entities:

  • Orders;
  • CMS pages and blocks;
  • Categories;
  • Cart price rules;
  • Customer finance;
  • Products with advanced pricing in a single file.

In short, the possibilities are endless.

Amasty Dropshipping Magento 2 Extension

Amasty Dropshipping Magento 2 Extension

Amasty offers a powerful solution for setting up a dropshipping business model and managing multiple warehouses on a Magento 2 site. The Dropshipping extension enables e-commerce store owners to create a dropshipper base with an unlimited number of vendors located in different regions. Another possibility available with the Amasty drop shipping solution is the automatization of orders distribution among product suppliers. At the same time, it is possible to allocate orders delivery manually if you find it necessary. Besides, you can separate the shipping of products from one order between different sellers based on the availability of required items in stock.

As for inventory management, Amasty Dropshipping for Magento 2 provides an advanced tool for synchronizing physical and virtual stocks in each warehouse. Moreover, you can leverage a smart algorithm to calculate the most advantageous and accurate shipping rates based on the distance and cost-efficiency of delivery from a particular source. An extended source selection functionality is available due to the integration with the Advanced MSI extension.

As for other features, we would like to mention that the Amasty Magento 2 extension lets store owners limit access to orders for a specific dropshipper, which allows processing customer orders in the most secure way. Also, it is possible to enable automatic email notifications sent to vendors on the order placement, as well as notify customers about the shipment of products via email.

Download / Buy Amasty Dropshipping Magento 2 Extension

Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping

Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension Review; Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Module Overview

Boost My Shop provides another reliable Magento 2 drop shipping extension that adds the desired functionality to an e-commerce website. This Magento 2 module also offers lots of useful features. The Magento 2 drop shipping extension provides seamless supplier price and stock import; an opportunity to select the cheapest supplier automatically; and adds monitoring capabilities. Each supplier email includes information related to the customer packing slip. Besides, Boost My Shop Drop Shipping can be connected to a remote FTP server for remote supplier data import and management. As for the import history, it is available with the module as well.

Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension Review; Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Module Overview

Note that the extension is a part of Embedded ERP Extension Suite, so it doesn’t work as a standalone module. Probably, it is the most significant drawback of the extension. If you are not going to implement the ERP system mentioned above, it doesn’t make any sense to install Boost My Shop Drop Shipping for Magento 2. However, if you are looking for a sophisticated solution that will cover all vital aspects of resource planning, we recommend you to pay attention to the Boost My Shop solution.

Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension Review; Boost My Shop Magento 2 Drop Shipping Module Overview

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uDropship by Unirgy

Drop Shipping Magento 2 Extensions

If you are a drop shipper or a merchant who does not keep any goods in stock, this Magento 2 extension is a must-have tool for your e-commerce website. Unirgy uDropship streamlines communication between drop shippers and online stores and allows merchants to get full control over the drop shipping processes. As a result, you can easily track orders and shipments handled by both vendors and a dropship company. With this Magento 2 drop shipping extension, you can have multiple shipping origins per each order, as well as various vendors for the same product per each website. Besides, uDropship offers pre-generated order shipments per vendor, supports both external and standard checkout, and provides a convenient vendor control panel interface.

The extension offers the ability to create individual shipping methods for dropship. It provides customers with a seamless purchasing experience from different vendors via the same cart. Thus, it becomes possible to combine different shipping methods supported by available vendors from one order and, at the same time, show only common choices for service levels. Below, you can see a configuration screen for creating a new dropship shipping method.

Moreover, you can create as many vendors as required. The image below illustrates how a new vendor screen looks.

There are lots of other options available with uDropship by Unirgy. You can check them in the extension’s manual. Taking into account the popularity and multifunctionality of previous uDropship versions, we can say without doubts that it is a very reliable Magento 2 drop shipping extension that will fully satisfy your e-commerce needs.

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Dropship For Magento2

Drop Shipping Magento 2 Extensions

It is possible to optimize all shipping functions with the Dropship extension for Magento 2 by Webkul. This Magento 2 drop shipping module is useful for increasing the efficiency of keeping products in stock. Thus, you can correctly identify what items are available and quickly ship them to customers. All created warehouses are managed by the admin, who can add or remove a particular warehouse if necessary.

Dropship for Magento 2 by Webkul provides a straightforward procedure for shipping products from various warehouses. It is also necessary to mention that shipping is calculated based on each warehouse if you use this Magento 2 extension.

