Firebear Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions for Shopware 6 – Application Change Log

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Shopware 6 import and export application

The article below will help you track the progress of the Improved Import, Export & Mass Actions app for Shopware 6, as it collects changes related to the application’s new versions. Starting as a simple import and export solution with cron automation and basic mapping at the time of 1.0.0, the tool has developed into a robust data transfer instrument that offers advanced product property import and export, transfers from FTP, SFTP, Google Sheets, and Google Drive, email notifications, various update strategies, and other features. With each new release, the Improved Import becomes more powerful. You may view the module’s full evolution and the most recent features below. 

Extension Manual | Shopware app store 

1.0.35 (released 10.04.24)


  • Automated Price Generation (gross and net):
    • A product list_price_net is calculated automatically if only list_price_gross is provided during Shopware product import. 
    • A product list_price_gross is calculated automatically if only list_price_net is provided during Shopware product import.
    • A product cheapest_price_net is calculated automatically if only cheapest_price_gross is provided during Shopware product import.
    • A product cheapest_price_gross is calculated automatically if only cheapest_price_net is provided during Shopware product import.
  • Shopware Layout Export. Now, you can export a Shopware layout as a separate entity.

1.0.34 (released 05.03.24)


  • Fixed the issue with the advanced price update;
  • Fixed the issue with the Replace existing variants functionality of product import when not all options were selected in the Generate Variants section.

1.0.33 (released 23.02.24)


  • Implemented import of customFields from separated columns.
  • Implemented export of customFields translations.
  • Excluded fields from translation columns if these fields are excluded on mapping.
  • Implemented import of product variant listing config for the 6.5 version of Shopware.
  • Optimized product variant creation by using batch for preparation and import. 


  • Fixed memory leaks when preparing a product.

1.0.32 (released 23.01.24)


  • Plan restrictions for import and export jobs.
  • CMS page ID has been added to Shopware Import and Export


  • Fixed bug with duplicated products on a prepared result when the last bunch is not equal to the bunch size.
  • Fixed export issue with the default variant property option.

1.0.31 (released 16.12.2023)


  • Fixed Shopware bug with translations association. When retrieving an entity with a pagination limit, a one-to-many association does not result in an SQL exception if the primary key is not an id column.

1.0.30 (released 01.12.2023)


  • Fixed variant listing display.

1.0.29 (released 28.11.2023)


  • XML Import. The new release adds support for XML files with different child nodes.
  • Property Import. This version implements property import when options contain the same value for different groups.


  • Fixed FTP import issues.

1.0.28 (released 23.11.2023)


  • URL Import. It is now possible to import update files from any public URL. 
  • Performance. Optimized memory consumption considered the children’s count.
  • Export Mapping. Removal of unnecessary associations follows the export columns’ mapping.
  • Image Import. It is possible to import images from URLs that do not contain a file extension.

1.0.27 (released 16.11.2023)


  • Jobs Count. The number of running jobs is limited.
  • Rows Count.  The number of rows per import/export is limited.
  • Archive for Logs & Files. The application now includes an archive for import/export logs and files.

Bug Fixes

  • CDATA is only used for special characters during XML Export.
  • Fixed export of product’s child properties.

1.0.26 (released 23.10.2023)


  • Column Sorting: Now, during export, you can easily sort columns, arranging them in the desired order within the export file. This feature provides you with greater control over the layout of your data.
  • Default Values: You can also include default values when exporting. This means that if a specific attribute has no value, the export file will automatically include the designated default value in its place. This simplifies data management and ensures consistency in your exports.

1.0.25 (released 10.10.2023)


  • The possibility to export custom fields separately was added. Previously, all of them were exported in a separate column.


  • Fixed bug when a user creates two import profiles concurrently.

1.0.24 (released 09.10.2023)

  • Customer Import. Improved customer import speed. The app uses batch API to upload customers.
  • Various system improvements.

1.0.23 (released 29.08.2023)

Various improvements and bugfixes.

1.0.22 (released 28.08.2023)


  • Order Export. With the latest release, you can export only the latest orders (created or modified);
  • Order Export. Order export files now contain additional address data: countryState, salutation, additionalAddressLine1,additionalAddressLine2.
  • Order Export. Order export files now contain the following new columns: calculated taxes, promotionId, referencedId, item type, Subtotal, Total excluding VAT, Total including VAT, Tracking Codes.


  • Fixed issue with writing hierarchical lines to Google Sheets for order export;
  • Fixed issue with Wrong Price Net/Price Gross calculation if only one price is provided.