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Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our new partners – Advanced Logic. Being a full-service e-commerce agency, this company created lots of fascinated projects and helped numerous online businesses worldwide. And below, we shed light on the company’s features and services.


Introduction to Advanced Logic

Advanced Logic delivers highly specialized consultancy services aimed at companies that are going to exploit the potential of the online channels extending their business powers and influences. Here at Firebear, we know for sure how important is to leverage multiple online channels. That’ why our key product turns your Magento 2 website into a central hub where you can take full control over connected systems and channels.

As for Advanced Logic, the company specializes in implementing multichannel e-commerce solutions on the basis of our favorite e-commerce platform. It’s not a secret that Magento is today’s most popular and appreciated online selling system because of its fully-featured and user-friendly nature. And Advanced Logic makes it even better.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the company simplifies the relationships with customers, speeds up various backend management processes, and optimizes the way the system works. Of course, each business case gets an individual approach so that the company ensures the top quality of its projects.

It is also necessary to mention that Advanced Logic always leverages the expertise acquired over the years combined with established work methods to better understand design needs. Consequently, the client’s commitment to the project is reduced to a minimum.

Another important aspect is numerous partnerships with the most known vendors of extensions and responsive themes. Advanced Logic has established tight connections with the Magento ecosystem leveraging its nature for the sake of the best quality.

The following number characterize Advanced Logic as a successful company:

  • 50+ Sites developed;
  • 1000+ Tasks per year;
  • 3000+ Orders per day;
  • 50+ Clients worldwide.


Advanced Logic delivers highly qualified Magento 2 consulting services targeted at companies that want to maximize the potential of e-commerce.

Magento 2 sites development. Since 2010 Advanced Logic creates Magento eCommerce sites that represent the state of the art of online sales solutions. In addition to finding the highest skills on the market, customers who choose Magento to launch their business are taken by the hand and followed in all aspects, from the beginning of the project to the publication of the site until the next advertising launch.

Migration to Magento 2. For Merchants that use Magento and wish to remain competitive, it is important to consider upgrading to Magento 2 that presents significant improvements compared to the previous version of the Platform. The owners of a Magento 1 site find in our agency the necessary experience to migrate their online store to Magento 2 in the best possible way and in total security.

Replatforming towards Magento 2. As the leading eCommerce Platform, more and more companies are choosing Magento to start or enhance their online business presence. We are therefore often asked to manage the re-platforming to Magento from online sales systems that do not offer the same level of versatility and power of those offered by Magento 2.

Magento Modules development. One of Magento’s strong points is the wide availability of modules that can be used to expand the functionality of the Platform. Where particular functionalities are required for the realization of the project, we develop extensions calibrated to the specific requests of the client following the best Magento 2 coding standards.

Assistance for Maintenance. eCommerce operators are aware of the importance of relying on technological partners able to provide quick answers to contingent situations. Companies interested in a service for corrective or evolutive maintenance of their online store find in our agency an interlocutor always ready to intervene quickly.

Magento Hosting and Optimization. The performance of a Magento site is largely influenced by the optimization measures put in place and by the choice of hosting service. To our customers and companies who wish to be followed specifically with reference to hosting and optimizing the performance we offer a service targeted specifically for Magento 2.

For large eCommerce sites, Advanced Logic suggests the use of Magento Commerce (former Magento EE) and Amazon AWS cloud services.

Happy Clients

You can explore the company’s portfolio here: Projects by Advanced Logic.


A staff of 6 Certified Magento people among which 4 Magento 2 Certified Professionals!

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