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As we have stated numerous times again, there is much discussion around extension themes in the current eCommerce environment. Platforms like Shopify and Magento 2 don’t always come preloaded with the features that clients want. You may need to employ third-party applications on occasion. Certain extensions can be found on both vendor websites and public websites. In the Shopify App Store, there is a vast variety of various website tools available. Extensions for e-commerce customer care, marketing, store design, merchandising, and shipping may be found in this category. All of this is done to improve various aspects of the business and increase your company’s overall value. In the piece that follows, we’ll look at the top 20 applications in the shipping & delivery category. Let’s rapidly review their qualities, price, and highlights. 

Order Printer

The Order Printer app by Shopify is cost-free and simple to set up. For all of your orders, quickly generate personalized packing slips, invoices, labels, or receipts. However, you will need to have some HTML and Liquid knowledge in order to customize templates.


  • Print in bulk. All the documentation you require for your orders can be viewed and printed.
  • Customize templates. By adding changes in HTML and Liquid, you may highlight your brand.
  • Use with Shopify Shipping. Print shipping labels and packing slips for each order.

You can utilize this app for Free. 

Get Order Printer App

Advanced Cash on Delivery

You may manage how customers use COD on your store with this plugin. It gives you more control over when and how your clients can pay using Cash on Delivery. Do you want Cash on Delivery to be offered exclusively in a specific area or for orders up to a certain amount? You can quickly and easily establish rules for both with this software.


  • Postal codes for your approved locations could be uploaded as a CSV file
  • Add a sample to the theme of your online business so that customers may view
  • So that your clients may check if Cash on Delivery is offered in their location, including a snippet in the theme of your online business
  • Establish a minimum and maximum order value before allowing cash-on-delivery payments

This app is available for Free usage.

Get Advanced Cash on Delivery App


With the aid of this tool, you can quickly discover affordable rates or provide your own, ship internationally without difficulty, automate nearly every step of your shipping process, sync and send orders from everywhere you sell, and become global. ShipStation is responsible for the success of shipments of all sizes.


  • Access Instant Carrier Discounts. You can keep your own negotiated pricing through ShipStation while getting premium reduced costs from a few carriers without needing to meet any volume requirements. Additionally, the app provides a price and delivery time comparison based on the most recent rate data.
  • Attach any carriers you like. You get access to a variety of foreign carrier services through the app. The module’s streamlined approach to international shipping makes conducting business across borders easy.
  • Organize, Automate, and Streamline. Smart dashboards, Automate basically every step of the shipping process, including the collection of product information, the retrieval of inventory information from many locations, and the printing of numerous shipping labels in one go.

You have access to four extension plans following a 30-day free trial. The Starter plan costs $9,99 per month, the Bronze plan $29,99 per month, the Gold plan $69,99 per month, and the Enterprise plan $159,99 per month.

Get ShipStation App

Pirate Ship

This module provides a free, user-friendly program that allows you to save up to 89% off USPS charges. All services, including Priority Mail Cubic, are offered at the lowest prices, which may save you a ton of money when compared to purchasing mailing labels using other applications.


  • Add single addresses, upload spreadsheets, or import orders from Shopify
  • Automatic USPS-certified address validation
  • Google-powered address auto-complete & saved address memory
  • Send tracking emails on a schedule
  • Generate PDF or ZPL labels
  • Create a public Share Link
  • Simple customs forms for quick shipping internationally
  • Add-ons like insurance, signature confirmation, and more

Installing this application is Free.

Get Pirate Ship App

Shopify Local Delivery

This app is a supplement for companies that offer local delivery at the point of sale. In your shipping and delivery settings, you can make a place eligible for local delivery. You can specify your delivery location and price at this stage. Then, at the checkout, customers in your delivery area can choose local delivery.


