Magento Shopping Cart Abandonment Extensions

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento Extensions

Abandonment of virtual shopping carts happens quite common. The abandonment rate for e-commerce retailers varies between 60% and 80%, and an average index is 67.91%. To find out shopping cart abandonment rate, you have to compare the number of abandoned shopping carts with the total shopping carts number. For example, there were 50,000 attempts to buy something from online store during the month, but only 10,000 transactions have been made, so 40,000 carts have been abandoned. It means that abandonment rate is 80% ((40,000/50,000)*100%=80%). But it is possible to decrease this index with the help of shopping cart abandonment Magento extensions. The best tools are described below.

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Abandonment (Extensions and Modules)

One of the major problems of such rate is the alternate usage of shopping carts. Customers use them as a tool to check out the total price or look for hidden costs. In other case people use shopping carts instead of wish lists. But there are also many reasons for which people leave their shopping carts:

  • Unexpected costs
  • Better price elsewhere
  • Too expensive overall price
  • Too complicated website navigation or too long process
  • Website crashes or time out
  • Expensive payment security checks
  • Concerns about payment security
  • Unsuitable delivery options
  • Price in foreign currency

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento Extensions

Some visitors of e-commerce sites are just killing time, so don’t expect that they are going to buy something, but you can try to incentivize the purchase.

You can improve the situation by using wish lists. Clear prices and additional costs also decrease abandonment rate. Shopping cart abandonment reminder emails are useful to, at least 50% of all consumers think so. You can also make shopping cart more flexible in order to give your visitors more confidence to purchase their items. Innovations and funny ways for consumers to browse and purchase leads to abandonment rate reduction. And don’t forget about Magento extensions, designed to solve this problem:

Abandoned Cart Email by Amasty does exactly the same. You can buy the extension for $89.

Amasty Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 Extension; Amasty Abandoned Cart Email Magento Module


Extendware Abandoned Cart Email Magento Extension is another reliable tool. For further information, check this article:  Extendware Abandoned Cart Email Magento Extension Review.

Extendware Abandoned Cart Email Magento Module Overview

Download / Buy Extendware Abandoned Cart Email Magento Extension


Abandoned Carts Alerts Pro is another similar solution for the same price. Visit this page for more information.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento Extensions

Rejoiner Cart Abandonment Email Remarketing is not only the easiest way for e-commerce retailers to turn abandoned carts into profit, but also a free one. You can download Rejoiner here.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento Extensions

My Abandoned Carts is a free, simple, and intelligent solution that provides you with the information why some customers aren’t checking out. By using this information you can decrease shopping cart abandonment rate of your e-commerce shop. Hit this link to get the extension.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento Extensions

By using the AheadWorks Follow Up Email extension, you will follow up your customers with 100% automated emails. Send them coupons, products, tracking codes, pictures and cart restoration links with ease. Incentivize the purchase with Follow Up Email extension.

AheadWorks Follow Up Email Magento Extension