Best Apps and Extensions for Shopware 6: Evaluation and Analysis Tools

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Third-party programs and extensions are now an essential component of any ecommerce business. Their primary goal is to make your life easier and to assist you raise the value of your company. If you didn’t have it, you’d be missing out on a lot of vital and beneficial possibilities. That is why digital industry heavyweights such as Magento and Shopify have their own app marketplaces. It not only helps to organize all of this app, but it also encourages developers to design an extension specifically for their platform. Today, we’ll look at the top 20 tools for Shopware evaluation and analysis. We’d like to emphasize that any extension we look at is compatible with Shopware 6. This article also contains some generic information regarding analytics tools: What exactly is it? What do they stand for, and who should utilize them? The top extensions for Shopware 6 are listed in this page, which we also encourage you to visit. Let’s begin. 

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What is eCommerce Analytics?

eCommerce analytics is the procedure of collecting data for your online store in order to make data-driven decisions and boost online sales. Businesses can better price and sell their products by using this data to analyze changes in consumer behavior.

How to use the analytics data you have?

You got a few ways to use your analytics data to grow your business and increase sales.

  • Increase conversion rates. Data most critically aids in increasing conversion rates. You can acquire data-driven insights into how people use your website by examining your metrics. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of the sources of sales and the average order value. Here is a link to our post regarding conversion rate tools.
  • Become more aware of your audience. You can start segmenting your audience better so you can give them offers that are more tailored to them. Based on a user’s activity on your site, their browsing patterns, or other personal characteristics, you can build segments.
  • Improve the user experience. Your users are more likely to make a second purchase and recommend your business to others if their first experience is positive. Utilizing analytics data can give you the knowledge you need to create a better user experience for visitors to your website. You may use data, for instance, to show different site content to each user.

What precisely are eCommerce Analytics Tools?

eCommerce analytics solutions are platforms that collect information from your website, marketing channels, online store, social media, and any other channels utilized for eCommerce activities. Then, they interpret this data to assist you in understanding trends and changes in consumer behavior. 

With the help of these tools, you can raise the worth of your company overall, win over clients, and simply improve your revenue.

Best Evaluation and Analysis Apps for Shopware 6

The top 20 analytics apps for shopware 6 will now be examined.

Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for Shopware 6

Through the integration of Google Tag Manager and improved e-commerce monitoring in Google Analytics, this plug-in makes it possible to track online sales. E-Commerce Tracking makes it possible to conduct both an inventory and the subsequent potential analysis. The plugin gathers the information required to create a precise target audience and determine how users of the website learned about the offer.


  • More Effective E-Commerce Tracking 
  • Conversion tracking 
  • Checkout tracking 
  • Integration of Google Analytics

You can utilize this application for Free.

Get Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for Shopware 6 App

Statistics Professional | Pro

Without information, analyses, and evaluations, a substantial sum of money could be lost covertly. Through the Statistics Professional plugin, you have access to more than 40 different statistics. They are easy to see and understand thanks to their six categories—Sales, Orders, Marketing, Products, Customers, and Cancellation Analysis—and clear, understandable pictures. Additionally, you have the option of simultaneously starting a CSV for each unique statistic.


  • Quick summary of all significant figures 
  • Analyzing sales, items, and consumers simply and quickly 
  • Display as a table and diagram 
  • CSV export for all available statistical data 
  • The mouseover effect makes it possible to read the graphics clearly 
  • A table listing all numbers 
  • Instantaneous statistics 
  • 41 statistical assessments 
  • Included are all significant data points from Shopware 5 
  • Logical subdivision 
  • You can modify the display type in part

The option to select a sales filter based on your dynamic product groups is also available. As a result, you can create personalized sales reports and are less dependent on the supplied data. To do this, use the “Sales by product with filter” statistic. These are listed under “Products” in the directory.

You could purchase a permanent option for €239,90 or use this application for €18,99 per month.

Get Statistics Professional | Pro App

Trusted Shops Trustbadge for Shopware 6

The Trusted Shops Trustbadge for Shopware 6 is the quickest and easiest way to convince clients that your online store is reliable. Within 5 minutes of the simple installation, which sometimes takes little to no prior technical training, product utilization is guaranteed to commence. You will never lag behind in technology thanks to this addon, and you won’t need any further upkeep.


  • Gather consumer feedback, display the Trustbadge, and offer Buyer Protection. 
  • Assemble and read product reviews 
  • Put up a sticker with a review and ratings of the shop. 
  • Optimal transmission of review requests 
  • Make a lot of stores with distinct Trusted Shops IDs, such stores for different languages.

It costs nothing to use this program.

Get Trusted Shops Trustbadge for Shopware 6 App

Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) & Conversion API Integration

With Facebook Pixel, you can target and interact with current Facebook users, draw in new ones, monitor progress, and increase conversions (Meta Pixel). This program keeps track of a range of activities that clients in your shop engaged in.