  • One location for managing local delivery orders. With optimal routes, automated notifications, and order status updates, this software makes managing deliveries easier. Deliver to neighboring clients using a delivery list that can be shared.
  • Plan your routes wisely. Make delivery lists that drivers with access to your store’s admin can access and use. The automated route optimization feature can be used, or you can manually arrange the stops in the order you want.
  • Keep in touch with your clients. At the push of a button, you can phone or text customers who requested specific delivery instructions throughout the checkout process.
  • Follow the development of the delivery. The orders page of your Shopify admin will update as drivers modify order statuses in the app. You’ll be informed when an order has been delivered as well as when a delivery is in progress.

This application is Free to use.

Get Shopify Local Delivery App

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

The main objective of this module is to manage orders in various ways. Along with tracking order status and personalizing the tracking page, you can configure notification triggers like SMS and secure shipments. In order to increase client loyalty and income, AfterShip offers a seamless post-purchase experience. 


  • Track each delivery. The ability to use your tracking numbers in AfterShip to select shipments, track deliveries, and produce necessary standardized tracking statuses.
  • Clients must be informed. Among the many customer-related features offered by the module is the ability to send shipping notifications, schedule shipping SMS, automatically send email updates, and manage any other shipment-related difficulties.
  • Keeping packages secure. With AfterShip Protection, which is covered by InsureShield shipping insurance, your items are secured from loss, damage, and porch pirates.
  • The anticipated delivery date. By prominently displaying the order delivery dates, you may assist your consumers in understanding what to anticipate from deliveries.

After the seven-day free trial, you can use the application with three different subscriptions: 

  • Essentials for $11 per month

  • Essentials Plus for $35/month
  • Pro with $119 for a month


Get AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS


Shippo provides an end-to-end shipping platform for any type of business. Orders may be synced with Shopify instantaneously, you can compare costs from more than 85 carriers worldwide, including local carriers, automate workflows for the entire fulfillment process, and get specialized shipping support.


  • Tracking that is visible. For you and your clients’ constant order progress updates, the app may instantly sync package information back to Shopify. 
  • Complete automation. Utilizing solutions that address the entire fulfillment process, and automate shipment bottlenecks. 
  • Needs Reliable Shipping. High-touch client services, direct access to carriers, implementation opportunities, and more specialized support from US-based agents.

You can use this app for free or for $10/month with a professional plan.

Get Shippo App

Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

You have access to editable invoices, packing slips, receipts, quote, return forms, and refund template documents. Once fully automated, send a PDF invoice to each customer automatically, saving time with a quick initial setup.


  • Automate store administration and send a PDF invoice through email. Customers can download invoices on their own by using the download links you can add to your Shopify emails and website.
  • Create estimates and bills for draft orders. You may rapidly provide consumers with quotations, bills, receipts, return forms, and packing slips as Draft orders.
  • Easily translated Provide translations of your documents in over 20 languages.

This software is available for free or for $10 per month with an unlimited plan.

Get Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

Order Printer Templates

You may get professional invoices, receipts, packing slips, and returns forms with this module for your store. Without writing a single line of code, you can easily change this professional invoice, packing slips, receipt, and returns form templates to match your brand and design. Moreover, you just need to purchase templates once. Additionally, this plugin provides several template kinds, including templates for packing slips, returns forms, invoices, and receipts.


  • Translate your documents with 1-click
  • Customizable store information
  • Set up your logo, easily re-size it to suit the design
  • Order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details
  • Works with edited orders
  • Works with Shopify Markets, including multi-currency in invoices
  • Use the features of the note and cart 
  • Functions with the applications Product Options and Product Customizer

This app can be installed for Free but you have to pay $29 (one-time fee) per template.

Get Order Printer Templates App


With the aid of this module, you can easily develop shipping automation to support the expansion of your firm. In less than 5 minutes, you can connect your Shopify account to Sendcloud and streamline your order processing on a single, practical platform. Connect to more than 80 carriers globally, provide the best tracking and refunds, quickly create shipping labels, and much more. 


  • Print shipping labels
  • Service points
  • Multi-carrier shipping
  • Delivery automation
  • Deliveries available during checkout
  • Branded tracking
  • Return portal
  • Picking and packing
  • Creation of customs forms
  • Analytics

There are four ways you can use this app after a 14-day free trial. Essential for Free, Small Shop for $45/month, Large Shop for $99/month and Business for $199/month.

