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Sap Business One Integration with Shopify

These days, there are many useful modules that simplify the work with eCommerce, such as ERP systems and accounting tools. One of the main tools for work is the integration of data from various platforms, such as SAP Business One. In the text below, we will look at one of these possible integrations – SAP Business One with the Shopify platform. With the SAP Business One Shopify integration, you can achieve your goals of connecting the information of these two platforms and improving the performance of your business. Also, with the Firebear team, you will be able to carry out this process quickly and painlessly. We will help you with this. Today we’re going to go over all the features of integration and why you need to pay attention to it. 

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How To Design Homepage In Shopware 6 

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Shopware 6 provides numerous tools and layout options for creating stunning store pages. Today, we explore the platform’s most admin-friendly and intuitive solutions. As a store administrator, you can create a catchy homepage that easily converts store visitors into buyers. You will find out what options are at your service and what layouts to focus on. So, let’s see how to design a homepage in Shopware 6. You can find other materials related to the platform here: Shopware 6 Cookbook. Continue Reading

How To Reset Admin Password in Shopware

- E-Commerce, Shopify

The following article explains how to reset the admin password in Shopware 6. That may be necessary if you have forgotten your password and need to regain access to the admin. Currently, there are two ways to do that: more user-friendly and more complicated. Both are described below. Other useful tips on working with the platform are available here: Shopware Cookbook. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Import

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Shopify import products, customers, inventory, orders

Every decent e-commerce platform offers built-in import and export tools. However, they are usually far from being an omnipotent solution that can cope with any business requirement. In view of this, agencies create third-party solutions that close the existing gaps between the platform’s objective reality and the merchants’ subjective needs. What about Shopify? What data transfer solutions does it offer? What reliable alternatives are currently available in the ecosystem?  

In this Shopify import guide, you will find out what import functionality is hidden behind the platform and how to enhance it in the most user-friendly and at the same time powerful way. Let’s explore the system’s native capabilities first and then proceed to the most powerful third-party solution that copes with any data transfer challenges and enables any Shopify import customizations – Firebear Improved Import & Export App for Shopify.

Below, you will learn about the basic import capabilities of Shopify. We describe how to transfer products to your e-commerce website using its built-in functionality. The article examines two different cases: importing products from another website and reimporting them within the borders of your store. In addition to that, we provide a CSV file structure required in the ecosystem. The same tutorials are available for other entities: we teach how to import inventory, customers, and orders to Shopify.
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How to Import Custom Files to Shopify

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 shopify import & export app

Fail to import custom files to Shopify? You’ve come to the right place. Although you cannot do that with the platform’s default tools, an alternative solution is suitable for this procedure. In the following article, we describe where the issue comes from and how to address it.  Continue Reading

Firebear SAP Business One Shopify Integration App

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Shopify SAP Business One Integration App

Men do not live by Magento alone. Therefore, we expand our influence to other ecommerce platforms and, this time, want to introduce you to the Firebear SAP Business One Shopify Integration App. This tool is developed to connect your Shopify website to SAP Business One ERP, synchronizing data between the two systems. The interconnection is based on the Integration Framework for SAP B1 and includes many features that simplify and automate the way you sync Shopify with SAP Business One. Below, we shed light on the project as well as share access to its early version. Continue Reading