Guidance: Get Stunning Magento Project & E-Commerce Roadmap

- E-Commerce, Magento 2 – is a place where you can get a fully-featured, fully-functional, and highly-competitive e-commerce website on the basis of Magento 2. We’ve recently become partners with the company, so let us describe its core features, services, awards, and clients. Below, we shed light on the main aspects that make Guidance worth your attention.


Introduction to Guidance

“WE DESIGN, DEVELOP AND DELIVER COMMERCE” – is the company’s motto that fully characterizes its nature: Guidance will help implement the most complicated e-commerce ideas on the basis of the Magento platform from scratch.

The Guidance team lives and breathes digital. The company’s specialists are not only top-notch developers – they fluently speak the language of shopping from the perspective of customers knowing what your potential buyers want and need. Their passion for technology and design turns into numerous mesmerizing projects.

With e-commerce solutions of all sizes and complexity levels, Guidance equally well works with digital newcomers and retail veterans. The company helps to grow, flourish, and reach the full potential for both B2B and B2C clients strengthening their presence in highly competitive markets.


Being commerce-, consumer-, tech-, and client-centric to the core, Guidance offers the following core solutions and services:

  • Strategy Of Success. Guidance offers excellent program management on the basis of in-depth technical knowledge and individual approach to every customer becoming an integral part of a client’s team. Time-tested methodologies are blended with a real-world perspective to provide solutions suitable for the most demanding customers.
  • Top-Notch Creativity. The company’s super-talented design team has the only goal – provide customers with beautiful, intuitive, and hardworking solutions. The first impression is always the most important, and projects developed by Guidance offers the best possible effect here. Furthermore, any further interaction with them leaves an only positive impact.
  • Commerce Of Any Complexity. As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how big your e-commerce company is. Furthermore, neither the B2B nor B2C orientation of the project is essential – all customers get equally well treatment. Guidance has a vast experience in the digital commerce space since the company works in this area since 1993. Thus, projects of any complexity are represented in its portfolio.
  • Continuous Optimization. In the modern, fast-paced world, the digital environment cannot be static. That’s why constant optimizations are a mandatory part of every successful e-commerce project. And Guidance is a company that can help you with that.
  • Dynamic Acceleration. If you think that your e-commerce storefront operates at its maximum performance, you are mistaken. The Guidance specialists know hundreds of accelerations for ongoing enhancements, growth, and support. They will always find a place that can be improved. Thus, you will maximize the growth of your digital business.
  • Managed Services. Guidance provides managed services for more than 85% of its clients. The company’s suite covers such vital directions as website design, integrations, and hosting – the three arteries of your business.
  • GDPR Compliance. And for European markets, Guidance helps its clients successfully implement various enhancements to become GDPR compliant.

Guidance B2B Ecommerce Platform Requirements & Selection

Another solution that makes Guidance so valuable among its customers is B2B Ecommerce Platform Requirements and Selection. The company’s specialists will help you choose the right platform as the foundation for your e-commerce growth reducing risks and gaining more revenue more quickly. Of course, Magento 2 will be suitable for most cases, but what if some clients need absolutely different tools? Don’t worry; Guidance will help you make the correct decision.

Guidance B2B E-Commerce Roadmap

Furthermore, you will get a clear plan for post-launch enhancements with a Guidance B2B Ecommerce Roadmap. Note that Guidance’s clients grow at a rate of the 3x industry average, and you have all chances to accelerate your business growth to this pace. The company’s strategists are industry veterans with occupation in the following areas:

  • E-commerce;
  • B2B;
  • Multi-channel digital programs.

With a time-tested methodology and a real-world perspective, you will get the best advice on how to build revenue and profitability.

Happy Clients

These are some B2C clients of Guidance:

And these are B2B customers of the company:


And how about some awards?

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

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