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The advantages of online trade for businesses are expanding. Companies are going digital with the aid of platforms for creating online storefronts like Magento 2, Shopify, and others. Most of the time, however, they fall short of offering all the characteristics required for a successful launch and development. Extensions are essential in this situation. They might be produced by independent businesses. There are a wide variety of unique applications available in the Shopify app store. These modules might assist with important e-commerce-related duties like customer service, marketing, store design, merchandising, and shipping. The enhancement of several functional activities and an increase in average business value are their overarching goals. In this article, we’ll look at the best 20 customer service applications. Let’s quickly review their characteristics, highlights, and pricing of them.

Shopify Inbox 

With this free messaging extension, you may turn more chats into checkouts. Follow up with customers by email if you are unable to chat with them in person. From your admin panel, you may also create immediate responses, quick responses, and automatic interactions.


  • Make the chat for your online shop distinctive
  • Link Facebook, Instagram, and other services 
  • Determine what Shopify products customers have added to their shopping carts 
  • Create a distinctive salutation and state your expectations
  • Automatically collect consumer contact information 
  • Always be accessible to your customers

This module is Free to use.

Get Shopify Inbox App

Shop channel 

You may use this software to manage your brand’s visibility, develop marketing automation to encourage repeat business and foster customer loyalty, track your audience, and make sales. Managing and improving the Shop app is what gives the Shop channel its real power.


  • Quick checkout. Utilize Shop Pay, the online checkout with the best conversion rate, to increase purchases.
  • Order monitoring. With the “Track with Shop” button, you can boost transparency, foster trust, and lower support debt.
  • Mobile app storefront. Customize Shop, the mobile app marketplace for your company. You may always update your store’s profile and product catalog.
  • Product suggestions. By encouraging rediscovery with Shop’s product recommendations, you can make the most of each new consumer.
  • Automated targeted marketing. To encourage repeat purchases more quickly, develop post-purchase offers.

You can use this plugin for Free.

Get Shop Channel App

Messenger channel

You can interact with Facebook and Instagram users from Shopify Inbox thanks to this add-on. Using Messenger with Shopify inbox is an easy method to develop client relationships and convert more social media communications into sales. 


  • Simple installation. You can link your Facebook and Instagram message accounts to Shopify Inbox with only a few clicks. Use Shopify Inbox to receive and respond to consumer messages from social media and your online store in one location after setup is complete.
  • Control messages on Facebook and Instagram. With the aid of this module, you may swiftly respond to client inquiries and establish availability expectations for your customers. Set up reminders to notify you to check your messages or delegate emails to a team member who is accessible.
  • Close sales on social. The tools you need to close sales rapidly are provided by this add-on. You may swiftly provide recommendations and assist in closing the deal if you have immediate access to your product catalog. 

This plugin is Free to use.

Get Messenger Channel App

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

You have the chance to add gorgeous product, photo, and video reviews, as well as recommendations, to your online business with the help of this software. Only a portion of what you can accomplish with this module includes sending automated review request emails, asking for reviews with delivery-based timing, and providing discounts for submitting a photo or video.


  • Gather more opinions, images, and videos. Loox collects authentic customer product reviews by sending creative and customized review request emails. 
  • Gorgeous displays. Retailers can display widgets that are appealing and contain content from satisfied customers with Loox’s Shopify reviews app.
  • 24/7 assistance and simple setup. Gain access to a user-friendly app interface, settings, and support.

You have three alternatives for purchasing this application after the 14-day free trial. Beginner is available for $9,99/month, while Growth and Unlimited cost $34,99 and $299,99 respectively.

Get Loox Product Reviews & Photos App

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

You may strengthen your relationship with your customers by using this application, which also offers rewards, referrals, and loyalty points. You could also increase sales from your present customers by using this plugin. Furthermore, you may enhance customer engagement and loyalty with points and prizes without investing in risky traditional advertising to encourage repeat business. For your business, develop a unique program to reward customers’ loyalty.


  • Customers can accumulate points by signing up for your loyalty program, making purchases, and even commemorating birthdays
  • Emails sent when set points expire
  • Depending on the type of business you have, choose how to thank your regular clients 
  • Change the panel’s appearance, and add logos, banner graphics, and sophisticated color schemes
  • Personalizing your loyalty program without coding

Smile provides three extended options and the opportunity to begin using it for Free. The Starter pack is $49 a month. Growth and Pro programs include monthly fees of $199 and $499, respectively.