Get Sendcloud App

Shiprocket ‑ Shipping In India

With the help of our eCommerce shipping service in India, this extension gives you the opportunity to dispatch your goods more quickly and affordably. A total of 17+ courier partners are available, including EcomExpress, BlueDart, Delhivery, XpressBees, Shadowfax, and others. 


  • One-Step Integration
  • National & International Reach
  • Most affordable courier fees
  • Weight Control
  • Multiple Sales Channel Integration
  • Loss and Damage Prevention
  • Pages for Branded Order Tracking
  • Engine for Courier Recommendations
  • Processing Return Orders More Easily
  • Inventory & Catalog Synchronization
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Integrated technical assistance

There are four ways you could utilize this application. Lite plan for Free, Basic plan for $17/month, Advanced plan for $34/month, and Pro – $52/month. 

Get Shiprocket ‑ Shipping In India App


This add-on offers you the chance to automate the delivery and reduce shipping costs by using a number of tools. Shipping, tracking, and returns are made simpler by automation so you can focus on more important responsibilities. Send out routine, automated emails to market your goods and encourage more people to buy from you.


  • For your orders, sync, manage, complete, and print shipping labels
  • Automate the order status update 
  • Automatically fill out customs forms and streamline overseas shipments 
  • Send a tracking number to your customers automatically and in real-time
  • Emails are sent automatically and a template for email marketing 
  • Information about the consumer and past purchases 
  • Amass a mailing list for email marketing

You have four options to utilize this app. The starter Plan is Free, Basic for $29/month, Plus for $49/month, and Enterprise for $159 per month.

Get ShippingEasy App

Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping

Easyship, the world’s most well-liked cloud-based shipping platform, allows Shopify businesses to scale internationally and save time. By adding configurable possibilities to speed up delivery, this plugin develops into a highly useful e-commerce partner.


  • Easily sync orders
  • Store your product dimensions, category, and weight
  • Automatically update “fulfilled” orders
  • Select the best options based on the location, the type of product, or the weight, and speed up delivery using predefined guidelines
  • Easily download past invoices
  • Monitor your shipments with notifications
  • Connect your courier account to our all-in-one shipping platform
  • Expand your eCommerce business by using our global fulfillment network

The installation of this add-on is Free, however, there are some extra costs, such as shipping and subscription fees for more reputable merchants.

Get Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping App

AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center is a returns management platform that guarantees a positive post-purchase experience and was created for rapidly expanding enterprises. It assists in increasing brand loyalty and converting returns into new sales. Utilize a branded returns gateway to accept product returns or exchanges from customers. 


  • Refund to the original payment method
  • Customize the returns page for your brand
  • Add the returns page easily to your website
  • Activate notifications
  • Email updates are sent automatically based on the order of language
  • Track and manage all returns and RMA requests in one place
  • Automatically generate an RMA
  • Your return orders will sync and be tracked on the AfterShip dashboard
  • Add tags and images
  • Restock returned items

You can use this app for Free and with three more paid options. Essential for $11/month, Pro and Premium for $119 and $239 per month, respectively. 

Get AfterShip Returns Center App

AVA PDF Invoice: Order Printer

Using this plugin, you may print and edit orders, PDF invoices, and packing slips. The administrator can swiftly alter pre-existing PDF templates thanks to the intelligent editing tool. Additionally, customers may easily download PDF billing documents from order emails and print them online in a matter of simple mouse clicks.


  • Different templates 
  • Template content is flexible and tax complaint 
  • Various currencies 
  • Several languages 
  • Using sophisticated filters, locate any order or draft order 
  • Bulk print and export orders 
  • Deliver a PDF file that has language detection to the billing address 
  • In a PDF document, show the currency being charged or store the currency. 
  • Additional pages 

After using the service for Free, you have two choices. Plans Pro and Ultimate cost $9 and $19 each month.

