Magento Connect Stuff Picks extensions (summer 2014)

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Magento Connect Stuff Picks includes 3 pages of both free and paid extensions. WordPress integration, one page checkout, social marketing apps, taxes, shopping, different reports and a bunch of new features are among them. Magento Connect Stuff Picks extensions were carefully selected by Magento team, so they are the most useful, interesting or unusual solutions for your e-commerce webstore.

Magento WordPress Integration


This is one of the best extension designed to integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento webstore. Magento WordPress Integration is compatible with Magento Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions. It has support for multiple languages and doesn’t require any core file modifications for both Magento and WordPress. The extension is totally free. Magento WordPress Integration can use the same theme for your web-store and blog, associate posts from WordPress blog with products from e-commerce store and doesn’t affect SEO while integration. The extension also supports a lot of free WordPress plugins. Hit this link to download Magento WordPress Integration.

One Page Checkout


If your web-store has too much steps in the checkout process, this tend to have a negative impact on your potential buyers. But IWD Extensions has the perfect solution for this problem. One Page Checkout significantly reduces the amount of steps required in the checkout process. The extension is fully responsive, absolutely free and has some useful admin features. On IWD Extensions website you can check demos of how One Page Checkout is released within the admin page and the whole store. The developer also provides customers with detailed installation guide. You can download One Page Checkout here.

AOE Scheduler


This extension is one of the best management tools for scheduler/cron tasks. With AOE Scheduler you get the ability to perform tasks manually, disable schedules and reduce spent time. The extension includes graphical timeline view (from version 0.1.0), which is very convenient. Hit this link to download AOE Scheduler.

AddShoppers: Social Marketing Apps for eCommerce


With this extension you’ll take your store to the new higher level. Social Marketing Apps for ecommerce increases sharing and as a result grows revenue. With the extension you will be able to identify hot products and influencers. AddShoppers allows to track sharing, and discover its cash value. With the extension you will find out what social network outperforms the others – a vital information for a successful marketing campaign. Social Marketing Apps currently supports 9 languages and 13 currencies. The extension is absolutely free and you can find it here.


Simple Google Shopping


This tool allows you to export products from your Magento webstore to your Google Merchant account in a short amount of time. You submit all your products to Google Shopping to help your potential customers find your webstore more quickly and easily. Simple Google Shopping is compliant with all existing Google Shopping requirements, It is highly configurable and easy to use. The extension supports multiple stores, currencies and VAT rates. Simple Google Shopping costs €40.00 and you can get it here.



With this Magento module you’ll create communication between different dropshippers and online stores. You also get the ability to track shipments and orders handled by all your vendors or dropship company. Another good thing is that Unirgy_Dropship is as simple and convenient as most of Magento products. You can buy the extension here. Its price starts from $950.

Yotpo Product Reviews


By installing Yotpo Product Reviews you will automatically email all your customers after they buy something, asking them to leave a review, which can be sent directly from the email inbox. On an average you will get reviews from 6-10% of your buyers. All this reviews can be placed not only on product page, but anywhere else on the site thanks to customizable widgets. Yotpo Product Reviews is absolutely free extension and you can download it here.

Personal Bar – Personalized Shopping & Coupons


This extension adds a lot of new features to your Magento store. In-site search, Live chat, Checkout, Coupons, Social buttons and many other useful tools gathered in a special toolbar appear on your store after you install the extension. Personal Bar is the easiest way to personalized shopping experience for your customers. The extension is free and you can find it here.

Advanced Reports by aheadWorks


With the extension you will improve the functionality of native Magento reports. As a result you will constantly receive all the necessary information needed to create complete picture of your business situation and conduct business efficiently. Advanced Reports by aheadWorks is the most useful tool designed to get all the stats of your e-commerce activity. The extension costs $129 and you can buy it here.

Sales Tax Extension for Avalara’s AvaTax


This extension will unify and simplify all your work with taxes for multiple tax regions with the help of AvaTax. Calculate sales tax; manage file returns and exemption certificates; remit payments with ease with Sales Tax Extension for Avalara’s AvaTax. Hit this link to download this extension for free.



