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Today, we’ll talk about the brand-new Amasty extension for your Magento 2 store. With the help of this plugin, you can design detailed purchase status updates that will make documentation processing as clear as possible for admin users and customers. On the grid, status changes can be easily managed, and clients can be promptly informed. Additionally, the extension offers a thorough overview of the order status history, enabling store owners to track and manage their orders more effectively. Besides that, it enables store owners to design unique order statuses and assign them to particular order states, which can help to streamline the order fulfillment procedure. So, let’s start.

Get Amasty Order Status for Magento 2 App

What Amasty Order Status for Magento 2 can offer you?

The native functionality of Magento 2 is quite robust and largely meets e-commerce business needs. However, each online retailer has a unique process for processing orders and looks for ways to expand the most fundamental features in order to meet the rising standards of their customers and make it easier for admin users to handle a variety of problems.

So, this is where the plugin comes in the game. The Magento 2 Edit Order Status extension is a simple-to-use tool that aids in streamlining order workflow, improving order statuses for customers, and expediting the processing of documentation.


Let’s look at platform features. 

  • Make unconventional order rankings. Get the Magento 2 Order Status extension to create different levels of documentation in accordance with your unique needs. Display all custom states in a convenient grid so that you can easily find the states you need with just a few clicks, see the extended Magento 2 order history, and keep important information close at hand.
  • Be sure to inform Magento 2 customers of any updates and shipment tracking. Send emails to users automatically each time the status of their Magento 2 orders changes. By doing this, you’ll make Magento 2’s payment and shipment tracking simpler, foster customer trust, and encourage repeat purchases. You can also manually send notifications if necessary in order to thoroughly fine-tune notification dispatch.
  • Create email templates for specific states. Administrator users can specify particular notification templates for each distinct order status thanks to flexible settings. Additionally, it is possible to assign distinctive templates to various store views using the Magento 2 order status tool.
  • Add distinct states to the default ones. Indicate the Magento order states that each specific note should match. One and the same document status may be given to multiple states. When displaying custom states, the module also allows you to hide default ones.
  • Display special order notes in a customer account. You can display all created statuses on the customer account page using the Magento 2 Order Status module to keep your customers updated on the status of their orders.
  • Edit created order grades. You can edit and change the purchasing documentation grades for both newly created and existing buys thanks to the flexible module settings. As a result, as soon as the extension is installed, you can configure and update all Magento 2 order statuses to suit your needs.


Let’s check this plugin from the customer’s perspective. 

Check Orders as a Customer

Every registered customer can view all orders in this section. Clients may also view order details, place another order, or cancel one. 

See Order Attributes on Checkout

During the checkout process, the customer can see order attributes here. 


Mark Orders with Notes

Order Flags can be used in this situation to draw attention to orders for additional prioritization. Mark standard or unique order statuses, and then apply them automatically or manually using the order grid.

View Canceled Orders

You can let customers manage their pointless orders in their customer accounts by using the Cancel Order functionality. also automatically cancel outdated orders. Canceled orders and cancellation reasons are listed in this grid for both variations.

Configure Automatic Cancellation

In certain situations, store administrators can request that pending orders be automatically canceled. Determined time frame, order standings, and payment options that should be taken into account for cancellation.

Enable Automatic Archivation

Utilizing Order Archive, remove all unnecessary orders from the order grid. To keep your orders grid organized and current, schedule automatic removal.

Check Orders Archive

Out-of-date orders can either be permanently deleted or moved to a different grid. You can view or reorder archived orders in this grid, or if necessary, return them to the primary grid.

Create Specific Order Attributes

You can add as many extra fields as you want to your checkout page in order to process and gather more order-related information. Dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and even a calendar can be added as attribute types to let customers select a convenient delivery day.

Set Attribute Relations

Make dependent order attributes that can only be seen when a particular parent attribute value is chosen. Your registration page will become much smaller and easier to understand in this way.

Add Custom Order Statuses

Make documentation processing as transparent as possible for admin users and customers with the aid of the Order Status extension. Users should be able to see distinct states in their accounts in place of the default statuses.

Customize Order Numbering

Utilize prefixes and custom order numbers to manage the numbering of your store’s documents. Change the counter increment step fluidly to meet local invoice numbering requirements and protect your company’s data from rivals.

Final Words

To sum up, Amasty Order Status for Magento 2 is an excellent tool for Magento 2 store owners looking to personalize and simplify their order management procedures. Store owners can set up automatic email notifications, assign custom statuses to particular order states, and create custom statuses as needed. Additionally, the extension gives store owners a thorough overview of the order status history, enabling them to track and manage their orders more effectively. Furthermore, it enables store owners to design unique order statuses, which can speed up the order fulfillment procedure. Overall, Amasty Order Status for Magento 2 is a great option for store owners who want to automate their order management procedures and have more control over their order statuses. You can get this app for $139. 

Get Amasty Order Status for Magento 2 App