  • API conversion 
  • Recorded common events 
  • Modes for data protection 
  • Performance, compatibility, and customization

The price of this app is €69, or it may be rented for €14,99 per month.

Get Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) & Conversion API Integration App

Matomo Tracking and Ecommerce

More than 460,000 websites use Matomo, the top open source web analytics tool. With Matomo, you have many options for monitoring (recording) your shop’s visitor streams and analyzing them based on various factors (e.g. number of visitors of your shop, length of stay, bounce rate, actions, etc.). The ability to host Matomo on your own means that all acquired data is saved locally rather than being stored abroad. This helps your shop stand out favorably in terms of data safety.


  • Do-Not-Track client-side detection 
  • In areas of your store like the article page and shopping cart, you can use tracking
  • Track the value of a purchase as it changes in the shopping cart, including the turnover, subtotal, tax, shipping expenses, and any discounts

This plugin is available for purchase for €45.

Get Matomo Tracking and Ecommerce App

Mobile Shop Manager App

Every shop owner who wants to be regularly updated on sales, traffic, and conversion rates needs this application that is straightforward to use. The trend indicator provides a quick comparison of your shop’s performance to previous periods. 


  • Daily traffic, visitors, and lingering customers 
  • Statistics: sales, orders, brand-new clients, and visitors 
  • Selectable period 
  • Any quantity of shops and subshops 
  • New order push notification 

This add-on is available for €49.

Get Mobile Shop Manager App

Cookie consent conversion Popup with menu integration

Through a link in the menus (footer, service, and main navigation) or an icon in the footer, users of this app can later modify their cookie settings. Additionally, this plugin offers a fresh design for the cookie consent enquiry.


  • Using a link in a menu that is open for selection to access the cookie settings (footer, service or main navigation) 
  • Using the symbol in the footer to access the cookie settings

This plugin is free to use.

Get Cookie consent conversion Popup with menu integration App

Google Gtag Tracking (Analytics UA / GA4, AdWords)

The “Tracking with Google Gtag.js” program tracks crucial e-commerce indicators like the value of the shopping cart or which products are called up. This implies that data collection for dynamic remarketing campaigns can also be done using the app. Simply enter the Google Analytics ID in the app’s setup for the configuration to be completed.


  • Incorporate Google Analytics 
  • Webpage views 
  • AddToCart event 
  • Remove from cart events 
  • Purchase-Events
  • BeginCheckout events
  • ViewItemList event
  • Search event
  • Events for dynamic remarketing
  • Optout cookies

This software can be purchased for €69 or rented for €6,99 per month.

Get Google Gtag Tracking (Analytics UA / GA4, AdWords) App | the free smartphone app

With the help of flexible dashboard widgets, you can immediately keep an eye on what’s occurring in your JTL store. Keep a watch on your web business at all times, too. use a tablet, phone, computer, or Mac. available constantly.


  • You may continuously and automatically check to see if your store is operating successfully with the Watcher
  • Push notifications for important events to your phone
  • Combine your analytics data 

You can use this software for nothing.

Get | the free smartphone App

Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) integration

Facebook Pixel enables you to find new consumers, target and engage existing ones, monitor outcomes, and improve conversions. The Facebook Pixel records a number of actions that customers in your store took.


  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Custom Audience Examples
  • Customization / Compatibility / Performance
  • Data protection
  • Advanced Matching
  • Multiple Pixel ID’s

You can utilize this plugin for €4,99 per month.

Get Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) integration App

Statistic for Shopware 6

Detailed information on your orders can be seen in the shopware backend with the plugin “Statistics for Shopware 6” from the VIERPUNKT GmbH. Hereby, Shopware 6 is expanded with practical statistics and analysis.


  • All information is exportable as.csv files for future use
  • The plugin has English and German versions and has a language changer for configuration
  • The value added tax can be issued in the most varied of value added tax rates
  • Filter your orders by various parameters

This software is available for purchase for €199 or rental for €14,99 per month.

Get Statistic for Shopware 6 App


With this plugin, you can quickly incorporate the SHOPVOTE rating portal’s top features into your shop. The integrated EasyReviews tool securely and automatically solicits consumer reviews of your goods and services while ensuring that they have given you their legally required authorization. Without requiring prior registration, your consumers may quickly and easily rate your business and, if appropriate, the products they have purchased. 


  • Obtaining the legally required consent for receiving review requests
  • Automatic and legally secure review requests for shop reviews
  • Automatic and legally secure review requests for product reviews
  • Delivery of the rich snippet codes for product reviews for the display of the review stars in the organic search results on Google
  • Integration of evaluation graphics

Utilize this plugin for Free.