Get Smile: Loyalty & Rewards App

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

For improved consumer connection, you gain the opportunity to integrate live chat enhanced with chatbots, messenger, and Instagram with your store. With Tidio, you can control all of your Messenger, email, and live chat conversations from a single interface. Additionally, use a free smartphone app to save time. Furthermore, the expansion aids in boosting client happiness, which in turn boosts revenue.


  • Utilize Live Chat. To ensure the best experience and boost sales, get in touch with your online customers and provide them with help or real-time support.
  • Chatbots and AI. With built-in, ready-to-use chatbots, you can store abandoned carts, display order status, provide discount codes, divide visitors into groups, and create mailing lists.
  • Trendy Widget Style. You can alter your own widget to match the color scheme of the retailer.
  • Apply tested e-commerce strategies. With this software, you have access to more than 30 distinct chatbots that may be utilized immediately after installation to carry out certain tasks.

Tidio can be used for Free and with two subscriptions plans: 

  • Communicator Plan for $19/month
  • Chatbots plan for $49/month 

Get Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots App


With the help of this add-on, you can schedule and monitor sales, releases, and content changes. With Launchpad, a scheduling tool that is a component of your Shopify admin and has a predetermined start and end time, you can also plan product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and more. Your Shopify store may now be simply prepared for any situation. 


  • Ease execution. Automate your event checklist to save time and reduce the likelihood of errors occurring when executing the event. 
  • Drive conversion. Schedule front-end customizations to guarantee a seamless customer experience from the product page to checkout. 
  • Real-time tracking. Follow performances in real-time to gain greater insight into event-goer behavior.

This app, created by Shopify, is available for Free use.

Get Launchpad App

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

This module’s primary goal is to handle orders in a variety of ways. You may manage notification triggers like SMS and secure shipments in addition to tracking order status and customizing the tracking page. In conclusion, AfterShip provides a seamless post-purchase experience in an effort to boost customer loyalty and revenue.


  • Track every shipment. Possibility to filter shipments, track delivery, and generate essential standardized tracking statuses in AfterShip using your tracking numbers.
  • Customers should be notified. The module provides a wide range of customer-related functions, including the ability to send shipping notifications, schedule shipping SMS, automatically send email updates, and handle any other shipment-related issues.
  • Security for packages. Your packages are protected from loss, damage, and porch pirates with AfterShip Protection, which is supported by InsureShield shipping insurance.
  • Estimated date of delivery. You may help your customers understand what to expect from deliveries by clearly displaying the order delivery dates.

You will be able to utilize the program with three different subscriptions after the seven-day free trial period: 

  • Essentials for $11 per month
  • Essentials Plus for $35/month
  • Pro with $119 for a month


Get AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

For Shopify stores, this plugin offers a cutting-edge cross-selling and upselling solution. You may increase your earnings right now with ReConvert without spending any money on advertising. 


  • Intelligent AI-based product recommendation engine
  • Upsell after the checkout page
  • Collect valuable customer feedback
  • Add personalized videos
  • Gather birthday data from customers and connect it with Shopify email marketing
  • Get clients to post about their purchases on social media
  • No design or CRO knowledge required
  • Works immediately with any Shopify store theme
  • Intuitive drag & drop builder
  • 24/7 live chat support

Four options are available for using this app: 

  • Free 
  • Pro – $7,99/month
  • MVP – $14,99/month
  • VIP – $29,99/month

Get ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell App

WhatsApp app by SuperLemon 

With this module, you could use Share options with Notifications, automatic Cart Recovery, and WhatsApp Chat. By using the WhatsApp Chat button, provide quick and simple client help. Utilizing WhatsApp CRM, you can send order confirmation, order tracking, and COD Cash on Delivery notifications. Making clients pleased increases sales for your business.


  • Supports multiple WhatsApp numbers
  • Chat button that may be customized with a CTA, display position, etc.
  • No code added to your store theme
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Order Notification
  • Order Shipment with tracking URL
  • WhatsApp Live Chat button
  • WhatsApp Share button

After a seven-day free trial, this app offers two subscription options:

  • Pro – $7,99/month
  • Ultimate – $9,99/month

Get WhatsApp app by SuperLemon App

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

This plugin is an easy-to-use customer support application for online stores that aims to improve client interactions. HelpCenter is a true lifesaver for every e-shop that respects the consumer experience and its own time by integrating extremely effective solutions – FAQ builder, Livechat & Chatbot, HelpDesk ticketing & Tabs. 


