Amasty Customer Attributes Magento Extension

Amasty Customer Attributes Extension for Magento 1 and 2

Recently, we wrote about Amasty Order Attributes – Magento extension that provides the ability to gather additional information about your customers. Another way to get precise data is introduced with the Amasty Customer Attributes module. Being a powerful tool designed to get the necessary information right from your customers, it adds new fields on the registration page. As a result, you can easily find out a customer’s age, interests, and preferences, or even receive necessary documents.

Amasty Customer Attributes provides the ability to add an unlimited number of fields, displays the collected data most efficiently, and supports multiple field types. As a result, you get all information necessary for conducting an effective customer segmentation and building a thought-out marketing strategy. The extension is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

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Precise Data Collection

By installing Amasty Customer Attributes, you get an excellent opportunity to collect all personal and business-related information required for your business needs. You are free to decide what new fields to add to the default Magento registration form. Note that their number is unlimited. Available attribute types include text fields and areas; checkboxes and radio buttons; drop-downs; multi-select; date fields; static text; yes/no options; file upload; and the selection of a customer group.

In addition to collecting personal (date of birth, hobbies) and business-related (name of a company, preferred payment method) information, you can also gather data required for further improvements of user experience you provide on your ecommerce website. Thus, the extension can be used for finding out key reasons a customer decided to choose your store, as well as asking about unsatisfying aspects of services you provide and goods you sell. The module lets you ask both open or closed questions and allow customers to upload various files, such as photos, passport scans, or documents, as well as sketches for custom products. Another possibility provided by the Customer Attributes Magento module is selecting a customer group during registration so that it can be automatically approved and used for further customer segmentation.

As a Magento administrator, you can see all attribute information on the Customer Attributes grid. The grid contains all necessary information about the type of attributes, their sorting order, and a place they are shown. You can easily choose the order for all your attributes to be displayed. Note that in the backend custom attribute fields are automatically shown in the same order as you’ve created them. As a result, you get highly optimized customer info processing.

Furthermore, Amasty Customer Attributes provides the ability to hide custom registration fields on Account Information and Billing pages in case they’d been filled in during registration. It is also worth mentioning that the module shows detailed statistics on various selectable attributes using convenient diagrams.

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User-Friendly Improvements

You can make your registration form more user-friendly and visually attractive with the Amasty Customer Attributes extension for Magento 1 and 2 since it provides the ability to upload additional images for checkboxes and radio buttons in addition to text descriptions.

It is also possible to hide a long list of attributes since the extension supports dependent attributes. Consequently, you can show a new attribute only when a particular value of another attribute was selected.

Moreover, you can fully leverage static text Magento custom fields to provide your customers with the information they should learn during registration, like terms and conditions, privacy policy, or returns and refunds policy. Besides, you can let them use any custom attribute for login, for instance, usernames instead of emails, or choose an additional custom attribute to recover forgotten passwords.

The Amasty Customer Attributes extension fully supports the multi-store functionality of Magento. As a result, you can not only communicate with customers in their native languages but also add country-specific attributes to appropriate store views. Another important aspect of this Magento module is the ability to show standard address fields during the registration procedure. This option eliminates the need to specify address data during the checkout process.

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Attribute Management

As for attribute management features available with the Amasty Customer Attributes extension for Magento 1 and 2, they are:

  • Customer Attributes grid that lets you filter customers by the attributes to create customer segments;
  • Both admins and customers can change attribute values, but it is possible to restrict customers to do this;
  • Customers can select the most suitable customer group during registration;
  • Automated approval for chosen customer groups;
  • Full support for customer-related emails, so you can add attributes there;
  • Customer attributes can be added to the orders grid to view all info related to an order from one place;
  • Import / export functionality;
  • API support.

Other Features and Final Words

In addition to the mentioned above features, Amasty Customer Attributes Magento extension provides the ability to activate new user accounts manually, forbid login and checkout for non-activated customers, send notifications about new customer registrations, as well as notify your customers about their account activation.

As you can see, the extension adds lots of new options to the standard customer attribute management introduced in Magento. You can get a bunch of new features just for $99 in case of Magento 1 version. The price of the Customer Attributes Magento 2 extension is $199, but now you can buy it with a discount for $179! Both Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules include three months of free support and free lifetime updates.

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