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Today, we’d like to draw your attention to ConnectPOS – our partner that provides a leading Magento point of sale for omnichannel retailers. We’ve described several Magento 2 POS extensions before, but the company offers a way more powerful, flexible, and feature-rich solution. Multi-store and multi-warehouse management, real-time sync, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and numerous other features make ConnectPOS a dominant tool in its niche. Let’s see what makes the company and its product so valuable.

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Introduction to ConnectPOS

The company’s number one goal is to transform the retail as we got used to seeing it today. And the key object of changes and enhancements is the current omnichannel model. ConnectPOS claims to integrate sales channels ensuring a single database and all the necessary management capabilities for both online and offline environment. To achieve this goal, the company utilizes such cutting-edge technology as AI, big data, real-time image processing, etc. Since now, our Improved Import & Export extension will also help ConnectPOS users to integrate their e-commerce stores with external systems. Thus, if you want to create an optimized retail environment at reasonable costs, check the platform. Due to its feature-rich nature, both sellers and buyers can benefit from using ConnectPOS. The system can be characterized by the following parameters:

  • 10,000+ working hours;
  • 670,000+ lines of code;
  • 10+ Magento developers;
  • 1000+ Magento clients all over the world.

Online & Offline Integration

With ConnectPOS, you can easily integrate your online and brick-and-mortar stores enhancing your omnichannel retail system with lots of new features and opportunities. Get the first product in the ecosystem that makes transactions in physical stores not only intuitive but also automated where it is possible.

With ConnectPOS, your customers can click and collect and synchronize shopping data across platforms and devices to get a seamless shopping experience. As a Magento 2 retailer, you can digitalize the behavior of your offline clients, track data in real time at customer touchpoints, get intelligent business recommendations and insights, and leverage multiple other aspects designed to increase the efficiency of both online and offline branches of your business.

Product Enhancements

Create better product management conditions with the following ConnectPOS features:

  • Product Management. The system is fully integrated with Magento, support all Magento product types. Consequently, it is possible to search for products by multiple parameters including name, ID, SKU, or barcode.
  • Barcode Support. As we’ve just mentioned, barcodes are not only supported but also fully integrated into the system. Thus, you can effortlessly assign existing barcodes to products and print labels. Next, it is only necessary to scan a barcode to add a product to cart.
  • Multi-warehouse Inventory. Another important aspect of ConnectPOS related to product management is the ability to synchronize inventory in real time between multiple stores. As a result, you can check and transfer stocks of each store right directly in POS.
  • AI Product Recommendation. This feature pushes your business to an entirely new level of personalization. Combined with Facial Recognition technology, ConnectPOS is designed to deliver an enhanced personalized experience with individual products recommendations for each customer.

Improved Checkout

Another area that ConnectPOS revamps is the checkout page. With each new Magento release, it becomes more user-friendly. Furthermore, there are lots of different checkout extensions that completely revamp its functionality, and our partner also offers something interesting:

  • 3-Step Checkout. The number of checkout steps in POS is reduced to three. As a result, you can serve more customers in the same amount of time. The page itself is easy to use and navigate. Besides, ConnectPOS reduces errors during peak times.
  • New Products. ConnectPOS provides the ability to create new products right in the POS interface. Even if an item is not available in your Magento database, you can still sell it via POS.
  • Promotions. ConnectPOS is fully integrated into Magento when it comes to various promotions. You can freely leverage coupon codes, gift cards, and reward points available in the system. Discount by percentage or number, apply promotions to selected items or the whole cart.
  • Tax System. ConnectPOS provides the ability to synchronize tax settings with Magento so that taxes are calculated in POS on the basis of the Magento tax rules. Even Offline Mode is not a problem.
  • Order Management. With ConnectPOS, you can add notes, save and retrieve on-hold orders, send a cart to a wishlist for further online purchase, etc.
  • Shipping. Shipping methods available in ConnectPOS are synchronized with the ones used in Magento. As for shipping fees, they are calculated and updated directly in the POS system. As a manager, you can edit and add shipping addresses right there.
  • Receipts. ConnectPOs lets you customize receipt templates for different purposes. Add your logo and specify the website and store address if necessary. After a new order is placed, you can print or sent a receipt by email.
  • Checkout on Multiple Devices. ConnectPOs allows selling from a stationary position, on the counter with web POS, or on the go with iPad POS. Thus, you can check out on multiple devices. Furthermore, there is the second screen that enables information transparency and reduces errors upon checkout.