  • SEO-friendly, multilingual FAQ page
  • The ability to export and import content quickly
  • Allow real-time consumer communications with your company
  • Manage every inquiry from live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger in one place
  • Look up customer inquiry and purchase history
  • Create tabs for your product page
  • Specific tabs for product-specific content
  • Select several tabs’ themes

There are three ways you could utilize this app:

  • FAQ + Tabs – $3,99/month
  • Helpdesk – $10,99/month
  • Professional – $15,99/month

Get HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk App

Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay

The website technologies in this module can boost conversions and cart checkout. You have the opportunity to increase revenue and learn more about your visitors with Lucky Orange.


  • Session Recordings and Heatmaps. You can then see where website visitors clicked, browsed, and tapped. An in-depth analysis of one user’s journey is possible using session replays, and heat maps show you where areas of traffic from a specific source, such as Facebook, see the most activity. 
  • A Live View and live Chat Together. The ability to do this can prevent shopping cart abandonment. If you see someone struggling in real-time, you can use Live Chat to see if you can help or offer solutions.
  • Conversion Funnels. This feature makes it simple to see which pages on your website are converting and which are losing visitors. Form Analytics monitors critical form metrics including abandonment, field order, and time to start in order to find ways to reduce bounce rates on these forms. 

Four ways exist for using this app: 

  • Free
  • Launch – $9/month
  • Build – $18/month
  • Grow – $35/month

Get Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay App

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

This software is an excellent tool for looking up orders, looking up orders, setting up tracking pages, and using order trackers. You have access to a package tracking program that operates automatically, supports multiple languages, and combines delivery and tracking alerts with order monitoring. 


  • You can keep tabs on all of your orders in one place in real-time. 
  • Automatic and precise courier matching 
  • Native Shopify email and SMS notification, built-in shipping alerts 
  • Estimated time of delivery 
  • Product suggestions and upsells with discounts 
  • Translate the tracking information automatically 
  • Progress bar for shipping 
  • SEO improvement 
  • Lookup order widgets 
  • 100% complete compatibility with all gadgets and themes

You could use this software after the 7-day free trial with three subscriptions. Essential for $9/month, Professional for $49/month and Enterprise – $399 per month. 

Get Parcel Panel Order Tracking App

OrderlyEmails: Email Templates

You have the option of using this tool to customize your email notifications so that they reflect your brand and website. Instead of sending emails on its own, the program replaces your store’s dull default email templates with considerably more attractive and functional ones.


  • Genius Designer. With this function, you may quickly and easily auto-import the logo, fonts, and colors of your website.
  • Specifically designed email templates for Shopify. These email templates were created especially for Shopify stores and include features like multi-currency, product selections, and much more. Each email’s layout and phrasing, as well as what order and product details to include, are all fully customizable.
  • Add product upsells and discounts after purchases. Add automated upsells and discount codes for products after purchase to encourage repeat business.
  • Email conversion tracking. An email template’s whole traffic and revenue generation is instantly reported in the marketing and conversion reports for your Shopify admin.

Installing this addon is Free. Email themes cost $99 per year and include all Shopify email templates, updates, and 24/7 support.

Get OrderlyEmails: Email Templates App

Form Builder with File Upload

You can make appointments, create custom forms, and access other services using this app. Create a sophisticated contact form with Google reCaptcha in a matter of minutes to protect your website from spam or violence and integrate it with Klaviyo & MailChimp.


  • Unlimited Forms
  • Variety of Forms – Wholesale Forms, Order Forms, Contact Us Forms, Registration Form, Building Surveys, etc
  • Uploads of files and image attachments are limitless.
  • No Watermarks
  • Add Multiple Notification Emails
  • Mobile-responsive forms
  • Export Submissions
  • Customize All Design Elements of Forms
  • Get notified of each response

This application has two option to use. Free plan and Pro for $9,90/month. 

Get Form Builder with File Upload App

Form Builder ‑ Contact Form

You can design complicated contact forms and contact us forms quickly and efficiently with the help of the Powerful Contact Form Builder software. Without the need for technical expertise, this app is the ideal solution for creating your Shopify contact form or custom form. 