Dropship by Webkul adds 9 new tabs to the default Magento 2 admin. They are: Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Order Manager, Warehouse Product Relation, Manage Shipping Rule, Dropship Product Profile, Dropship Dataflow Profile, Category Mapping, Price Rules, AliExpress Products, and AliExpress Orders. The first one provides the ability to view, edit, and add warehouses. Their quantity can be unlimited.

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Under Dropship Product Profile, you can easily assign products to specific warehouses at once. Due to the possibility to upload files with listed items, this routine task becomes much faster.

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

For further information, check the Magento 2 drop shipping extension website.

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dropship360TM by Logicbroker

Another solution that completes the drop shipping automation is introduced with dropship360TM by Logicbroker. Having installed this Magento 2 drop shipping extension, you can add and rank vendors, view their inventory and cost listing, as well as configure order sourcing. Another available feature is related to Magento scheduled tasks management. As a supplier, you can receive, fulfill, and ship orders from other merchants, review their latest activity, and manage inventory. The extension is not yet available for Magento 2, so we are waiting for its release to provide more information and screenshots.

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Exto Dropshipping

Magento 2 Dropshipping Modules

Exto Dropshipping also offers all drop shipping capabilities necessary for Magento 2. As a result, you can get all the benefits of remote inventory. Unfortunately, the Magento 2 drop shipping extension is still in beta version, so we don’t recommend you to use it until the final version is released. Despite the beta status, it already provides the ability to sync inventory automatically and create an unlimited number of warehouses. As for customers, they can fully leverage the delivery tracking functionality, as well as split orders between stocks. Shipment management, automatic order submission, payouts management, and purchase orders are other features available with Exto Dropshipping.

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Magento 2 Dropship Extension by Xtento

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Xtento is famous for its reliable Magento 2 extensions that are very popular in the community. The company also offers a secure Magento 2 drop shipping module, which is flexible with any service provider or drop shipper. The process of drop shipping becomes fully automated after installing install Xtento Dropship. The extension allows you to save tons of time and effort with a fast and reliable integration procedure. And there is only a one-time payment that is $726. However, it is a relatively high price.

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

The price tag can be explained by the structure of the Xtento’s tool. There is no single Magento 2 dropship extension in the company’s portfolio. Instead, it offers the desired functionality via four separate modules: Order Export, Tracking Number Import, Stock Import, and Product Feed Export. Besides, if you don’t want to deal with a complicated installation, there is always an opportunity to ask a support team for help. For further information, follow the link below:

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Magento 2 Dropship Extension by Magestore

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Although Magestore decided to concentrate on providing all its core products via a unified solution – the Omnichannel product – we should say a few words about its crucial feature related to drop shipping. The Magento 2 Dropship extension is a powerful tool designed to create exceptional customer experiences making seamless sales anytime, anywhere.

The overall dropship procedure is divided into three steps only so that you will save lots of time and effort working with your drop shippers and customers. There is also a reliable notification system that allows you to send alerts to customers via email. Both admins and providers can see all the order listing pages.

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

The Magento 2 Dropship extension brings everyone involved in drop shipping together. The products are shipped immediately from a provider to a customer without any need to be transferred to a retailer. Thus, you don’t even need to create your inventory.

Note that you cannot purchase the Magento 2 drop shipping extension by Magestore as a standalone product. You need to order the whole Omnichannel solution. For further information, follow this link:

Download / Buy Magestore Dropship Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extension by Webshopapps

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

If you already use ShipperHQ to manage your shipping routine or want to integrate your Magento 2 website with the leading solution and, at the same time, leverage the drop shipping model, choose the Magento 2 drop shipping module by Webshopapps. This extension is not only integrated with the ShipperHQ platform but also provides lots of other vital features.

The module allows selecting your carrier, as well as specifying such data as address and contact information for each warehouse. Furthermore, you can connect multiple drop shipping providers to a warehouse. At the same time, your shoppers can always choose a shipping method that better suits their needs. Email notifications are also a great addition to the module’s feature set.

To get more information on this useful solution for transporting products from different locations, follow this link:

Download / Buy Webshopapps Drop Shipping Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension by CreativeMinds

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

If you not only need a reliable drop shipping solution for your Magento 2 store but also want to turn it into a robust marketplace, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of the Multi Vendor Marketplace Magento 2 extension by CreativeMinds, you will quickly add the functionality of Amazon, eBay, or Etsy to your e-commerce storefront, simultaneously leveraging the drop shipping functionality.