Get AVA PDF Invoice: Order Printer App

Post & DHL Shipping

By using the official Post & DHL Shipping plugin, you can create Internetmarke & DHL labels and send tracking IDs to your clients with a quick and easy shipping process. To completely meet your demands, it includes both local and international services from Deutsche Post Internetmarke and DHL Paket Germany. Use this app to manage all of your shipments through a single shipping supplier.


  • Fast and easy label creation for domestic and international orders as a single or bulk creation process
  • Create labels for Deutsche Post products like books, merchandise shipments, foreign mail, and “Warenpost International”
  • Acquire a tracking number for each label automatically
  • Use additional DHL delivery services
  • Make use of extra Deutsche Post services like “Einschreiben,” “Prio,” etc.
  • In the event that your printer has any problems, remove labels or reprint labels
  • Premium support, regular compatibility updates, and bug fixes are available

This app is absolutely Free. 

Get Post & DHL Shipping App

Advanced Shipping Rules

Setting up your delivery requirements with Advanced Shipping Rules is possible and occasionally even straightforward. The app is made just for Shopify, doesn’t alter any theme code, and doesn’t call for any programming or coding expertise. Without the assistance of a developer, you will be able to configure and maintain all of your own rates and regulations.


  • Show, Hide, and Adjust rates
  • Set different prices for various product classes
  • Settings for advanced package dimensions
  • Robust requirements for free shipping
  • Limit ground shipping costs for perishable goods. 
  • Exclude some products from certain areas 
  • Depending on the city or postal code, local delivery rates 
  • Include more insurance and signature choices
  • Custom service codes

There are four ways you can use this app after a seven-day free trial. Lite for $9/month, Standard for $29/month, Pro for $59/month, and Unlimited for $99/month. 

Get Advanced Shipping Rules App

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

You can optimize the entire shipping process using Packlink PRO. You may automate every stage of your shipping process, including importing orders, producing mailing labels, and picking and packaging orders. You will have access to a broad range of carriers, making it simple to satisfy consumer needs.


  • Real-time import of your Shopify orders automatically
  • A large assortment of the top carriers available to satisfy your clients’ needs
  • From your back office, print your shipping labels
  • Tracking for all your orders
  • Shipping pricing rules are simple to configure
  • 7 days a week, dedicated phone help is offered

This app is Free to Install. 

Get Packlink PRO Shipping Platform App


Welcome to the top shipping and fulfillment platform in Australasia. With the use of this plugin, online merchants can improve shipping, which formerly served as one of their brand’s weak points. Access market-leading workflows, integrations, and automation to build world-class shipping, regardless of size. Make your staff and customers happier while saving time, money, and discomfort.


  • Orders are instantly imported. Updates on order progress and tracking information are provided to your stores automatically.
  • Labels can be created using batch printing. The module creates courier labels and either downloads them as a PDF to your computer or sends them directly to your thermal printer.
  • Make order allocation regulations. Starshipit assigns orders to the appropriate courier provider in accordance with the rules you specify.
  • Send delivery notifications. Automated tracking notifications will help your shipping and fulfillment processes run more smoothly. Send emails and texts to your consumers informing them of the progress of their orders.

There are four ways you can use this app after a 30-day free trial. Starter for $35/month, Starter Plus for $100/month, Professional for $115/month, and Enterprise for $170/month.

Get Starshipit App

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

The Shipping Rates Calculator is a tool that can lower your cart abandonment rate and improve consumer satisfaction. By providing your consumers with information about shipping costs upfront, they can see the precise delivery costs and reduce cart abandonment.


  • Works immediately on all themes
  • Estimates delivery costs using the customer’s location
  • Working with several warehouses
  • Boost conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment
  • Works with popup carts
  • Shows delivery costs for every carrier set up in Shopify

You can use this app with Free options or a $7,99/month paid subscription. 

Get Shipping Rates Calculator Plus App

Final Words 

Shopify’s wide range of products benefits clients in different eCommerce sectors. Online shops can find add-ons for customer support, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping in the Shopify App Shop. Finally, we swiftly reviewed the top 20 Shopify applications that fall under the category of shipping and delivery applications. You can decide for yourself what goods you want to sell through your online store after spending some time reading this information.

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