Tracking-Number in the List of orders

Through the immediate display of the tracking number in the list of orders, this plugin will enable you to save time and enhance your customer service.


  • The backend’s order list will show the tracking number 
  • Improved overview of the orders sent 
  • Time is saved since the tracking number can be retrieved more quickly 
  • Better assistance with client questions

This tool is available for free use.

Get Tracking-Number in the List of orders App

Klaviyo – Deliver Smarter Marketing

You may integrate Shopware with Klaviyo with this plugin. Simply distribute newsletters to your store’s customers. The product catalog can now be automatically migrated to Klaviyo starting with version 1.0.1.


  • Just send customers newsletters 
  • Following user information being tracked in the store

The cost of this plugin is €849.

Get Klaviyo – Deliver Smarter Marketing App

Customer Friendly Product Reviews

You can use your customers’ purchasing experiences to improve conversion rates with the use of this plugin.


  • Gather more product evaluations 
  • No ongoing expenses for outside vendors 
  • Automated email review requests 
  • Beautiful and user-friendly rating page 
  • Template-based customizable rating email with checkout opt-in functionality (DSGVO compliant) 
  • Only active goods are given ratings
  • Products may be omitted from invites for reviews

This add-on is available for purchase for €129 or for rent for €10,90 per month.

Get Customer Friendly Product Reviews App

Add Mail Recipients

One or more recipients can be added to your shop emails with this plugin. Your consumers won’t notice the addition of any extra recipients because they will all be added via Bcc in your email.


  • You getemail copies
  • And ability to set additional recipients

This program has no cost.

Get Add Mail Recipients App

Cookiebot Integration

This program by Wyn Projects allows you to quickly and easily integrate Cookiebot into your store. Additionally, you receive a CMS block that you may as usual add to any experience world of your choice. This CMS module generates a table of all the cookies used in your shop on the fly.


  • Cookiebot integration via ID in placeable 
  • Changeable app configuration 
  • Simple app configuration for CMS 
  • Style options in app configuration

This application is available for purchase for €19,90 or for rent for €3,90 per month.

Get Cookiebot Integration App

Google Tag Manager

You may track your visits, customers, and orders with the aid of this program in great detail and so sustainably increase your revenue. Simply connect your online store to Google Tag Manager to accomplish this. With the help of this plugin, you can choose to support Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Pinterest for nothing.


  • You receive a data layer with this plugin, which gives you significant details about how users interact with your website
  • There are already variables for Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook event data
  • You also receive Google Ads support with this addon for dynamic remarketing

This software costs €9,99 per month to use.

Get Google Tag Manager App

Facebook Pixel Event Tracking & Conversion API

Anyone who takes SMM (Social Media Marketing) seriously needs to include the Facebook Tracking Pixel in a straightforward manner. With the help of the Facebook Pixel, numerous interactions between Facebook users and your store can be tracked and used for Facebook’s targeted advertising. The Biloba Facebook Pixel app keeps tabs on page views as well as the items that users put to their shopping carts and actually buy.


You can track following events:

  • All pages in page view 
  • See content on the detail page 
  • Start the checkout 
  • AddPaymentInfo 
  • Finalize Your Registration

This software is available for purchase for €69 or rental for €6,99 per month.

Get Facebook Pixel Event Tracking & Conversion API App

Newsletter2Go E-Mail Marketing Integration

Email marketing tool Newsletter2Go was created for SMEs but is robust enough for major league organizations. Our user-friendly email marketing software helps you scale your business, increase income, and enhance client relationships while saving you time. The Shopware plugin for Newsletter2Go makes it simple to link your store to your email marketing program.


  • Simple 1-click product transfer allows you to import products (simply enter article ID) 
  • Synchronize contacts, including features and groups, automatically 
  • Import new subscriptions and contacts automatically 
  • Personalized coupon codes should be used in email promotions

Use this plugin for free.

Get Newsletter2Go E-Mail Marketing Integration App


How are analytics used in online shopping?

Data analytics may help ecommerce businesses make better decisions, get greater omnichannel traction, and inform comprehensive marketing plans. It can also help them measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities.

What is the finest e-commerce analytics tool?

One of the most often used data analytics programs for eCommerce is Google Analytics. It provides a terrific beginning point for any eCommerce business by giving out a wide range of useful insights.

What is Google Analytics for e-commerce?

Google Analytics’ Ecommerce Tracking tool keeps tabs on online purchases made through your website. It can be used to monitor and examine sales data, revenue, sold goods, and more. Google Analytics’ ecommerce data will provide you with detailed insights into: Products with a high (or low) sales volume.

What are the five most important digital marketing analytics?

– Traffic
– Conversions
– Engagement
– Click-Through Rate (CTR)
– Site Load Speed