Top Magento Extensions For Custom Shipping Methods And Rules

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Shipping is a very important part of every e-commerce business. In order to make the entire process flawless, you can use several Magento extension. In this post, we gathered all necessary tools, which will help you to avoid headaches with a delivery, rates and other aspects of Magento custom shipping methods and rules.

best magento shipping extensions

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Methods And Rules

Delivery Date by Amasty

Custom Shipping Methods Magento Extensions; Custom Shipping Rules Magento Modules

This extension does absolutely the same, but it is created by Amasty, so you get a more reliable product. Delivery Date by Amasty is more expensive – the extension costs $89. Hit the link below for more information.

Get Amasty Delivery Date Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Delivery Date and Time

 magento delivery date

With this Magento extension you and your customers can manage delivery schedules. As an admin, you will get the ability to define time periods for the delivery, and your customers would be able to chose the most convenient options among available. Delivery Date and Time costs $79.

Download Delivery Date and Time Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Admin Custom Shipping Rate

 custom_shipping_rate_ magento

This extension was designed for backends. It allows you to specify a custom shipping rate and a title when creating a new order. You can download Admin Custom Shipping Rate for free, but the extension doesn’t have any support.

Download Admin Custom Shipping Rate Magento Extension

Shipping Table Rates

shipping table rate magento

And this is a reliable shipping table rates manager. It allows you to filter, modify and append records through the interface of your Magento store. Shipping Table Rates extension is absolutely free.

Get Shipping Table Rates Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

WebShopApps MatrixRate

This Magento solution allows you to offer multiple shipping options to customers of your e-commerce shop. All the solutions are based on a location of every customer. You can also define different shipping rates according to weight, destination, quantity, price or different shipping methods. WebShopApps MatrixRate is the most downloaded shipping solution on Magento Connect. You can download the module for free, but there is also a premium tool.

Download WebShopApps MatrixRate Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Multi-Flat Shipping

magento multiple flat shipping methods

By installing Multi-Flat Shipping extension, you will be able to create 5 independent flat rate shipping methods with different conditions and prices. The extension also allows to add a custom HTML message for the checkout page. Multi-Flat Shipping extension costs nothing.

Get Multi-Flat Shipping Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Temando Shipping Extension 2014

Temando Shipping Extension displays delivery options and costs from different couriers, prints labels, streamlines order shipping, and tries to make your life easier. Unfortunately, the free starter version is available in Australia only. Hit the below link for all the details and features.

Download Temando Shipping Extension

Creare Free Shipping Incentive

 custom free shipping magento

By installing Creare Free Shipping Incentive extension, you will provide your customers with the ability to see the amount of goods needed for free shipping. You just have to enable free shipping and set the minimum amount.

Get Creare Free Shipping Incentive Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

WebShopApps Product Matrix

With Product Matrix you can make your shipping rates work for your e-commerce business. The extension enables you to set your rates according to any combination of price, product, quantity, weight, destination and customer group rules. It is also possible to create shipping groups with WebShopApps Product Matrix. This robust solution provides all the necessary features and tools to make the entire shipping process as seamless as possible, but it is also much more expensive than the aforementioned solutions. You can get WebShopApps Product Matrix for $329.

Purchase WebShopApps Product Matrix Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Delivery Instructions

shipping method instruction magento

Delivery Instructions provides a way for your customers to notify you of any special delivery needs during the checkout. The extension integrates into the Magento onestep checkout process, as a result, you get a new extra field at the shipping method section.

The module is free.

Download Delivery Instructions Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Store Pickup

magento store pickup shipping

With this extension you provide your customers with the option to pick up their purchases right in your store. You can set a fixed or variable fee, or make it absolutely free. Store Pickup costs nothing.

Get Store Pickup Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Cash On Delivery

magento cash on delivery shipping

By installing this free Magento extension, you will add a new Cash-On-Delivery payment gateway to your e-commerce store. Hit the below link for more features and compatibility.

Download Cash On Delivery Custom Shipping Method Magento Extension

Mass Shipping

magento mass shipping

Mass Shipping eliminates the need for one by one shipment creation. The extension makes the entire process automated, and provides you with the ability to handle up to 500 orders at a time. Mass Shipping costs $169.

Purchase Mass Shipping Magento Extension