Mirasvit Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Every online store faces the issue of delivery. There is no perfect delivery method in the world, so some customers may have difficulties with the method of your store. Today we’ll look at a plugin that helps you set clear rules and frameworks for your shipping and help customers avoid unnecessary costs. Mirasvit Shipping Price Rules for Magento 2 is an extension that allows you to create convenient delivery rules that take into account the shipping address and the buyer’s cart. You can change the standard shipping costs, which will depend on the specifics of the order, and put special delivery terms on groups of products or individual customers. A plugin that will help you increase the trust of your customers and prevent unnecessary delivery costs. In the article below we will look at the features of the plugin and its functionality. 

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  • Setting up shipping methods
  • Optimize shipping expenses
  • Operational flexibility
  • Binding rules to date and time

This extension gives you the ability to customize and control delivery methods by specifying rules. You can create shipping rules for specified deliverers and their shipping methods. You also get the ability to adjust shipping costs using parameters such as ordered product and its quantity, cart total price, customer group, and delivery address that was selected. 

One of the main features of the expansion is that with it you can increase the confidence of your customers by optimizing shipping costs. By doing so, you’ll entice customers and visitors to your site to buy from you by providing them with fair and convenient shipping costs. You can also edit the delivery rules for specific situations. This adds flexibility to the process. You can also configure the delivery rules for the region in which the client is. This makes it possible to reduce unnecessary delivery costs. 

The Shiping Price Rules extension gives you a lot of space for different settings. It provides a flexible solution for making each rule for shipments. Using this extension you can create custom delivery rules based on the items that are in the cart or general attributes of the cart. You can also use a large number of attributes to customize custom rules. In this extension there is no limit on the number of rules, you can make an unlimited number of them. In addition, the extension gives you the ability to set rules for certain groups of customers. 

Another useful feature of this extension is the ability to promote sales by activating a custom shipping rate for a specific date or time. You can set any number of days per rule. This gives great flexibility in the sales and shipping procedure. Using this feature in conjunction with others, you can achieve a stronger impact of this extension. 


We will now take a look at the backend of this extension. Its functions and specifics of work. We’ll do it in two parts. Shipping Area and Shipping Rules. 

Shipping Area

In this section of the backend, you can add new shipping areas and customize existing ones. On this page you can see 4 columns with the following parameters: 

  • ID (Number in the list)
  • Name (of shipping area)
  • Active (Status of shipping area)
  • Action (Edit or Delete) 

You can also add new shipping areas by clicking the button with the same name. You will see two parameters that are needed when creating a new area. General Information where you specify the name and its status. Applying Conditions is the section where you can make custom shipping rules that will be applied to this area. 

You can choose conditions from a suggested list and make a rule out of it. 

Shipping Rules 

In this section, you can customize and add shipping rules for your store. We can see six columns with different parameters. 

  • ID 
  • Name
  • Active
  • Priority
  • Stop further rules processing
  • Action

With the Action item, you can edit or delete this rule. You can also create a new shipping rule by clicking the “Add New Shipping Rule” button. On this page, you can also see two sections. General Information and Applying Conditions. In General Information you can select the name of the rule, its status, and priority, and choose the shipping method. 

In the Shipping Methods drop-down, you can choose which type of delivery to use. Flat Rate with fixed price or Best Way.

In the Applying Conditions section, we also have the ability to apply and select conditions to make a rule. In addition, we have two drop-downs with detailed settings for shipping rules: Store and Customer and Rates and Thresholds. 

In Store and Customer drop-down you can configure the store view and select the group of customers to whom this rule will apply.  

In the Rates and Thresholds drop-down, you can use fee calculations and add custom rates and thresholds for this rule.



This extension provides many opportunities to improve the attitude and trust of your customers by optimizing the shipping process. With custom settings and delivery rules, you can easily reduce your customers’ shipping costs and make it more convenient. In addition, the Shiping Price Rules extension gives you the ability to deeply customize all functions and easily adjust to the needs of a specific group of customers. The flexibility of this extension is very good for its work, which allows you to cope with any difficulties in the organization of shipping. Considering all these features, the expansion provides great opportunities in the organization and customization of deliveries, which makes this process convenient and more transparent for customers. You can get the Mirasvit Shipping Price Rules extension for 149$.

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