Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

If you are interested in improving the default email marketing functionality of Magento, but do not want to spend time on comparing all available extensions, pay attention to Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks. With this module, you will not only avoid the hell of choosing among multiple available options but also save $160. Specialists from AheadWorks have developed 3 useful tools that will revamp the way you run your email marketing campaigns and you can get them as a single suite.

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Email Marketing Pack offers a combination of the following modules:

Follow Up Email
Market Segmentation Suite
Advanced Newsletter

Unlike other Magento companies, AheadWorks has implemented the following mechanism: you have to add all three modules to cart to purchase them with the $160 discount. You still have to install this modules separately, but it doesn’t influence their excellent email marketing capabilities. They make a great marketing combo, so you can easily reach different customer groups with surgical accuracy.

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Now, let’s describe each extension and highlight the most important features available with Email Marketing Pack.

Follow Up Email Functionality of Email Marketing Pack

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

This Magento extension provides the ability to automatically follow up your customers via emails with coupons, images, purchased products, and restore cart links. Consequently, you get a great chance to boost your revenue by increasing the number of returned customers. The module performs the following actions:

  • notifies store visitors that abandoned shopping carts,
  • starts second order e-mail campaigns,
  • helps to create a personal email schedule.

Furthermore, your customers no longer have to spend their time on restoring abandoned carts, since the procedure is available in just one click via the link from the email notification. Another important aspect of Email Marketing Pack in general and Follow Up Email in particular is the ability to motivate your customer for further purchases. The extension helps to create emails with appealing content: coupon codes, customer related details, offers, discounts, upsells, cross-sells, and related products. Besides, you can gain even more loyalty with Email Marketing Pack by greeting your customers on their birthdays and sending highly targeted promotions. And it is possible to use the module for asking your client’s opinion on certain products, they have purchased on your website.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

Also note that the Follow Up Email extensions supports wide customizations, so you can configure follow up emails in accordance with your business requirements. At the same time, it is possible to use predefined templates.

Another important feature available in Email Marketing Pack and Follow Up Email is the ability to let your clients easily unsubscribe from all your follow up emails.

And by separating your customer audience into several groups, you can increase the relevance of your email marketing campaigns. The separation can be based on customer/order statuses, various actions you customers perform on your store, as well as other attributes.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

For measuring the effectiveness of your follow ups, the extension provides the ability to utilize Google Analytics tracking code for all abandoned carts. Besides, you can track clients who placed orders via clicking on a link from your follow up; links with recovery statistics related to a certain abandoned cart; and coupons.

Note that the module offers on-the-fly follow up email management. You can fine tune everything massively as well as customize a particular email. The available management options include:

  • filtering by schedule, status, event, etc;
  • mass actions;
  • manual actions on the grid.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

And to enhance the automated product selection feature, it is highly recommended to install  Who Bought This Also Bought and Automated Related Products modules. With these extensions, you will forever forget about headaches caused by spending time on figuring out which products to recommend to your buyers.

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Market Segmentation Suite Functionality of Email Marketing Pack

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

This part of Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks will help you segment your target audience on the basis of the required criteria. Then, you will be able to export segmented lists for further analysis and achieving a higher degree of desired effect. As a result, you will no longer waste your time and effort on broadcasting to the wrong people. Besides, you will be able to stop the backfire effect caused by the fact that customers hate getting irrelevant information.

And since the default Magento customer segmentation is weak, Market Segmentation Suite is a must have solution for every Magento website that rely on email marketing. With this extension, you will be able to create any number of rules to separate your customers into various segments and use these segments for differentiating messages, newsletters, discounts, banners, etc.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

As for creating rules, they define conditions that have to be met by customers before they will be assigned to a particular segment. So Market Segmentation Suite provides opportunities described below.

In case of customers, you can create groups on the basis of billing or shipping address; customer group; date of birth; gender; newsletter subscription; registration in store, etc. The extension also monitors such data as email address, first and last names.

As for orders, the module analyzes orders quantity, sales amount, and purchased quantity. For the shopping cart, it checks grand total, the number of various products, the total quantity of items, and subtotal. When it comes to products, Market Segmentation Suite works with product lists and product history.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

To segment customers, you only have to visit the segmentation tab with lists of customers and orders, set rules and conditions, and then apply them to the lists. Once your customers are sorted, you can easily move them to customer groups. Moreover, you can use newly created segments within other extensions or export them to CSV/XML. It is also necessary to mention that the extension provides the ability to reindex the rules for faster work.

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Advanced Newsletter Functionality of Email Marketing Pack

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

The Advanced Newsletter Extension by AheadWorks offers everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign. Newsletter sign-ups, audience segmentation, mailing lists, mailing of the newsletter, and many more features are available with the module.

Due to a multistore support, you can easily set up all your emails for each store separately with more flexible configurations. As for email messages themselves, Advanced Newsletter provides all necessary tools that will help you make your emails look eye-catching, trustworthy, as well as less vulnerable to various spam filters.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

In order to increase your sign-ups, the extension provides such features as an advanced email subscription block based on AJAX and the ability to improve both a subscription button and a form more eye-catching by placing them wherever you want on the page. Besides, there is an auto-subscription option that not only subscribe customers, but also moves them between segments automatically.

Another interesting aspect of Advanced Newsletter is the ability to choose the form and time of your content delivery. Thus, you can segment your mailing lists by various subscriber groups; hide different segments for both categories and stores and even disable particular segments for frontend; choose a default segment for both categories and stores; and use segments to filter customers.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

As for a highly precise delivery, you can design a newsletter template that targets customers on the basis of such customer details as age, address, or gender; such product details as order history and various items from wishlists and carts; such order information as the number of made orders purchased items, or lifetime sales; and such shopping cart details as grand total, subtotal, or different products number.

And if you are wondering what control over your mailing list you will get with the Advanced Newsletter Magento extension, just look at the following opportunities

  • Manage subscribers right on your admin panel;
  • Insert the unsubscribe option to the newsletter;
  • Utilize an unlimited subscribe/unsubscribe potential managing as many users as you need at a time;
  • Export all your subscribers to CSV or XML;
  • Have any subscribers in your native Magento newsletter? Import them to the extension.

AheadWorks Email Marketing Pack Magento Extension

And don’t forget about the complete integration with MailChimp as well as the ability to send emails from an SMTP server of your choice. Besides, you can send test email, use variables in your Magento templates, and import templates from your native newsletter available in Magento. As for security, the extension utilizes HTTPS in customer accounts.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks provides great ecommerce opportunities for every Magento website. The extension significantly improve the default email marketing features as well as adds a lot of lacking ones. And if you choose all three modules in one pack, you save $160 that makes the module even more valuable.

More Benefits

Recently Aheadworks significantly increased the benefits of this package and made it valid for any Magento 1 extension. Now you can purchase any three extensions for only $299. This way, depending on the chosen extensions you can save $300 and even more.

For example the Loyalty Program combo containing Points & Rewards, eCommerce Gamification Suite, and Catalog Permissions saves you $298 from the regular price. However, the combination of more expensive extensions brings even more savings. For example, purchasing together the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments, Points & Rewards, and Follow Up Email extensions you save $498.

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