Advanced Shopify Import: Gift Cards

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Shopify Import: Gift Cards

In the following article, you will learn how to import gift cards to Shopify. First, we explain how to transfer gift card products to your e-commerce website. If you need to move multiple gift cards to your storefront, consider a bulk transfer a suitable option. You will mass import gift cards to Shopify within just a few clicks. 

After that, we focus on another aspect –  the transfer of actual Shopify gift cards. What’s the difference between a gift card and a gift card product? You will also find the answer below. So, let’s go get Shopify gift cards imported. 

Shopify Gift Card Products vs. Gift Cards

In e-commerce, the terms “gift card product” and “gift card” are often used interchangeably, but they may refer to slightly different concepts depending on the context. Here’s a general distinction:

Gift Card Product

  • The term gift card product typically refers to the digital or physical item that customers purchase from an e-commerce store to give as a gift.
  • A gift card product is essentially a product listing on the e-commerce platform that represents the ability to purchase a gift card.
  • Customers can select a specific gift card product, choose the value or denomination they want, and add it to their cart for purchase.

Gift Card

  • A gift card, on the other hand, is the actual voucher or code that holds a monetary value and can be redeemed by the recipient for goods or services on the e-commerce platform.
  • Once a customer purchases a gift card product, they receive a corresponding gift card that may be delivered digitally (via email or a download link) or physically (in the form of a card).
  • The recipient of the gift card can then use the unique code or voucher to make purchases on the e-commerce site up to the card’s value.

So, the “gift card product” is the listing or item available for purchase on the e-commerce platform, while the “gift card” is the tangible or digital voucher with a monetary value that customers can buy and give as a gift. 

How to Import Gift Card Products to Shopify

You can get your gift card products under Admin -> Products. Filter out gift card products from your entire catalog, and export them via the default product export. 

Next, you can edit your gift cards in bulk in a spreadsheet editor and then re-import them. 

Use the Import & Export Tool to import gift cards to Shopify.   

Step 1: Create a New Import Profile

Create a new profile to import Shopify gift cards. Go to Apps -> Firebear Import & Export Tool -> Import and click the New Profile button.

Shopify Import: Gift Cards new profile

Step 2: Select File Screen

The Select File screen allows you to configure various parameters of your gift card import to Shopify. For instance, it is possible to automate your imports here or choose a file format for the transfers:

Shopify Import: Gift Cards profile configuration

  1. First things first, name your profile, e.g., Shopify import: gift cards.
  2. Choose Products as your import entity. 
  3. Enable the On Schedule toggle for regular updates. You can create a schedule and automate your imports. If it is a one-time procedure, keep the switch turned off. 
  4. Enable notifications to get updates on your gift card import. The notification is sent to your email.
  5. Select your file format. If you work with a file that originates in Shopify – use CSV. If your gift cards are stored in another format, you can opt for XLSX, XML, and Google Sheets imports.
  6. Now, choose your import source: FTP, URL, Google Drive, or manual file uploads. If you have your gift cards on your computer, use the latter source. You will only need to upload the file manually. 
  7. And finally, you are in the Advanced settings part of your Select file screen. Keep the Stock Increment Strategy toggle disabled.

Step 3: Configure Mapping

Now, you are on the mapping screen. If your gift card products originate from Shopify and adhere to the platform’s requirements, you don’t need to do anything here. If they have unique attributes, you can match the custom column names to the default ones used in Shopify.

Shopify Import: Gift Cards mapping

Click “Continue” to proceed to the next section. 

Step 4: Preview Results

Now, you can preview how your Shopify gift card products. The Import & Export Tool displays the product information you are about to import to let you catch mistakes that could result in failed imports.

Shopify Import: Gift Cards preview

Step 5: Import

Click the “Save” button to save your Shopify gift card import profile. Next, click the “Import” button to bulk import gift cards to Shopify.

Shopify Import: Gift Cards transfer

How to Import Gift Cards to Shopify

Now, let’s talk about importing gift cards to Shopify. This procedure is common when you need to migrate from one Shopify website to another and want to preserve your customers’ gift cards. Since Shopify doesn’t let you import gift cards directly, you can transfer them to a new store as order line items. 

In this case, Shopify gift card migration consists of the following three steps: 

  1. Gift card export;
  2. Data editing;
  3. Gift card import.

Let’s say a few more words about each step. 

Shopify Gift Cards Export

You can export gift cards under Admin -> Products -> Gift Cards. Standard Shopify’s procedure is enough.

 Shopify Import: Gift Cards export

Editing Shopify Gift Cards

Now, remove all disabled and expired gift cards from your sheet. Locate to the Expired column and remove all gift cards with the TRUE value here. Also, delete gift cards if you see FALSE in their Enabled column.

Shopify Import: Gift Cards delete

You can also delete any rows where the Email column is empty as those cannot be linked to customers anyway as there is no customer. Alternatively, you can add email addresses manually to enable Shopify import of such gift cards. 

Next, remove the unnecessary columns and add those your order import requires. Don’t forget that we import gift cards as order line items.

Keep only two columns – Email and Balance – from the original file you got during the first step.

During the final stage of this file editing, add the missing columns that the order import requires and fill them in with values per gift card. Everything depends on the tool you use to import gift cards to Shopify. 

Shopify Import: Gift Cards data editing

When your sheet is ready, proceed to the import stage.

Shopify Gift Cards Import

Now, you can import gift cards to Shopify as order line items. Keep im mind that you import an order when its only line items are Gift Cards. As a result, Shopify generates gift cards on a new website and sends them to the corresponding customers automatically.

This method doesn’t let you transfer gift card codes to a new Shopify website. It only recreates gift cards with the remaining balances on a new website, assigning new codes to them. 

Expiration dates are also excluded from the import. 

Please, contact us to get more information on the Shopify gift card migration. We will gladly help you import gift cards to your websites whether you deal with gift card products or actual gift cards assigned to customers.