Get an online marketplace with a highly scalable structure, customizable functionality, and user-friendly interface. In addition to the desired drop shipping functionality, you will provide multiple merchants with the ability to upload their products directly to your Magento 2 store. At the same time, suppliers and vendors get all the necessary features for creating a chain of supply. With the extension, you will easily enable them to develop their own global business with advanced drop shipping options.

CreativeMinds also offer advanced store management. You can provide other merchants with limited access to reduce the team of administrators. Besides, there is always an opportunity to rely on admin moderation. Due to the advanced billing system, the module allows processing all payments with a single shopping cart system. If necessary, you can also set a separate registration/login page for suppliers.

Since there are several module variations, we recommend you to check the price on its official page. For further information, follow the link below:

Download / Buy CreativeMinds Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension


Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Logicbroker is a reliable provider of the dropship technology that offers tools necessary to unite brands, retailers, and the systems they rely on. Experience the complete EDI and drop shipping automation. With this extension, you will quickly send and receive orders, tracking information, inventory, and other data via such formats as CSV, XML, EDI, API, or even a web-based supplier portal. So, if you want to start selling a virtual inventory, install the module and enjoy a new dimension of drop ship relationship with suppliers.

Note that you need an active Logicbroker subscription and account. There is a list of additional fees that may be applied, so Logicbroker is not the most budget-friendly solution. The connector itself is free. Subscription is a flat monthly fee with no charge per order or revenue percentage.

As for the functionality provided by the platform, they include automated inventory updates and documentation synchronization, a robust supplier portal with lots of user-friendly features, tracking information synchronization and updates, support for partial shipping, bulk document upload, and a reliable notification system. You can discover more features here:

Download / Buy Logicbroker Dropship Magento 2 Extension

Multi-Source Inventory Magento 2 Extension

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Another reliable Magento 2 drop shipping extension is called the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) module. Its purpose is to allow Magento merchants to define multiple sources of products. This extension is exciting because it is developed by an open group of volunteers together with the Magento Community Engineering team. Therefore, it will soon become a part of the Magento Open Source.

Of course, it covers all typical cases of a Magento merchant that sells a part of his items through drop shippers. The Magento 2 MSI extension allows creating a source for each drop shipper. Additionally, it is still possible to create several more sources for goods handled in their own stocks.

Another important feature is related to out-of-stock products. If the number of individual items is zero, it can be back ordered from another source. Due to multiple sources, stock availability is no longer a problem.

The backorders functionality is already a part of Magento 2 (starting from 2.2), so both global and product levels are covered. But MSI will extend this possibility at the source level mapping the infinite drop shipper’s stock.

And if it is necessary to keep track of the number of products, you can always specify the quantity of each item for a specific source. Check the following image:

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

Here is the slideshow that explains the module in more details:

And you can always monitor the progress of the project on GitHub:

MSI Roadmap

The project is explained here:

How MSI module enables drop shipping on Magento 2

Final Words

Above, we have described the most reliable Magento 2 drop shipping extensions. You can choose one of them to leverage the desired functionality on the basis of your store according to the current e-commerce requirements. If you still don’t know what to choose, we recommend you to pay attention to the most popular drop shipping services and platforms. You can always connect your Magento 2 store to them using our Improved Import Export extension.

The module provides the ability to leverage a two-way connection between Magento 2 and various platforms. Note that it offers much more extensive opportunities than other similar solutions. Many connectors are responsible for sending data from Magento 2 to the selected platform only, but our tool covers two directions of data transfer.  

Create an entirely automated experience via the admin-friendly backend section of the module. Enable automated updates for both systems according to the schedule. Forget about wasting time on ordinary manual connections.

For connecting Magento 2 to any drop shipping platform, the extension uses mapping. Thus, imported and exported data files may have any custom structure. You can move any import files to your store, as well as create any output required by the external platform.  

magento 2 import custom data CSV XML TXT

Another advantage of the Improved Import Export Magento 2 extension is multipurposeness. With its help, you can easily integrate your storefront with dozens of drop shipping platforms, marketplaces, shopping engines, and more. It is possible to connect your store to any tool that provides integration via CSV, XML, TXT, Google Sheets, Excel, and other formats. The rich set of features and almost unlimited opportunities make Improved Import & Export better than anything else in its area.

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