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Welcome to the world of simplified data management within your Shopify store, brought by the Shopify Import & Export Tool. This solution is meticulously designed to streamline import and export processes, seamlessly connecting your Shopify store with third-party systems. Here's how the Shopify Import & Export Tool can transform your e-commerce operations:



Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.4.5 Open Source (Community), Adobe Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Magento 2 versions 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 no longer receive updates by Adobe Magento

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

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Transfer data as CSV, XML, or XLSX files. Support for more formats coming soon

File, URL, FTP, Google Sheets

Import from any location that suits your business needs. More locations coming soon

All entities, any format

Seamlessly transfer products, customers, and orders with simple data mapping. Support for more entitiescoming soon

About Our App

Our Shopify app simplifies the import and export processes for products, customers, and orders. It offers the convenience of popular file formats like CSV, XML, and XLSX, as well as various data sources, including Google Sheets and Google Drive (standard file uploads and FTP transfers are supported too). You can effortlessly export products, customers, and orders, apply changes, and re-import them back into your Shopify store, making catalog updates and customer data management a breeze.

With our application, you can automate updates by scheduling import and export profiles to run at predefined intervals, significantly reducing the time spent on manual management tasks. Our intuitive mapping functionality allows you to seamlessly match columns from the imported file with the corresponding Shopify product, customer, and order fields, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent on data editing.

Our Shopify app simplifies import and export for products, customers, and orders. It supports CSV, XML, XLSX & Google Sheets file formats and Google Drive, FTP & standard file uploads. Automate updates with scheduled profiles and seamlessly map third-party attributes to Shopify fields for efficient data management, saving time on manual tasks.

How it works

The Shopify Import & Export Tool seamlessly integrates with the Shopify API, providing you with dedicated access to a specialized Shopify backend section where you can manage the import and export profiles for your product catalog, customer data, and orders.

These import and export profiles can be customized and automated according to your preferences. You can specify file types, designate sources from which files are uploaded, and precisely adjust file mapping to align with your specific requirements.

The mapping tool assumes a pivotal role, enabling you to substitute unsupported column names in your imported file with the corresponding Shopify product, customer, and order properties. This ensures a seamless alignment between your data and your store's attributes.

Furthermore, our tool extends this functionality to exports, enabling you to establish custom column names tailored to the needs of your partners, employing them in place of standard Shopify properties.

With the Shopify Import & Export Tool, you can effortlessly manage the import and export of essential data within your Shopify store, providing you with the control and flexibility needed to streamline your e-commerce operations.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Data Input: Easily input your product data in a single row, with the added capability to include multiple images within a single cell, ensuring efficient and organized data management. Also, the app lets you easily import and export customer information and orders.
  • Universal File Format Compatibility: Seamlessly work with a wide range of file formats, be it CSV, XML, or Excel XLSX. Our tool provides the ability to use our preferred format for your data rather than the supported one.
  • Automated Efficiency: Harness the power of automation by using our scheduling feature to determine when and how frequently you want to import or export your data. Streamline your data management tasks and save valuable time.
  • Intuitive Column Mapping: Customize your data management by mapping columns to system properties, enhancing automation, and streamlining operations. Now, any third-party table can be imported to your Shopify store. Furthermore, if you work with the same source regularly, you create a mapping preset only once, and then the app applies it automatically, creating efficient workflows.
  • Simplified FTP/FTPS Integration: Easily upload new files from your FTP/FTPS directly to your Shopify store, automating the transfer process and minimizing manual effort.
  • Data Source Variety: Unlike other solutions, our Shopify Import & Export Tool offers a diverse range of data sources. In addition to manual file uploads and downloads, you can leverage sources such as Google Drive for more flexibility in your data exchanges.
  • Google Sheets Collaboration: Seamlessly exchange data between your website and Google Sheets spreadsheets. This feature not only adds more flexibility to your integrations with third parties but also enables collaborative workflows in a familiar and user-friendly environment. This feature simplifies real-time data sharing with your team and partners.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed and keep your team and partners in the loop with real-time notifications. Receive updates on both successful and failed import/export processes, ensuring that you are always aware of the status of your data management tasks.

What you get

Firebear Studio offers services on customizing and integrating your Magento 2 stores with third-party software. The services include:

  • Connect with your CRM and ERP system - Shopify Import app allows you to connect directly to the most popular CRM and ERP systems - SAP, NetSuite, SalesForce, MS Dynamics.
  • Connect with your supplier directly - use the files from your suppliers without manual adjustments, set up an import job, apply mappings and provide the path to the file with the updates.
  • Automate data management processes - schedule catalog or customer updates to run automatically on preferred schedule. E.g. get new clients from CRM every week, update catalog once a month.
  • Get PIM (product information management) service for free - use Google Sheets to edit your product catalog, update descriptions and images, work with your team, then, specify import this very Google Sheet to your Shopify store directly.
  • Migrate between stores - export from one store, import to another, if you prefer to fill your main store with clients from child stores, or have a family business and want to keep it in one place.
  • Secure your data - we do not use any third party servers, all data you import or export goes directly to your store, without being stored at any shady server.

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