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SAP Business One integration with Zoho Desk

Modern e-commerce tools and technology have the potential to significantly improve your company’s daily operations in a variety of ways. Your internet business can be integrated with accounting software, ERP and CRM systems, as well as other software solutions. Businesses in both small and large markets can obtain the most in-depth insights and automate their daily chores with the help of one or more technologies, like SAP Business One, one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich ERP systems we’ve ever had. Combining SAP B1 with additional systems can produce even greater outcomes. You could, for instance, connect it to the potent support desk program Zoho Desk. We have a description of this tool for you below if you are not familiar with it. With Firebear, nothing is out of reach, not even the understanding and integration of two complex business systems. The SAP Business One Zoho Desk integration is made simple by our staff. Together, we can be successful on both platforms and stimulate the most productive kind of collaboration. Our team developed and maintains the SAP Business One and Zoho Desk connector, which streamlines your performance data handling and automates crucial business processes. Note that our integration solution is easily adaptable to the unique needs of your business.

Remember that Sap Business One can be connected to a variety of different systems via Firebear Studio. If you’re interested in learning more about potential integrations, please use the following link to get in touch with us:

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SAP Business One Defined

Let’s start with a brief introduction to SAP Business One, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool with a lot of useful features and enhancements to repetitive tasks. Although SAP B1 was created for small and medium-sized businesses, it can also be used by larger corporations. Its main objective is to automate different corporate processes in order to speed up and simplify administrative activities in the areas of finances, operations, and human resources. There are 15 functional modules in SAP Business One that deal with organizational tasks. You can integrate Zoho Desk with your ERP system if you require additional capabilities made specifically for customer care and support. You can use the modules listed below:

  • With Administration, you may set anything on a more complex level. You can adapt the SAP Business One system to your organization’s requirements by using this module.
  • The CRM module can be used to swap out the procedures used by your sales staff for those implemented by other SAP functional areas.
  • You can build a chart of accounts and control journal entries using the Financials module.
  • You can keep an eye on potential purchases and transactions by creating leads in the Opportunities module.
  • Sales – A/R includes all aspects of the sales process. The quote, order, delivery, and AR Invoice, in addition to everything else related to the process, are completely under your control.
  • The beginning of the purchase process is described in Purchasing – A/P. The package includes the GRPO, Order, Quotation, and AP Invoice operations. You have control over each of them.
  • You can change the master data linked to your business partners using the Business Partners module. Here, you may locate potential buyers, suppliers, and customers.
  • You keep track of your incoming (sell) and outgoing (buy) monies in the Banking area.
  • With the aid of the Inventory module, users can have access to the master data for goods that have been bought or sold as well as the quantity and cost of those goods that are stored in storage facilities.
  • The master data for the production resources are contained in the Resources component (machines and personnel; capacity and planning respectively).
  • The Production module gives you access to the Bill of Materials Master Data. You can also place a production order in this section.
  • Using the Project Management module, you may arrange your projects and choose what has to be done to meet your company’s objectives.
  • If you develop a plan for your material requirements, you can increase both your sales/production orders and your purchasing orders. To calculate how much money and other resources you’ll need to maintain stock, use the calculator on the Material Requirements Planning page.
  • Using the Service module, you may initiate service requests and carry out a number of contract management duties.
  • You deal with employee master data in the HR module.

Each of these components focuses on a distinct area of your company. All of them are connected, and you may even connect your ERP system to new points to access new data sources. To increase productivity even further, you can combine external apps like Zoho Desk, as we explain below. Our integration technique may enable corresponding SAP components to sync with Zoho Desk.

You can find more information on SAP B1 in this article: SAP Business One In-Depth Review.

Zoho Desk Defined

A cloud-based help desk solution for enterprises of all sizes Zoho Desk offers a customer support portal, contract administration, report production, and the management of customer support tickets. It gathers communications from several channels (email, phone, chat, social media, a self-service portal, forums, and forms). Next, workflow rules can be put up to automate processes like ticket assignment, service escalations, notification policies, and time-based actions. As an administrator, you get graphical dashboards for tracking customer satisfaction, reports that may be customized and scheduled, and happiness ratings.

