How to Cancel Shopify Subscription in 2024 — Your Extensive Walkthrough

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How to Cancel Shopify Subscription

Thinking about saying goodbye to your Shopify store? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we explain how to cancel Shopify subscription below. No matter whether your business is moving toward a new direction, or you’re just ready for a break: the same important steps are waiting for you. Canceling a Shopify subscription isn’t just about hitting a button. You need to ensure everything goes smoothly, and we are here to help you.

This guide will walk you through canceling your Shopify subscription and deactivating your store. This process includes everything from notifying customers to backing up your data. First, you will find a corresponding cancellation checklist. After that, we proceed to a step-by-step tutorial on how to annul your Shopify subscription or pause a store if you are not ready for more radical actions. You will also learn how to restore your e-commerce website after it has been paused or deactivated.

So, grab a coffee, take a deep breath, and let’s see how to close your e-commerce website without hiccups. Follow our guide to Shopify Admin for other useful tips.

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SaleHoo in a Nutshell: Overview & Shopify Integration Tips

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SaleHoo + Shopify

We’ve already described the 24 best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify in 2024. They cover a wide range of products and services, offering various integrations, automation features, and pricing plans to suit different business needs. Now, let’s focus on each platform independently, describing them in more detail. Below, you will learn what SaleHoo is. We focus on the platform’s pros and cons to illustrate the different opportunities this Shopify dropshipping platform offers. You will also learn about the SaleHoo Shopify integration and the pricing options associated with the platform.   Continue Reading

24 Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Shopify in 2024

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Best Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers

When you encounter it for the first time, the dropshipping realm might seem too sophisticated to streamline for your business needs. However, you can effortlessly master even its most challenging aspects with a more experienced mentor or a reliable source of knowledge. ⁤⁤So, if you want to take your Shopify store to the next level with top dropshipping services in 2024, you’ve come to the right place! ⁤

⁤Below, you will find a compilation of the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify that will simplify your business processes and enhance your revenue. ⁤⁤From well-known names like Alibaba to specialized providers such as Modalyst, this handbook of 24 absolute leaders encompasses suppliers offering a wide array of options in 2024. ⁤

⁤Different product categories, smooth integrations, and cutting-edge automation capabilities make every dropshipping supplier unique. ⁤⁤At the same time, you will find free options that require additional efforts to sync product and order data between Shopify and the selected supplier. ⁤⁤Let’s explore what dropshipping suppliers can help you build a successful and stress-free business on Shopify this year. Continue Reading

Shopify Gift Cards Explained: A Detailed How-To Guide

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shopify gift cards: admin screen

Gift cards are an essential element of most e-commerce websites. They tend to increase sales and attract new customers. But what’s the story behind gift cards in Shopify?

In the following article, we explain everything you need to know about Shopify gift cardsHow do gift cards work on Shopify? What are their types? How to add gift cards to your catalog? How to sell them on a storefront? You will find the answers to these and many other answers below. 

First of all, we explain what gift cards are and how they work on your website from the customer’s perspective. Next, you will learn how to manage cards in your Shopify admin. We demonstrate how to create a gift card product and find it in your administration. You will also discover how to activate the feature, add new gift card products, update the existing gift cards, change their expiry date, add discounts, etc. At the end, there is a short chapter that explains the nuances of Shopify gift card import and export Continue Reading

Shopify Chat: Best Way For Buyers to Reach You

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Shopify customer support chat:

In the following article, we shed light on the Shopify shop chat – the best way for you and your customers to interact. You will learn what Shopify chat is and how your customers can use it. We also explain how to manage your Shopify support chat visibility and teach you how to reply to customer messages using this handy instrument. Note that the platform offers a system of instant responses so that you can partly automate your client support. We focus on this aspect below. Check our guide to Shopify Admin for more. Continue Reading

Shopify Product Mapping Guide

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shopify product mapping

Since Shopify has no built-in mapping instruments, you must rely on additional tools to match product attributes for different data exchange purposes. All core Shopify product metafields, for instance, are mapped automatically if you use Marketplace Connect. Some marketplaces, however, require certain product attributes to be displayed on your listings that aren’t part of your product details in the Shopify admin by default. How to align your mapping efforts with your integration strategies most efficiently? Let’s see!

