Amasty Worldline Online Payments for Magento 2

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A good payment system has always been a key to success in the online shopping business. Customers are considerably more inclined to buy from you if you offer a simple and intelligent payment mechanism. They will not be put off by an uncomfortable interface and will abandon your site without purchasing anything. 

If you have a Magento 2 store, we offer a perfect option for you. Amasty recently released a great plugin that will help you not to let your customers go away at the payment stage, but to be satisfied and write good reviews about the convenience of your store. 

Worldline Online Payments for Magento 2 will be a great solution if you want to improve the payment system of your store. In this article, we will consider this plugin: its features, price, and how it can be useful for you.  

Let’s get started. 

What is Amasty Worldline Online Payments?

This is a new Amasty solution for your Magento 2 store to expand and modernize your payment process. This comprehensive solution can meet all of your digital payment demands for Magento 2, regardless of the size of your organization. With the Amasty solution, you will be able to take online payments more quickly and securely, unlocking your business’s development potential. 

Keep up with the newest payment trends to wow your consumers with a pleasant purchasing experience with flexible customization. Streamline the payment process and obtain access to three additional payment ways to increase conversion rates.

In short, you will expand the payment system of your store with this solution. 

Who is this plugin for?

This plugin is great for all owners of an online store on Magento 2. Extend the payment system and provide customers with a more convenient and pleasant interface. 

Also, this plugin will suit those store owners whose purchases are often cut off at checkout. Many people when they see a complicated system refuse to buy. And that’s a big problem. 

So if you have this kind of problem, you should definitely try this plugin. You will definitely see a difference. 

Plugin Features

Let us now discuss the plugin’s features. This Amasty solution gives you the opportunity to:

  • Provide customers with three more payment options.
  • 3D Secure protects buyers and your company against fraud.
  • Ensure a smooth payment process at the checkout.
  • Accept recurring payments for your subscription services.

Various Payment Channels

This plugin allows you to increase the number of payment alternatives available to you. Along with it, you may accept payments at your business in nearly any method that is convenient for the consumer. And it won’t seem sloppy or disorganized.  Everything will be in order and transparent. 

Increase conversion rates and customer happiness by providing three more payment options, 28 supported languages for the checkout page, and a one-click payment option.

As a result, the consumer will undoubtedly discover something to his liking.

Fraud Protection

With the Amasty plugin, you can ensure effective fraud prevention to protect both your consumers and your company. The system includes sophisticated security features such as built-in encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection technologies to boost trust and confidence in the payment process.

It’s a critical option for both your clients and you. This will undoubtedly increase client trust in your store.  

Easy Connection

Worldline Online Payments offers an easy-to-setup connection to the Magento e-commerce shop using API keys. This allows you to rapidly and simply add online payment features to your website, saving time and money on development. 

It also provides design freedom. And if an issue does develop, it is simple to resolve. 

Debug Functionality

This plugin also has debugging capabilities, allowing you to log transaction data, including any supplementary information, payment status, and problem warnings. You may also analyze all logs to discover and rectify any payment-related issues as soon as possible.

Isn’t it helpful?

Responsive Design

It’s hard not to notice the great design of the expansion. It is very simple and light, but at the same time, it has everything a client needs. He won’t have to search for the payment option he needs for two hours and then not understand how to enter the card. 

Everything is easy and simple with this extension.

Compatible with other Amasty extensions

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments plugin adds capabilities to your Worldline solution. Encourage your customers to subscribe to your products or services and earn recurring orders without incurring any further fees for client acquisition.

You may also combine with the One Step Checkout Pro extension to maximize revenues by integrating the capabilities of both modules.


In short, this plugin is extremely beneficial for any type of Magento-based online store. You can achieve a lot with it. You will not only strengthen your interaction with your clients and provide them with additional options, but you will also improve your capacity to handle all transactions.

So, if you want a simple solution to increase sales while also making your business more appealing and user-friendly, this plugin is for you.

Amasty Worldline Online Payments for Magento 2