Exploring Shopware Enterprise & B2B Suite

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A lot of modern B2B companies are increasingly using digital platforms to do business online. Now more than ever B2B companies need flexible and convenient eCommerce solutions that are able to make online sales conveniently, quickly, and profitably. One such solution is offered by Shopware providing their way – Shopware B2B Suite. The Shopware Suite is a quick and easy way to automate and streamline your business operations in B2B sector. In the following article, we will take a look at what makes Shopware Suite so good and whether Shopware has created a product that can take over the top of the market in B2B eCommerce. Consider the future of this segment with the Shopware solution and how it affects the eCommerce market. See the features that the product offers and conclude it. We’ll also look at the process of working with the B2B Suite and how it can improve the user experience with digital sales. 

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Magento 2: The Most Powerful Open-Source Solution For Your E-Commerce Business

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magento 2 pros

No prize for guessing that Magento 2 is currently the most powerful platform that enables you to run an e-commerce website. It is open-source, feature-rich, flexible, and durable. But is Magento 2 as good as numerous articles all over the web chant it? In the following material, we touch upon different aspects of the system to dissipate the myths that surround it.  Continue Reading

The Impact of Coronavirus on Retail, E-Commerce, & Magento

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Coronavirus, magento 2, e-commerce, retail

Have you already received messages from local online retailers informing you about the possibility of ordering online despite the quarantine? More and more businesses are trying to leverage the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak to avoid (or at least mitigate) the inevitable recession caused by the virus. Will they succeed? We try to find the answer below. The following article describes the coronavirus impact on e-commerce and retail. Let’s figure out what’s going on around and why people are so obsessed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue Reading

Mage2Go: Get Your New Magento 2 Website Right Now! 

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Mage2Go. This platform lets you get a fully-fledged Magento 2 store with all functionalities for a low monthly fee. As a store owner, you can configure and customize it yourself. Alternatively, the company specialists can do it for a one-time setup fee. You can choose several optional support packages. As for Firebear, we participate in the process with our module and its migration add-on to ensure your data is migrated with care to your new Magento 2 store. Continue Reading

Less Annoying CRM Overview & Magento 2 Integration

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magento 2 less annoying crm integration

Most business software is annoying. It has a relatively long learning curve and always requires the help of third-party specialists. Even CRM systems are not an exception. Big companies cause this situation: they require complex solutions able to solve their needs. As a result, small companies have to pay for a million features that they don’t want. They are often forced to hire an IT team to get everything set up correctly.  However, there is a solution that helps small businesses eliminate unwanted inconveniences. Meet Less Annoying CRM – a platform designed with average market players in mind. It’s affordable, easy to understand, and less annoying. In the following article, we describe its core features as well as shed light on the Magento 2 Less Annoying CRM integration Continue Reading

Inverse Paradox – Your Guide Into E-Commerce & Magento

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Inverse Paradox operates on the market for more than ten years. The company helps small and medium businesses approach their web and graphic design needs in the right way. Instead of providing stock art for their identity, Inverse Paradox offers custom solutions tailored to the individual needs of every enterprise. If you don’t want to use a pay-by-month turnkey website solution that won’t sell your services or want to avoid agencies that overcharge and under-deliver, you’ve come to the right place.  Continue Reading

SmartOSC – A Company That Creates Data-Driven Magento Websites

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SmartOSC is an international e-commerce agency that creates Magento websites of every complexity. Established in 2006, the company rapidly became an innovation-driven, full-service enterprise that strives to build top-notch e-commerce projects for merchants all over the world. Now, it is a strategic partner to Magento, Shopify Plus, Sitecore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, AEM, BigCommerce, Ucommerce, Kentico, and numerous other platforms. And we are proud to announce that SmartOSC and Firebear are now partners! Continue Reading

OuterEdge UK Ltd  – Magento E-Commerce Experts

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Let us introduce you to another UK based company that specializes in Magento development. OuterEdge UK Ltd is passionate about helping merchants achieve their long term e-commerce goals successfully. Specialists behind the agency build creative, strategic, and integrated websites based on our favorite platform. So if you want to engage consumers and transform your business, you know the reliable partner. Continue Reading