Mage2Go: Get Your New Magento 2 Website Right Now! 

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Mage2Go. This platform lets you get a fully-fledged Magento 2 store with all functionalities for a low monthly fee. As a store owner, you can configure and customize it yourself. Alternatively, the company specialists can do it for a one-time setup fee. You can choose several optional support packages. As for Firebear, we participate in the process with our module and its migration add-on to ensure your data is migrated with care to your new Magento 2 store.

Mage2Go differs from other Magento agencies since it creates high-end Magento 2 e-commerce solutions suitable for Magento 1 customers for a low monthly price. The company develops a new custom store and makes it possible to migrate your current Magento 1 store data into it. Together with our Free Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration add-on, the platform accelerates transfer as fast as possible. The monthly fee you pay includes hosting, updates, and maintenance. Let’s explore Mage2Go in more detail.

Mage2Go benefits

The discontinuation of the support for Magento 1 forces merchants to migrate to Magento 2. This situation also impacts agencies and developers, forcing them to create new solutions to help merchants switch to the new platform. However, many Magento 1 stores still haven’t made

the shift, so it is the best time to choose a partner to run the migration. Mage2Go is a new player in this area, and below, we shed light on its core benefits.

The platform originated towards merchants who look for affordable Magento 2 webshops. Still, many business owners (especially smaller retailers) don’t understand why an average Magento 2 website is approximately ten times more expensive than a corresponding Magento 1 solution five years ago. However, Mage2Go offers a budget-friendly way to get all the latest features of our favorite e-commerce platform for a low monthly all-in amount with the following benefits:

  • Low setup costs. You only need to pay extension license fees and cover expenditures associated with the optional configuration packages, design, or data migration.
  • Fixed monthly price. At a relatively low cost (we describe it below), you get a fully-featured Magento 2 project, covering expenditures associated with hosting, updates, and maintenance.
  • Fast time-to-market. With Mage2Go, you get a working Magento 2 project within just a few weeks.
  • Top partners. Mage2Go works with the most reliable Magento 2 companies to deliver the best e-commerce experiences. Its partners include Amasty, Sendcloud, Multisafepay, Hypernode, and, of course, Firebear

How does Mage2Go work?

Now, let’s explore what Mage2Go specialists do to deliver the best Magento 2 experience:

  1. First of all, they analyze your project, discovering all the third-party extensions you use. 
  2. Next, the specialists find similar or better solutions the platform’s partners offer. 
  3. After that, a customer chooses one of 26 Magento 2 themes, which are then adapted to be suitable for the corporate identity. 
  4. The last steps include final customizations and data migration. 

Mage2Go restrictions

We should also draw your attention to the fact that there are some restrictions associated with this approach. Although Mage2Go offers a full Magento 2 installation with all possibilities, you are currently limited to 26 themes and 37 extensions. However, they are more than enough to recreate any decent e-commerce project. What makes Mage2Go unique is that if after a period of using your store and there becomes a need for specific essential customizations that are not possible within the Mage2Go system, they will help you move your store to another development company and you can continue expanding your business.


Since Mage2Go offers a relatively simple way to get a Magento 2 website, it doesn’t take much time to get a fully-operating storefront. Thus, you can get your new e-commerce shop up and running on a temporary domain within ten working days. After that, you need some time to implement further customizations and fill in the content.


Unlike other agencies, Mage2Go charges a monthly fee for the provided services. However, it is not a fixed amount. The cost depends on the extensions and hosting package you choose. A basic option starts at €350 per month, including updates, patches, and hosting. The minimum contract term is at least 12 months. 

Also, note that it is necessary to pay a one-time fee for the license costs of the chosen Magento 2 modules. Besides, Mage2Go specialists can help you set up your Magento 2 website. The company offers corresponding optional service packages for configuration, design, and data migration.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

You can also become our partner! Follow this link for more information: Firebear Partner Loyalty Program. Feel free to discuss all the nuances of your business to make our Partner Program suitable for your model.