Amasty Partial Payments for Magento 2

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We will discuss the new Amasty extension for your Magento 2 store today. This application will enable you to offer more payment choices to your customers by enabling them to pay a portion of the cost of your products. Enabling clients to more easily afford huge purchases, can assist improve sales. It also has functions like automatic installment calculation and email reminders for forthcoming payments. Additionally, it offers a thorough breakdown of all partial payments made by clients in the backend. So, let’s begin our journey. 

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What you can get with Partial Payments for Magento 2?

You may be wondering “Why do I need these extensions for my store?”. The answers are quite straightforward. 

There are always clients who want to purchase a thing right now, but a product’s high price may lengthen the decision-making process. Installment payments are a viable alternative, but Magento’s built-in functionality does not offer them. 

Here’s where this app comes into play. With the help of this Magento Partial Payment extension, consumers have the opportunity to lower their initial investment and make payments in installments more convenient for them. The client experience is improved and the conversion rate rises because of the approach’s increased flexibility and less payment resistance. This app provides you with such benefits as 

  • Boosting sales conversion rates 
  • Making shopping more enjoyable 
  • Increasing client loyalty


Now, we will look at the platforms’ main features. 

  • Conversions will rise with partial payments. Installment payments are a fantastic solution for B2B, pricey, or cutting-edge products in your Magento business. Lowering the investment necessary to buy something, it raises conversion rates. Even better, it offers a “get the product now and pay later” option to your customers. Additionally, buyers are now able to partially pay for two distinct things at once thanks to this expansion. 
  • Permit verified clients to make installment payments. Provide authenticated consumers with at least one completed order in your store with the option of partial payment. Customers can submit partial payment requests, and you can make this option available with specific settings. As a result, your income is predictable, and the customer has the opportunity to pay for the purchase in a way that is appropriate.
  • Conveniently manage partial payment alternatives. You can use the extension to set a partial payment option based on your sales strategy from the checkout page as well as the backend admin panel. Additionally, a buyer can view comprehensive information regarding installment payments and outstanding balances in a customer account, and you can view and manage all partial payments from the admin panel settings.
  • Compatibility with the standard Magento payment options. Give customers the option to make partial payments through your store using Braintree’s PayPal and Braintree’s Credit Card in addition to the native Magento 2 payment methods.
  • Remind clients to make timely payments. Utilize the email notification settings to remind customers to make payments. With this function, you can easily and quickly send a personalized payment reminder email from the admin panel. To expedite the process, you can also create email templates for payment reminders.


Let’s now examine the experience of this plugin from a client perspective. 


During checkout, each customer has the option of making partial payments. Customers must click the “Partial Payments” button, select an address, and then finish the checkout process in order to do this.

Partially Paid Orders

Customers can view all partially paid orders in their accounts. The client can specify a payment amount and view the order’s general information. 


We’ll also examine the admin panel of this plugin.


You can view the general app settings in this section of the backend. You have the following options here:

  • Enable Partial Payments
  • Complete Order Status
  • Outstanding Invoice Email Template 
  • Round Paid Item Quantity In Email 
  • Enable Zero Payment Partial Invoice for Admin

Payment Methods

Additionally, you can configure different payment options in the admin panel. “Merchant Location” is an option here. You can select techniques like:

  • PayPal 
  • Braintree
  • Klarna
  • Amazon
  • and more

In this section, you can configure additional payment-related options.

Final Words

In conclusion, Amasty Partial Payments for Magento 2 is an effective and user-friendly module that enables store owners to give customers the option to pay for goods in several installments. It supports a number of payment options and is simple to configure. Along with these helpful features, the module offers automatic installment calculation, reminder emails, and a clear overview of all partial payments made by customers in the backend. Overall, this extension is a fantastic option for Magento 2 store owners who want to boost sales by giving their customers more flexible payment options. You can get this app for $599.

Get Amasty Partial Payments for Magento 2 App