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Online commerce is becoming more and more beneficial for businesses. Companies are going digital by utilizing a variety of digital store-launching platforms, including Magento 2, Shopify, and others. However, frequently they don’t offer all the capabilities you would require for a successful launch and development. Extensions come to the rescue in this situation. Third-party businesses may create them. There are many different applications available in the Shopify app store. Here, you might find modules that assist with customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, shipping, and other important e-commerce-related duties. Enhancing numerous operational areas and increasing the average business value are the overall goals of all that. Inside this post, we’ll look at the top 20 Shopify order fulfillment apps. Let’s quickly go over the highlighters, price, and characteristics of each.


With the help of this program, you can easily ship internationally, automate practically every stage of your shipping process, gain fast access to cheap rates or bring your own, sync and dispatch orders from anywhere you sell and become global. All sizes of shipping are successful thanks to the ShipStation Shopify order fulfillment app.


  • Access Instant Carrier Discounts. Through ShipStation, you may obtain premium discounted prices from a few carriers without having to meet certain volume criteria and keep your own negotiated pricing. Also, you get an in-app comparison of pricing and delivery timeframes using current rate information. 
  • Connect your preferred carriers. The app gives you access to a wide range of international carrier services. The module makes doing business internationally simple with a streamlined approach to global shipping.
  • Organize, Automate, and Streamline. Logical dashboards, Automate almost all of the shipping process’s steps, including product data, multi-location inventory sources, and batch printing of a large number of shipping labels.

After a 30-day free trial, you can use four extension plans. Starter plan for $9,99/month, Bronze plan for $29,99/month, Gold plan for $69,99/month and Enterprise plan for $159,99/month.

Get ShipStation App


This plugin gives you dropshipping suppliers and fulfillment services from China. You can submit product sourcing requests to CJ, make videos for your top-performing Shopify products to boost your ads campaign conversion, and set up a wonderful USA warehouse to drop-ship products from the USA.


  • Import products to your stores
  • Product sourcing service
  • Connect Existing Products
  • Post Sourcing Requests
  • Fulfill Orders Automatically
  • Bulk DropShipping Orders
  • Pre-order Inventory
  • Shipping Cost Calculation and Tracking

Although this Shopify order fulfillment app is Free to download, there may be additional fees.

Get CJDropshiping App


With this app, you can control all of the data for your Shopify store. You can utilize Excel or CSV files to import and export data, bulk update data, and integrate data from other systems. The plugin gives users the option to move their products, customers, orders, redirects, pages, blog posts, and other data from platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and WordPress.


  • Switch platforms from where you are now 
  • To integrate data from any of your sources into your store, use our Excel or CSV templates. 
  • You can update the data in your store without having to import it all over again by updating certain fields. 
  • Copy your data to your other repositories using just one Excel or zip file. 
  • Export your data to several online shops, like Google Shopping 
  • A schedule for automatic imports or exports 
  • Create a full shop backup.

You could choose to use Matrixify as your additional Shopify order fulfillment app in 4 different options: 

  • Free
  • Basic – $20/month
  • Big – $50/month
  • Enterprise – $200/month 

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For any business, the Shippo Shopify order fulfillment app offers an end-to-end shipping platform. You can instantly sync orders with Shopify, get the best prices from 85+ carriers across the world, including regional carriers, automate workflows for the full fulfillment process, and get knowledgeable shipping support.


  • Transparent Tracking. The app can automatically sync package information back to Shopify so that you and your customers are always up to speed on the status of their orders.
  • End-to-End Automation. Automate shipping bottlenecks with technologies that cover the full fulfillment process.
  • Reliable Shipping Requires. High-touch client services, work directly with carriers, access to implementation, and get more individualized assistance from US-based agents.

You have the ability to use this app for Free or with a Professional plan for $10/month. 

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Order Printer Templates

With this Shopify order fulfillment module, you get professional invoices, receipts, packing slips & returns forms for your shop. You can effortlessly modify this expert invoice, packing slip, receipt, and returns form templates to match your brand and design without writing a single line of code. Additionally, you only need to buy templates once. As well, this plugin offers types of templates such as invoice and receipt templates, packing slip templates, returns form templates, and gift receipt templates.


