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Magento 2During the last 5 years, Magento became the leading online business solution. With 4+ million downloads, it is now a synonym to “e-commerce“. The new version is on the way, so you should be prepared for the new era of online trade. In this article, we gathered the most important video tutorials about Magento 2.0.

The Real Magento Community

The Ultimate Magento 1 Developer Resource List

The Ultimate Magento 2 Developer Resource List

Everything about Magento 2 on Firebear

Since the Magento 2 ecosystem grows, we’ve finally decided to update this post with two new video sources that cover many important topics related to the platform.


This website offers lots of important videos dedicated to Magento 2. New content is added every second week, or at least once a month. The cost depends on the number of users and the billing interval. It starts from 6,66 € for 50+ users per user per year. And you can get a month for yourself for only 11,90 €.

When a new account is created, it is a single user account. Then, the account owner can add new users to the account in order to reduce costs per user. For any further information, follow this link:

Watch Mage2.TV

Max Pronko’s DevChannel

Mak Pronko makes videos for developers explaining how to customize Magento 2 in the best possible way. He also has a blog with lots of useful articles. Check the channel here:

Watch The DevChannel of Max Pronko

There is an appropriate Magento 2 Album on Vimeo. It includes 11 tutorials and webinars about the new version of the platform. The tutorials about Magento 2 cover such topics as The Magento Framework; Product Type Creation Guide; Installing Sample Data, Magento 2 Dev BetaInstallation with CLI/Sample Content/Pricing. In their turn, Magento 2 Webinars provides information about Composer Updates and Performance/Scalability Improvements, Frontend, and Layout Architecture. There are also different video tutorials about Magento 2 on YouTube. You can learn how to install Magento 2 Beta with Sample Data, or install the newest version of the platform with n98-magerun2; use auto settings and create Simple Product in Magento 2.0.

Magento Framework

In this video, you will find all the necessary information about the Framework of Magento 2. It lasts over 4 minutes and shows all key aspects of Magento Framework. If you are new to this topic, the video will help a lot.

Product Type Creation Guide

This guide teaches how to create a product type. Within 11 minutes, you will thoroughly master the subject.

Installing Sample Data

In this tutorial, you will find out how to install sample data. Keep in mind, that on 1:22 there is a mistake: the “required” section is mentioned instead of “require”.

Magento 2 Dev Beta – Installation with CLI

This video is extremely necessary for every developer. It shows how to install Magento 2 Beta for developers with the help of Command Line Interface. The duration of this tutorial is only 13 minutes.

Magento 2 Dev Beta – Sample Content

In this tutorial, Olena Tkacheva, product manager of Magento 2, talks about Sample Content. During 3 minutes, she discloses everything you should know about this part of Magento 2.

Magento 2 Dev Beta – Pricing

Pricing is another important part of the new Magento. Sergey Ivashchenko, a backend developer, talks about new aspects typical for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Webinar – Composer Updates & Performance/ Scalability Improvements

Magento 2 Webinar – Performance/ Scalability Improvements & Composer

Both of these webinars last for an hour and a half. They show everything about Composer updates and provide all the necessary information about performance and scalability improvements in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Webinar on Frontend and Layout Architecture

Magento 2 Webinar on Frontend and Layout Architecture Continued

These are two parts of one webinar. Both provide useful information about the architecture of frontend and layout. The overall duration of these videos is 2 hours.

Magento2 Dev Beta Webinar Recording

And this is the full overview of Magento 2 Dev Beta.

Magento 2 Beta Install with Sample Data

Learn how to install Magento 2 Beta with Sample Data. This video lesson by Matt Ricks lasts for 36 minutes.

Magento 2 installation with n98-magerun2

Find out how to install Magento 2 with the help of n98-magerun2. This tutorial by Christian Munch is extremely short – just 1 minute.

Autosettings in Magento 2.0

Get an overview of Autosettings in Magento 2.0 with Alex BelVG. The duration of this lesson is 4 minutes.

Creating a Simple Product in Magento 2.0

Learn how to create a Simple Product in Magento 2 with the previous author. The tutorial lasts about 6 minutes.

Frontend Developer Workflow

Managing Magento 2 themes via clclient-sideompilation mode.