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Fat Media – A Digital Marketing Agency Able To Solve Any E-Commerce Inquiry

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Fat Media is an award-winning agency based in the UK. Currently, its offices are available in Lancaster, Bristol, and London. The team behind the company is rapidly growing and now includes more than 100 specialists in such areas as website design and development, digital marketing, user experience research, branding and graphic design, etc. And we are happy to announce our partnership with Fat Media. It means that our Improved Import & Export extension and other tools will help the agency’s clients synchronize their data and run updates. Continue Reading

Cipher – Digital Craftsmen from Bangkok

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We are glad to announce another digital agency that relies on our products. Meet Cipher – one of the rapidly growing IT companies of Thailand. Our partner started as a software development agency and became a significant market player in its country and the surrounding region. Its primary goal is to provide IT services to other businesses in Bangkok and beyond. As for Firebear’s role, we offer our Improved Import & Export along with other extensions to help Cipher streamline multiple complex integrations, synchronizations, e-commerce migrations, and numerous other processes associated with data transfers. Continue Reading

How to Import & Export WSDL Data to/from Magento 2

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In the following article, we shed light on how to import and export data between Magento 2 and other systems using WSDL. Below, we define what WSDL is and how to manage it. You will find out the background of the Magento 2 WSDL import & export with the Improved Import & Export extension. Besides, we shed light upon the WSDL structure and elements, including the WSDL message part and port type binding. The benefits of WSDL are also listed below. And since the article described various data transfer processes based on the Improved Import & Export module, we also highlight the most important features of the extension. 
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Magento 2 Backend Exploration: Invoices

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Magento 2 invoices generate import export

The article below provides a detailed description of the Invoices screen situated in the depths of the Magento 2 admin. We shed light on how to work with the corresponding grid and individual invoice pages. Besides, you will discover how to import/export invoices in Magento 2 most efficiently. 

The Magento 2 Invoices Screen chapter unveils various control elements associated with the corresponding admin page and describes the default Magento 2 Invoices grid. After that, we proceed to an individual invoice view associated with Magento 2. You will also learn how to create Magento 2 invoices, invoice orders, and print invoices. Besides, the article sheds light on how to import and export invoices in Magento 2 with the help of the Improved Import & Export extension.
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Manual for Product Feed Export Add-on of Improved Import and Export

Welcome to the manual for the free Magento 2 Product Export Add-on of the Improved Import and Export extension. This tool is developed to simplify your integration with all kinds of services that require your product feed: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, or even drop shippers – provide all of them with your catalog in the form of a feed. 

In the article below, we shed light on what the Magento 2 Product Export Add-on of the Improved Import and Export extension is. After that, you will find a guide on how to install the tool. We also explain how the add-on works, including such aspects as feed category mapping and product feed export jobs.

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Firebear Improved Import & Export Plugin for Shopware

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Firebear Improved Import & Export plugin for Shopware

Our Improved Import & Export module is one of the most fully featured and powerful data transfer solutions in the entire Magento ecosystem. The module offers lots of enhancements to the default import and export tools as well as propose features that make it unique in comparison to competitors. Improved Import & Export not only powers a straightforward way to connect several Magento websites but also goes far beyond the ecosystem. It introduces numerous integrations with other e-commerce platforms, tools, and service providers, including ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems, etc. In the article below, we briefly describe the extension’s key perks and then concentrate on how we implement them in another project – the Firebear Improved Import & Export Plugin for Shopware. You will find a detailed description of its core features and advantages below. Besides, we also focus on the existing import and export tools of Shopware. 

The article sheds light on the leading import and export solution for Magento 2 and then gradually proceeds to its Shopware counterpart. We explore import and export jobs, data transfer automation, mapping, and extended connectivity options of the Shopware 6 Improved Import & Export app. After that, you will find a small description of the existing import & export solutions available in the Shopware marketplace along with the default data transfer capabilities of the platform. Besides, we briefly describe how you can import & export data in Shopware 6 via API.

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How to export Magento 2 data to Google Sheets

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Transferring data between Magento 2 and Google Sheets seems a very efficient and time-saving way of synchronizing your e-commerce website with external platforms and other online storefronts. However, Magento 2 doesn’t let you do that if you rely on its default tools. If you need to import data, it is possible to create a CSV output of a corresponding Google Sheets table and then import it to your store. For the export purposes, you need to generate the output from your website and then open it in Google Sheets. Thus, instead of spending less time on daily duties, you have to perform a time-consuming routine. Luckily, there is a better way of synchronizing Magento 2 and Google Sheets.

FireBear keeps building up Improved Import and Export with powerful updates. Stay focused as with version 3.3.0 of the extension we introduce a long-awaited export of Magento 2 data to Google Sheets. The feature implementation marks the completion of the full-cycle Magento 2 and Google Sheets synchronization project. Now you are able to both import and export files from the source and arrange a highly manageable workflow.

How to do so? Follow this guide to learn more. Below, you will find an overview of the Magento 2 Google Sheets integration project as well as the most frequent use cases. Next, we describe Google API configuration, including such aspects as API library installation, API connection establishment, enabling Google Drive API, generating a Service Account Key, configuring a Service Account, and sharing the corresponding Google Drive folder. After that, we proceed to the Magento 2 Google Sheets export procedure. Continue Reading

Magento 2 B2B Commerce/Cloud: how to import and export companies, requisition lists, shared catalogs and negotiable quotes

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Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud editions are equipped with the B2B extension which introduces companies, shared catalogs, and other features to Magento 2. If you run a B2B store, you are probably aware of that. If not, we will describe the B2B extension below. While it is available by default, it is almost impossible to transfer the corresponding entities if you use the platform’s default instruments. When it comes to migration or import and export processes, Magento 2 offers limited options regarding what data you can get in and out. However, Firebear Studio provides the Improved Import and Export extension that lets you import and export every B2B entity in and out of Magento 2.As a result, we lets you integrate your Magento 2 store with CRM and ERP systems and get all data working on you.

In the article below, you will find out how to work with the following Magento 2 B2B entities: companies, quotes, requisition lists, and shared catalogs. We describe how to import Magento 2 B2B companies, assigning a sales representative by email and a customer group by name. Next, you will learn how to import Magento 2 B2B company roles, shared catalogs, requisition lists, quotes/negotiable quotes, etc. Another chapter sheds light on how to export Magento 2 B2B entities

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Magento 2 Import: Field Separator & Multiple Value Separator

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Magento 2 Import Field Separator Multiple Value Separator

From the very beginning of our history, data transfers with all their aspects and related processes have been the main focus in our company. We’ve explored lots of topics that describe Magento 2 import and export. Along with that, we’ve expanded our interest to other areas of Magento 2 and went far beyond the ecosystem. However, in the following article,  you will find several basic nuances of moving information to your e-commerce website.

Below, we continue exploring Magento 2 import and export processes and explain their two components: field separator and multiple value separator. What is the purpose of both? What separator types are supported? Are there any alternatives? You will find the answers below.

The following blog post touches upon the topic of different separator types that you can use in Magento 2. After that, we proceed to a guide on how to configure a multiple value separator in Magento 2. Also, you will find out what to do with field separators in your data files. Various multiple value separator and field separator improvements associated with the Improved Import & Export extension are also mentioned in the article below.
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