Advanced Payment System

The advanced payment system of ConnectPOS also improves your daily routine. The system offers the following core features:

  • Custom Payments. ConnectPOS enables you to create various custom payment options. For instance, you can provide customers with the ability to pay with cheque or external devices.
  • Integrated Payments. At the same time, ConnectPOS offers various integrations out of the box. The system allows working with Tyro for web POS and iPad POS, PayPal Here, Payment Express for iPad POS, Braintree, etc. Support for Moneris should be added soon.
  • Split Payments. ConnectPOS provides the ability to accept multiple payment types per transaction. Thus, a customer can pay for the same order using a credit card and cash or several credit cards.
  • Partial Payments. With ConnectPOS, your customers can make layaways and pay the rest later. Any payment method can be utilized.
  • Refund & Exchange. Refund using original payment method, refund to reward points or exchange items for dissatisfied customers.
  • Multi-Currency Support. Note that multiple currencies are supported in ConnectPOS, so you can easily view order values and accept payments in different ways and different currencies.

Simple Customer Management

Your interaction with customers is also simplified dramatically when you use ConnectPOS. The following features are under your disposal:

  • Customer Database. The database of your customers is synchronized between your POS and Magento 2 store. As a result, you can freely create and edit customers from any system. Guest checkout is possible as well.
  • Customer Loyalty. To make your customers more loyal to your brand, you can award them with coupons, reward points, and discounts. Keep them coming back with ConnectPOS.
  • Wishlists. Wishlists are fully integrated into POS. As a result, you can send products right there for further online purchase. Alternatively, it is possible to transfer order data to a customer’s cart.
  • Customer App. ConnectPOS offers a standalone application for customers. As a result, they can search for information they need and proceed to the checkout page on their own devices. No more queuing in an offline store!

Reports & Data Insights

Various reports and data insights are also provided within the POS system. ConnectPOS offers lots of important information about your business. There is a central data management hub where you can view reports from your offline and online stores. Everything is gathered in a single place so that you can get a better view of your business.

Besides, you can easily monitor your daily cash float. Easily track all the adjustments and staff changes throughout the day. Moreover, 20 different reports provide the deepest insights into your business. Also, note that the dashboard is entirely customizable, so you can get all critical metrics in a clear panel in a way you need it.

Advanced export functionality is another strong feature of ConnectPOS. Export data to CSV file for further analysis to gain insight into your store’s growth. Discover best-selling products, staff performance, customer behaviors, etc.

Multi-Store Features

Advanced multi-store and multi-warehouse management capabilities of ConnectPOS let you create new stores and assign individual warehouses to each store. As a result, managing orders and inventory across multiple sales channels is not a problem. Besides, you can add registers to increase sales during peak season. Note that they can be easily deactivated if necessary whenever you need. Local languages are supported due to the extense use of the translation tool.

Happy Clients

On the picture below, you can see some companies that already use ConnectPOS. You can effortlessly join them, increasing the efficiency of your business!


ConnectPOS is Magento Enterprice Solution Partner and Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner!


ConnectPOS provides a 15-day free trial so that you can check whether the system suits your business or not (it suits any business, so we recommend discussing various nuances with the support team). The cheapest plan starts from $39 per month which is quite a budget-friendly investment. Even the most expensive plan costs only $89 per month if you pay annually.

All Firebear readers can get a 15% discount on all products by ConnectPOS with the following promo code FIREBEARSTUDIO15

Get ConnectPOS For Your Magento Store

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