Advanced Measurement System For Magento (Best Extensions)

product units Magento extensions

Unfortunately, default Magento offers a limited measurement system, so if you are going to sell products in custom units, such as square meters or predefined batches, or already sell them in your brick-and-mortar store you won’t be able to implement the same approach on an ecommerce website. But we know how to help you, because there is always a good opportunity to get an advanced measurement system for Magento with the help of extensions. In addition to new measuring units, you will get useful calculators, enhanced product options, and other features that essentially improve user experience. If that sounds quite intriguing, we’ve propose you to examine the most robust product units Magento extensions gathered in this post.

The Best Magento Extensions 2016

If you are a Magento 2 owner, we also have an appropriate article related to creating the advanced measurement system for Magento 2. We will update that post with new information and download links as soon, as new measurement modules will be available.

Advanced measurement system for Magento 2

S2L Solutions Square meter pricing for Carpet Products

With this product units Magento extension, your clients will be able to enter their room measurements into a calculator with such square meter input fields as width and length in order to find the best matching products. By picking rolls for carpets with the most efficient parameters, they will significantly reduce expenditures, thus, you will get more loyal customers. Furthermore, if a certain width or length is not available, the extension will notify a buyer.

product units Magento extension

So, what else does the Square meter pricing for Carpet Products  extension do? In addition to matching the best width and length available on the basis of customers’ measurements, the module also picks the most efficient direction of a roll and converts feets or inches into meters.

product units Magento extensions

It is also necessary to mention that this product units Magento extension supports tier pricing and some other custom options. And although it revamps the way the default Magento product measurement system works, you can set the new functionality for carpet products only. And it is possible to set a limit on length for each product.

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Aitoc Product Units and Quantities

The Product Units and Quantities Magento Extension Offers more advanced functionality than the previous module. In addition to introducing new measuring units, it also provides the ability to define batches for every item to be sold in. As for custom measurement units, they are unavailable in Magento, but with the Aitoc Product Units and Quantities module, you can easily set prices for boxes of goods or  sell them in pounds. Moreover, it is possible to use literally every custom measurement unit your ecommerce business  can require.

product units Magento extension

Another important improvement that the extension adds to every Magento website is the ability to define product quantity values. As a result, your buyer can by 10, 15, 30, or any custom quantity of items.

It is also necessary to mention that Aitoc Product Units and Quantities introduces a great opportunity to modify the look-and-feel of the default quantity field. You can easily add a dropdown, sliders,  and a bunch of signs, such as +/- and < / >with this product units Magento extension.

product units Magento extensions

A “Sell out risk” notice is also available with the module. If you turn this feature on, the message should appear on a product page after a certain threshold is achieved. The message can be displayed as a text or a number. As for thresholds, you can set up to 3 levels for triggering the message.

This advanced measurement system Magento extension is designed to works on product pages, products lists, as well as wish lists and you can apply the new settings to certain products only. Note that Aitoc Product Units and Quantities supports simple, grouped, configurable, and virtual products.

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Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator by FME

This is another tool designed to simplify the way you work with variable sized products. If you sell something that is measured in meters, inches, or feet, this tool is a must have addition to your Magento website. Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator by FME supports creating custom options for length, height, width or other fields. The new parameters appear on product pages, so your clients can easily enter desired sizes to find goods they are looking for. For each incorrect value, an error message could be shown.

product units Magento extension

By installing this advanced measurement system Magento extension, you add a new separate tab which appears with each product, where you create new price rules that define minimum and maximum parameters, such as size values or discounts. Another useful feature available with the plugin is the ability to configure price per unit area. Besides, you can set input/output units and configure validation messages. Key features of Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator by FME are:

product units Magento extensions

  • Price calculator that works automatically on the basis of predefined rules;
  • Discounts for predefined sizes;
  • Custom error messages;
  • Keywords for a price calculator;
  • Custom discount label text;
  • Dynamic updates of product pricing on the basis of new input values;
  • Pricing for area, length, or volume of products;
  • Input values in integer and decimal;
  • Price Calculator on all product pages;
  • Price rules limits;
  • Group pricing support.

Download / Buy FME Dynamic Square Foot Pricing Calculator Magento Extension

Product Configurator by justSelling

For merchants looking for additional flexibility, we can also recommend to pay attention to Product Configurator by justSelling. This Magento extension dramatically enhances individual options available with simple products, which can be defined in a configuration template of the module. As a Magento merchant, you get a lot of different types of options based on a chosen edition.

product units Magento extension

Furthermore, you can achieve even more flexible configuration with combi options, that allows you to calculate an area on the basis of length and height or perform other advanced calculations missed in Magento. There is also a possibility to add a price list by square meters.

Another vital aspect Product Configurator by justSelling is introduced with the ability to bind images to any option-value. As a result, you get combined product images generated depending on user selection, providing a real time visualization of each new configuration.

product units Magento extension

As for core features of this product units Magento extension, they include:

  • Optional and hierarchical dependencies;
  • Combined and calculated option values;
  • Flexible formulas;
  • Price lists;
  • Predefined option widgets;
  • Links to predefined combinations;
  • Support for Multiple languages;
  • ERP integration;
  • Support for wish lists.

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Final Words

By installing only one Magento extension, you can completely change the existing functionality of your ecommerce storefront. Now, there is no need to limit your business because of the default Magento restrictions. Just choose a product units module that suits your ecommerce needs most of all, and freely run your website.