  • Translate your documents with 1-click
  • Customizable store information
  • Set up your logo, easily re-size it to suit the design
  • Order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details
  • Works with edited orders
  • Works with Shopify Markets, including multi-currency in invoices
  • Use the features of the note and cart 
  • Functions with the applications Product Options and Product Customizer

This app can be installed for Free but you have to pay $29 (one-time fee) per template. 

Get Order Printer Templates App

Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

You receive the possibility to use customizable invoices, packing slips, receipts, quote, return forms & refund templates. Send a PDF invoice to every customer automatically, saving time with a simple one-time setup, once it becomes completely automated. 


  • Automate store management and email a PDF invoice. You can provide download links for PDFs to your Shopify emails and website so customers can download invoices on their own.
  • Produce quotes and invoices for Draft orders. As Draft orders, you may quickly give customers quotes, bills, receipts, return forms, and packing slips.
  • Simple to translate. Make your documents available in over 20 different languages with this Shopify order fulfillment app.

You could use this software for Free or with an Unlimited plan for $10 per month.

Get Order Printer Pro: Invoice App

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

This app is an excellent solution for tracking order status, order lookup, setting up a tracking page, and using an order tracker. You gain access to an automatic package tracking app with global support, delivery and tracking alerts, and order monitoring all in one. 


  • Track all of your orders in real time from one location.
  • Automatic and accurate matching of couriers
  • Built-in shipping alerts, native Shopify email & Sms notification
  • Estimated delivery time
  • Product recommendations & discount upsells
  • Automatically translate the tracking details
  • Shipping progress bar
  • SEO optimization
  • Order lookup widgets
  • 100% fully compatible with all themes and gadgets

After the 7-day free trial, you could utilize this app with three subscriptions. Essential for $9/month, Professional for $49/month and Enterprise – $399 per month.

Get Parcel Panel Order Tracking App


The process of moving to Shopify Plus is made simpler by a set of data migration tools called Transporter. The module gives you the power to provide a quick and seamless migration experience from transfer to launch. Without breaking a beat, launch sooner and earn money more quickly with this Shopify order fulfillment app.


  • Support for customers, products, orders, and meta fields
  • A 250 MB file upload maximum is advised
  • Runs 10x faster than the standard APIs
  • The capability of mass data deletion
  • Reporting errors for simple troubleshooting 

This extension is available without charge.

Get Transporter App

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Customers may easily sign up for an alert through push notification, email, or SMS text message using this extension. Back In Stock supports all Shopify languages, including those used in buttons, email templates, and sign-up forms. Installs quickly, requires no code, and works with any theme.


  • Notifications that are effective. Clients are informed when the precise size or color they want is restocked through this module, which operates at the product variant level.
  • Incredible customization with a simple setup. Installation is quick and easy, and the plugin supports many different themes right out of the box. 

After a 14-day free trial, you are able to enjoy this application with three different options. Startup plan for $29/month, Small Business option for $49/month, and Medium Store solution – $69 per month. 

Get Back In Stock: Customer Alerts App


This solution offers services for Chinese sellers using ERP software. You acquire the ability to work with quick order processing, support China’s 500+ logistics providers, and have the optimal logistical mode selected for you automatically based on the criteria you choose.


  • Quickly processing orders
  • Services offered exclusively to Chinese vendors 
  • Comprehensive inventory control system
  • Continue to monitor your packages
  • Support product publication
  • Docking 1688 to complete the procurement monitoring process

The app is totally Free for you to use.

Get Dianxiaomi App


With this extension, you get the ability to optimize your inventory decisions and spend less time worrying about what products to purchase. As a result of product performance and seasonality, you can increase sales and have better visibility into the products you should order when this Shopify order fulfillment app is active.


