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 Meet Balance Internet – our new partner and a leading Australian open source solutions provider. The company specializes in building and supporting Magento Commerce and Drupal CMS solutions. Its core goal is to help customers move from legacy platforms and develop seamless integrations with their existing CMS, ERP, CRM or POS systems. And of course, our Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension is utilized to achieve some of these goals.


About Balance Internet

While the leading Australian open source solutions provider is based in Collingwood, Melbourne, there are multiple other offices situated all over the continent. Thus, you can contact Balance Internet directly or via partners in such cities as Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and Auckland.

Platforms & Integrations

As mentioned above, the two company’s main directions of work are Magento Commerce and Drupal CMS. You can get any possible help regarding the migration of your current e-commerce website to the latest Magento version. Furthermore, various integrations with your existing solutions can be simplified and automated by the company’s specialists. Effortlessly connect CMS, ERP, CRM, or POS systems to your e-commerce store with Balance Internet. The talented team behind the company will help you solve existing problems as well as prevent possible future ones. Industry-leading analysts, designers, and developers are always under your disposal.

Asia-Pacific Leadership

It’s always an honor to partner with a company trusted by some of the country’s leading brands, institutions, and corporations. Furthermore, the influence of Balance Internet is not limited by the Borders of Australia. The company is one of the longest standing and most experienced software solutions provider in the whole Asia-Pacific region. To reach the current level of impact, Balance Internet utilizes such open source technologies as Magento and Drupal at its core, delivering innovative and high performing solutions on top of them. The company’s best-practice and fully-integrated solutions are designed to grow your business and grow with your business, providing excellent services to your customers.


Increase the efficiency of your e-commerce business with Balance Internet. The company specialists will help you optimize the performance of your online storefront, enhance conversion and sales, build trust with your clients, and push your business to multiple new milestones. Balance Internet has all the necessary tools and experience to achieve your particular goals. Consider the company not an office of open source developers, but a business partner, who always discusses the best ways of implementing your craziest ideas.


First of all, you develop a strategy together with Balance Internet. Next, the company specialists design, develop and launch a high performing solution which is fully suitable for your particular business case. Then, they analyze your data and apply improvements and innovations to get the most out of the provided solutions.

Conversion optimization, user experience improvements, order value increase, and multiple other things vital for every business are proposed, implemented, and maintained by Balance Internet. They love what they do, delivering the most value to your business through the following key directions:

  • Strategy & Digital Transformation;
  • User Experience & Interface Design;
  • Development;
  • Customer Success & Support.

Open Source Opportunities

And if you already have an open source ecosystem around your business, Balance Internet can tailor it to drives specific outcomes using the best-of-breed technologies and services. The company specialists gather all data about your business, match the collected information with your business requirements, and create a new ecosystem or modify an existing one, achieving the maximum business performance.

Scalability & Performance

Scalability and performance are two key characteristics Balance Internet is oriented towards.  Being fundamental to the success of your digital enterprise, it provides your business with new opportunities based on integrations with third-party marketplaces, advanced channel management features, CRM solutions, marketing tools, order management instruments, rich payment options, intuitive fulfillment platforms, etc.

Customer Success Team

When all components are integrated and synchronized, you can always rely on the dedicated Customer Success team. Its specialists will not only continuously optimize your ecosystem but also provide support regarding any related questions. The team operates consistently helping both your customers and admin users.

Case Studies

Many cool projects are already powered by Balance Internet. Feel free to check the company’s portfolio and discover Australia’s leading brands there.


Below, you can see some prominent awards provided to Balance Internet.

Magento Spirit of Excellence Award

Balance Internet is the Spirit of Excellence award winner. The company got this dignity at the Magento Imagine Partner Summit Awards due to the achievements in offering various services with strong vertical expertise.

Magento Partner of Excellence Award

Besides, Balance Internet is the Partner of Excellence award winner. The award recognizes the 10 top technology partners who provide Magento Enterprise for their clients. It shows that the company not only accomplished global recognition but also left many competitors behind.

Enterprise Magento Solutions Partner Badge

The Enterprise Magento Solutions Partner badge means that Balance Internet is one of the most experienced full-service Magento Enterprise Partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s direct relationship with Magento provides it with exclusive access to global resources and knowledge. As a company’s client, you can freely leverage this experience.

Magento Solutions Partner Contributor Badge

In its turn, the Magento Solutions Partner Contributor badge characterizes Balance Internet as an active contributor to the Magento platform. The company is an important part of the Magento community all over the world and in its particular region. Balance Internet hosts community events and contributes to Magento Core proposing features that increaser the experience of customers, administrators, developers, and marketers within the whole ecosystem.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

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