Service agents can learn more about clients thanks to integration with Zoho customer relationship management (CRM), which makes it easier to feed customer information into tickets logged in Zoho Desk. Users can also customize the solution by renaming tabs, adding new departments, personalizing email templates, specifying business hours, and adding help folders, among other things. Additionally, Zoho Desk can be incorporated with clients’ internal systems with Firebear. Our team can help you integrate Zoho Desk with SAP Business One and a bunch of other systems.

SAP Business One Zoho Desk Integration

We would like to discuss how SAP Business One and Zoho Desk are interconnected. Keep in mind that you might be able to link Zoho Desk and SAP Business One using the Firebear Studio’s connector. You may rely on our professionals to help you with the integration. Please get in touch with us at the following link for more information:

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Account and Contact

In SAP Business One, the Account of Zoho Desk is included as Customer Details under Business Partner Master Data. A new contact is added to the same Business Partner Master Data as a Contact Person. Similar to this, Zoho Desk syncs with newly added customer information from SAP Business One or current customer information under Business Partner Master Data.


Products from Zoho Desk can be inserted as new items in SAP B1 Item Master Data. Similar to adding new items to Zoho Desk, introducing new items to SAP B1 Item Master Data helps ensure that the product is available in both applications. Both cases add products along with their corresponding pricing. Products that already exist in Zoho Desk can be synchronized to SAP B1.

Support Tickets

Tickets for Zoho Desk assistance are added to SAP B1’s Service Module as new Service Calls. Support Ticket Updates or Comments are synchronized with the corresponding SAP Business One Service Calls as Resolutions. They are synced to Zoho Desk and made available under Tickets as Resolutions. To update or close the Support Ticket, the Service Call status from SAP Business One is included as a Ticket status in Zoho Desk. Due to our connector, all these processes are automated.

Integration Principles

The following principles are followed by all of our integrations, including those that SAP Business One and Zoho Desk incorporate.

Two-way connection

The two systems establish a two-way channel of communication. Access to this functionality is made possible via the integration tools we utilize. Thanks to fully customizable import and export profiles, you, as the person in charge of the integration, can change data transfer profiles in any way you consider fit. The import and export profiles do not need to be set up at the same time because of their independence.


Using our built-in scheduler, you can automate data transfer between Zoho Desk and SAP Business One. For import and export actions involving the same object, update timelines can be used. Suppose Zoho Desk is required to deliver data to SAP once every week:

  • Select weekly refreshes from the drop-down menu in your export profile.
  • Next, choose a specific transfer time within the week.
  • If you want the data in SAP Business One to update from Zoho Desk earlier than you expected, use the asynchronous technique and manually activate the profile.
  • To get the data restored, go back to your import profile and make the same adjustments.


Data synchronization between any two networks is made simple by our mapping tools. Third-party attributes should be defined by those of the local environment since data modifications must always adhere to the restrictions of the receiving point. Although it takes time to manually complete this stage, this procedure may use some serious improvement. The Firebear team has access to the mapping grid for each import and export profile. Now, you may create a mapping strategy that alters any attribute so that it complies with the norms and requirements of the accepting platform. Additionally, mapping profiles may be saved and reloaded at a later time. It works incredibly well for routine chores like the SAP Business One Zoho Desk integration.

Other features

Our work on many other projects, such as the SAP Business One Zoho Desk integration, also includes support for a variety of connection standards. For integrations, we have a number of data file types, including XML, CSX, XLSX, ODS, and JSON, on hand.

Google Sheets is also used to sync data. You may synchronize every piece of data between your site and this system by using our solutions. Other methods for sending files include FTP/SFTP, direct URL uploads, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. The creation of more intricate integrations is made possible by using API-based ties.

Consider how simple Firebear Studio makes it to connect Sap Business One to a variety of platforms. To contact us and learn more about how SAP Business One and Zoho Desk integration works with other platforms, click on the following link:

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