  • Purchase orders. Create and control purchase orders from one place.
  • Predicting demand. Obtain product recommendations based on your sales volume.
  • Stock transfers. Quickly replenish inventory to satisfy client demand. In Shopify POS or your Shopify admin, move merchandise from one spot to another.
  • Analytics and insights. Make wise decisions about your inventory by using detailed reporting. Access statistics including stock on hand, ABC analysis, SKU/variant reports, low stock, best seller data, and more.
  • Receiving. Give employees complete access to all of your sites and warehouses.

This app is included with a Shopify POS Pro subscription and is Free to Install

Get Stocky App

Hextom: Bulk Product Edit

With only a few clicks, you can update the price, tags, inventory, title, description, vendor, SKU, Channel, Meta field, etc. for a large number of products or variants using this plugin. Additionally, you can schedule bulk edit tasks to execute at any time in the future, daily, or weekly. Make prior plans for your holiday sales. 


  • Filter products/variants to edit
  • View a preview of the products that will be modified based on your filters
  • It is possible to bulk edit every product/variant detail
  • Excel and CSV file types are both supported
  • Tasks can be scheduled to run at a later time
  • You can set up recurring tasks to run daily or weekly
  • Сomprehensive logs allow you to view changes

After the Demo Plan, you could use Basic Plan for $9,99/month, Professional Plan for $19,99/month, and Advanced Plan for $49,99 per month.

Get Hextom: Bulk Product Edit App

Etsy Marketplace Integration

The Etsy Marketplace Integration app was created to give sellers the opportunity for unrestricted expansion. It operates under the premise that automation should take the place of manual work. Company guarantee that the program will handle all variations and provide full syncing for effective management. 


  • An Improved Dashboard with significant Product Management. Bringing simple navigation to the app so you can do things quickly. Etsy Integration offers bulk product uploading and total product management.
  • Product Creation & Linking on Shopify. If you wish to open a new Shopify store, you can now import your Etsy listings. Furthermore, you should not worry if some of your products are already available on both platforms; the application will allow you to connect those products without listing any duplicates.
  • Seller-friendly templates. The program allows users to design templates for shipping, inventory, and prices.
  • Locations. With the help of this setting in the app, you may control where you keep your inventory and complete orders.
  • Error reporting. The App can alert you to issues that happened during listing upload or syncing on Etsy-Shopify. 

This app provides Free to Install capability and three subscription plans. Starter for $25/month, Basic for $39/month, and Standart – for $59 per month. 

Get Etsy Marketplace Integration App

Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship

With the help of this module, you’ll save a ton of time and work and be able to take your dropshipping company to new heights. For only a few clicks, it provides dropshippers – a method to import products from AliExpress, set pricing parameters, and automatically fill orders. 


  • Simple Dropshipping. The application makes dropshipping from AliExpress simple and trouble-free. One-click product import from AliExpress, built-in product info editor with various parameters, and automatic price updating via pricing rules.
  • Automate the AliExpress Dropshipping process. A plugin makes it possible to quickly place hundreds of orders and automate the remaining steps of the dropshipping fulfillment process.

This app is Free to use.

Get Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship App 


With the help of a variety of tools, this add-on gives you the opportunity to automate the delivery and save money on shipments. Automation makes shipping, tracking, and returns easier so you can concentrate on more crucial tasks. Furthermore, promote your products and get more people to purchase from you by sending out regular, automated emails.


  • Sync, manage, process, and print shipping labels for your orders
  • Automatically update the order status
  • Fill in customs forms automatically and make international shipments simpler
  • Automatically email your customers a tracking number in real-time
  • Automated emails and pre-built email marketing templates
  • Customer information and purchase history
  • Build your email marketing list

You have four options to utilize this app. The starter Plan is Free, Basic for $29/month, Plus for $49/month, and Enterprise for $159 per month.

Get ShippingEasy App

Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping

The most popular cloud-based shipping platform in the world, Easyship enables Shopify businesses to scale internationally and save time. This plugin transforms into a very helpful e-commerce partner by introducing adjustable capabilities to streamline delivery.


  • Easily sync orders
  • Store your product dimensions, category, and weight
  • Automatically update “fulfilled” orders
  • Select the best options based on the location, the type of product, or the weight, and speed up delivery using predefined guidelines
  • Easily download past invoices
  • Monitor your shipments with notifications
  • Connect your courier account to our all-in-one shipping platform
  • Expand your eCommerce business by using our global fulfillment network

This add-on is Free to Install but some additional charges include shipping charges and subscription fees for stores that are more established. 