  • An infinite variety of forms
  • Limitless number of input fields 
  • Mobile-responsive forms that function across all platforms
  • Send a form-filled email to store owners automatically
  • Automatically send the consumer who filled out the form a response email
  • Export submissions to CSV
  • Automatically collect information from customers
  • Customize header & footer of the form
  • Use the font of your theme automatically
  • Use Google reCAPTCHA
  • Integrate your form data with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Zapier

You can utilize this app for Free and with Premium subscription for $9,90/month.

Get Form Builder ‑ Contact Form App

Contact Form | Easy Contact Us

You can create expert, simple-to-use forms with POWR Form Builder to gather any information you require for your business. Moreover, you may use form builder to design a variety of forms, such as order forms, inquiry forms, wholesale request forms, and quotation request forms with file uploads.


  • Several field possibilities. You have the option to use dropdowns, multiple choice, email, phone number, photos, star ratings, and emoticons.
  • Variable positioning. Your form can be placed anywhere on the website and can even come up when a user clicks on a side tab or a custom floating button.
  • Responses to emails automatically. Create a customized email autoresponder to be delivered to your customers once they’ve submitted your form. Even better, you may modify your emails in reaction to your customers’ responses.
  • Response Dashboard. The POWR Response Dashboard stores all form data. Easily export them to CSV. 
  • Multi-page form. Make your form into multiple pages to make it easier to fill out.
  • Limit submissions by date and quantity. Only gather responses during defined dates, and after a certain number of responses, close the form.

With Free plan, you have three other options for this app: 

  • Starter for $9,99 per month
  • Pro for $17,49 per month
  • Business for $89,99 per month

Get Contact Form | Easy Contact Us App

Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart 

With this software, you could collect responses at certain dates and close the form after a predetermined number of responses. Additionally, to keep your customers happy, offer quick help.


  • Whatsapp message 
  • Whatsapp share button 
  • The ability to choose buttons placement, background color, text color, and size
  • Multiple Whatsapp agents 
  • Limitless number of Whatsapp chats 
  • Whatsapp analytics
  • Order Confirmation
  • Review Collection
  • Send Tracking Updates through WhatsApp 
  • Cash on delivery Updates
  • Manual abandoned cart recovery

This module is Free to Install. 

Get Whatsapp Chat + Abandoned Cart App

Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

This application is the customer assistance platform created for online shopping and developed to integrate your whole stack. To swiftly respond to inquiries, establish a support center, automate problematic issues, and employ dynamic templates. Customers who are pleased with their purchases support the growth of your online business by making bigger purchases, visiting more frequently, and referring friends.


  • Quickly handle objections and hesitations
  • Automate the purchase intent tagging of tickets
  • Use Klaviyo integration to segment marketing campaigns
  • Build a help center to answer your customers’ issues 
  • One-click can edit, refund, duplicate, or cancel an order
  • Organize delivery, refunds, reviews, customer loyalty, and other essential e-commerce tasks
  • Gather all of the information you can about each consumer to enable more productive conversations

There are four ways you can utilize this application: 

  • Starter – $10/month
  • Basic – $60/month
  • Pro – $360/month
  • Advanced – $900/month

Get Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat App

Wishlist Plus

Customers can bookmark their preferred products and continue where they left off when they come back thanks to this plugin. They also spend a lot more money. Users of Wishlist Plus convert at faster rates and spend more money per purchase. Run out-of-the-box targeted marketing campaigns via Facebook, Instagram, and email based on wishlist activity.


  • Easily sync wishlist activity across devices
  • Send contextual emails
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • No login is needed for your shoppers to add to the wishlist
  • Shoppers can share their wishlist with friends and family
  • Use it out of the box in 5 minutes
  • Leverage powerful event-triggered email campaigns

Starter plan for $14,99/month, Pro and Premium for $49,99 and $99,99/month, respectively. 

Get Wishlist Plus App

Final Words 

Shopify’s wide choice of products benefits customers in a variety of eCommerce sectors. Online merchants can find extensions for customer support, marketing, shop design, merchandising, and shipping in the Shopify App Shop. Finally, we briefly reviewed the top 20 Shopify applications that fall under the category of customer service applications. You can decide for yourself what things you want to sell through your online store after spending some time reading this text.

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