The following article teaches how to map products on Shopify without headaches. We explain how to create Shopify product mapping presets and use them for integrations with various external systems, including marketplaces, ERPs, CRMs, etc., with the help of the Import & Export Tool for Shopify. Below, you will learn how to create flexible product mapping schemes for both import and export, automating all further data synchronizations.  Continue Reading

How to Export Shopify Products to Etsy

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how to export shopify products to Etsy

The following article explains how to export Shopify products to Etsy. While both systems offer import and export instruments that support basic data transfers, it is still impossible to establish a direct connection between them. We, however, know a hassle-free approach to the Shopify Etsy integration. Below, you will learn how to sync product data between Shopify and Etsy in just a few clicks. 

First of all, you need to export products from Shopify. We use the Import & Export Tool because it not only creates a file with your product feed in multiple formats suitable for third parties but also lets you automate the mapping of Shopify product data to Etsy listing fields. 

Next, we focus on the import side of the Etsy Shopify integration. While it is true that Etsy does not allow spreadsheet bulk imports via admin, we use Easy Listing Uploader to provide the update. Let’s describe each part of the integration in more detail to master the export of Shopify products to Etsy. Continue Reading

How to Export Orders from Shopify Automatically

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shopify export orders automatically

Welcome to our guide to Shopify order export automation. Below, we briefly explain the platform’s default order export routine and then proceed to a more advanced approach that adds automation, mapping, and other benefits absent in default data transfers. 

Automating the export of order data from Shopify can improve your daily duties and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your order management efforts. Eliminating the need for manual data entry will help you save time and reduce human error. At the same time, scheduled export processes will provide all the connected systems with near-real-time updates.

In this article, you will learn how to export orders automatically in Shopify. Furthermore, we explain how to export the latest orders, transfer your information straight to a receiving party, and modify order data when you transfer it from your store. These features will help you seamlessly integrate your e-commerce website with ERP, accounting, shipping, and fulfillment systems, streamlining the entire order fulfillment cycle.

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Advanced Shopify Import: Shopify Google Drive Integration

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shopify google drive import guide

Although Shopify is undoubtedly one of the greatest e-commerce platforms, its import and export capabilities may appear somewhat constrained. Especially when it comes to import and export processes. By default, you are bound to manual file uploads, requiring a hands-on approach to get your data where it needs to be; for instance, on Google Drive.

Even a basic Shopify Google Drive integration is still impossible since you need to upload files manually.  You export files from Shopify and then upload them to Google Drive or vice versa. However, this process can be streamlined. Let’s see how to connect Google Drive to Shopify, automating data transfers between the two systems. Below, we explore the import side of the process. You can learn about the export side of the Google Drive Shopify integration, in our export guide.

While Shopify’s built-in instruments prove insufficient for the task, the Firebear Import & Export Tool brings the desired functionality. You will learn how to integrate Google Drive with Shopify in a few clicks, seamlessly connecting the two systems with the help of the app. But let’s look at the default integration first.  
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Your Ultimate Guide to Shopify Export: Product Feed

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shopify export product feed: how to export product feed in Shopify

⁤A product feed is a vital component of every Shopify website. ⁤⁤It is crucial for any store owner looking to integrate Shopify with other platforms. ⁤⁤But why is it important, you will ask? ⁤

⁤Often, a customer’s first interaction with your products happens outside a Shopify website. ⁤⁤They face your goods on popular marketplaces or platforms like Google Shopping. ⁤⁤As a merchant, you need to export a product feed from Shopify and provide it to a third party to make this acquaintance happen. ⁤⁤But do not let yourself be misled. ⁤⁤A product feed is more than just a catalog; it’s a collection of all your product data, organized in a way that can be easily shared with other systems, which is often hard to read for humans. ⁤

⁤This post explores what a Shopify product feed is, and how to create one using Shopify’s built-in tools. Since a plain Shopify product export is not enough to create a comprehensive product feed, we also focus on third-party apps for more efficient product feed management and automation. ⁤⁤You’ll discover how to handle the Shopify product feed export, avoiding the hassle of manual data transfers. ⁤ Continue Reading