Customer support is one of the most important features of your e-commerce website. Without it you can lose a lot of potential buyers, but with Zendesk you will deliver one of the best customer support to the visitors of your Magento store. Zendesk is agile, smart,  convenient, cloud-based and free. Hit this link to download the extension.

Olark Live Chat


Olark Live Chat is another good tool to turn your potential buyers into loyal customers. By installing this extension you add a live chat to your store, and when customers have questions you can answer them immediately, while customers keep shopping. With Olark CartSaver, you can also see what customers are looking at, and what is in their carts. You can download Olark Live Chat for free here.



By installing Springbot you will add an army of marketing robots to your e-commerce store. Virtual online marketers and data analysts will work for you 24x7x365. They will collect all the necessary data and turn it into sterling marketing campaigns. Hit this link to download Springbot for free.

Bronto Extension for Magento


Bronto Extension for Magento is another good tool for marketing campaigns. With this extension you’ll turn your one-time buyers into loyal customers. Bronto creates highly targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns and motivate your one-time buyers to buy more. The solution is also free and you can find it here. Customer Data and Purchase Behavior Sync


EmailDirect’s Magento integration offers a competitive edge for online e-commerce businesses by creating a connection with a full-featured email marketing platform. With the extension you will easily send dynamic email campaigns, sync newsletter subscribers and create shopping cart abandonment emails. You can download EmailDirect here for free.





Fooman Advanced Promotions


With Fooman Advanced Promotions, you will get 13 new conditions, actions and promotion types. All these items are possible to mix with standard promotion options from your Magento store. As a result you get the ability to set up advanced promotions that either are impossible in standard Magento, or require combining multiple complex rules to function. Fooman Advanced Promotions costs $165. For more information visit this page. The extension is no loger available.

ebizmarts – Sage Payments Solutions


By installing ebizmarts extension, you connect shopping cart of your Magento store to Sage’s Payment Card Industry compliant payment gateway, and all Accounting and ERP solutions. If you use Sage then ebizmarts is indispensable addition to your e-commerce shop. The extension is free of charge and you can get it here.

The Cart Closer


The Cart Closer prevents cart abandonment. You install the extension and it tracks mouse movements of every shopper. If your potential buyer tries to close the tab or window your e-commerce store is open in an offer including an incentive for him or her to stay and complete the purchase appears. You can download Cart Closer for free, but trial period lasts for 30 days only. Hit this link to download the extension.



By installing Optimizely, you can track clicks, engagement, sign ups, conversions, or anything else that is important to your e-commerce business. The extension provides almost endless range of different measurable actions that you can define. Optimizely automatically inserts all the necessary script into every page of your e-commerce store. As a result you get the required data. You can download Optimizely here for free.

SimpleRelevance Integration


With SimpleRelevance, you can send highly personalized, targeted emails to your shoppers. This leads to better customer engagement and higher loyalty. As a result you get more revenue for your e-commerce store. SimpleRelevance Integration is free, so give it a try.

Brightpearl: Commerce Acceleration Platform


Brightpearl extension is a special tool, which helps multi-channel retailers to accelerate their profits and growth. By using this module, you can manage customer data, inventory, orders and accounting in a reliable management system. With Brightpearl, you also get real-time reports on cash flow, inventory, profitability by channel and SKU, customer purchase behavior etc. The extension costs $99 and you can download it here.

Learning Search Connect


Learning Search Connect creates data feeds out of Community and Enterprise editions of Magento, and sends them to SLI’s (Systems Learning Search) FTP servers for further processing. The extension is recommended for Magento stores with revenue over $1 million per year and it is absolutely free to SLI clients. Hit this link for more information.

RED Mobile Responsive Tablet and Mobile Phone Theme


This extension turns your Magento store into responsive mobile website. RED Mobile Responsive is optimized for iPads and Android tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones,  Blackberry and Palm phones. The extension detects device and resizes your store for new dimensions. RED Mobile Responsive costs $149 and you can get the extension here. It is no longer available.

DropShip Commerce Connector for Magento


If you want to connect DropShip Commerce to your Magento webstore you can use this extension. Just pay $995 and the aforementioned solution will become part of your online business. Visit this page for more information.