Get Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping App

Pre‑Order Now ‑ Preorder 

With the help of this module’s capabilities, like pre-order, sold-out and coming soon notifications, pre-sales, and others, you may manage orders. The app is ready to use and designed to assist you in working with orders.


  • Elegant Badges. Put fashionable pre-order “badges” over the product photographs on the collection and product sites.
  • Pre Order Discounts. Give pre-orders automatic discounts.
  • Mixed-Cart Notifications. When a customer has both pre-order and in-stock items in their shopping basket, a pop-up notice appears.
  • Pre Order Emails. After checkout, send pre-order consumers separate emails.
  • Integration. Supports AJAX collection pages, product fast views, and more.

This add-on offers you three subscription plans: 

  • Shopify Basic for $19,95/month
  • Shopify Standart for $39,95/month
  • Shopify Advanced for $59,95/month

Get Pre‑Order Now ‑ Preorder App

Simplio: Simple Invoice

A straightforward and classic-looking invoice template for your orders is provided by the modern, minimalistic invoicing tool Simple Invoice. You can add as many personal touches as you like to make them distinctive for your business. Without ever leaving your Shopify dashboard, you can send an infinite number of invoices. This app can also create invoices for your orders and distribute them to your clients in line with the conditions you specify.


  • Сomplies with laws in more than 60 nations
  • Send an invoice automatically each time you get a purchase order, complete a purchase order, or accept payment
  • Draft orders, credit notes, packing slips, and return forms can all be processed 
  • When you desire, turn off automatic sending and send your invoices by hand
  • Download links can be added to your Shopify notification templates
  • Every text field allows for inline editing. On your invoice template, click and edit each text field 
  • You can quickly modify the details of your invoice with the help of the Quick Edit functionality 
  • You can simultaneously utilize two or more invoice templates for two or more languages
  • Multiple currencies can be used when creating invoices
  • Your invoices might include supplemental pages, such as terms & conditions

This plugin has two premium subscription options as well as Free use. Pro and Premium plan for $8,99/month and $12,99/month respectively. 

Get Simplio: Simple Invoice App


With this Shopify order fulfillment app, you could use a file to automatically fulfill your orders or line items. You can cut back on the time you spend completing orders, send emails to customers with the newly updated information and update all of the order data from several stores at once. 


  • Send shipping emails. Orders can be filled in bulk with tracking data in a matter of seconds. Just uploading a file is all that is required. Tracking data can be added to or altered at any time and is optional.
  • Fulfill line items. Fill out only the line items that meet the SKU/order number requirements after adding the location’s SKUs to the file.
  • Confirmation page. With the help of the confirmation page, you can see what is about to happen before it actually does.
  • Mass tagging by order number. Order number bulk tagging is supported by the module.

You could use this software without cost.

Get MassFulfill App

AVA PDF Invoice: Order Printer

You may print and customize orders, PDF invoices, and packing slips using this extension. The clever editor tool allows the admin to quickly edit pre-existing PDF templates. Additionally, the consumers may quickly obtain PDF billing papers from order emails and print them out online with just a few easy clicks.


  • Various templates
  • Easy to customize template content
  • Tax complaint
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple languages
  • Find any order/draft order by smart filters
  • Print/export orders in bulk
  • Send PDF Document with language detected at the billing address
  • Display billing currency or store currency in a PDF document
  • Additional page

After Free usage, you can choose from two options. Pro and Ultimate plans for $9 and $19 per month. 

Get AVA PDF Invoice: Order Printer App

Final Words 

Users can benefit from Shopify’s large product selection in a variety of eCommerce sectors. Customer care, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping extensions for online retailers are available in the Shopify App Shop. Finally, we quickly toured the top 20 Shopify applications that fall under the Fulfillment app category. You may spend some time reading this article and then decide for yourself what you might or might not want to sell in your online business. You can also check out our other articles on Shopify App Store: