The Best Magento Hackathon Extensions (free & open source)

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Magento Hackathon: the best projects

Magento Hackathon – is a series of community driven events where Real Magento community enthusiasts create amazing free open source Magento extensions and tools within just a couple of days. The core aspect of all Magento Hackathon events is intensive team collaboration: the best specialists develop top notch solutions during short periods of time. The most prominent results of such cooperation are listed below. Please note that all Hackathon extensions have been tested by a broad Magento community, so you can easily use them not only during development, but also in production (if a project is stable, of course).

You can find out more information about Magento Hackathon on the official website of the event. I also recommend you to check Meet Magento Association, as it is tightly connected with Magento Hackathon.

Magento Composer Installer

Magento Composer Installer MAgento Hackathon extension

This legendary extension was developed during one of Magento Hackathon events. The purpose of the project is to enable composer to install Magento extensions integrating them into Magento installation. This Magento Hackathon module also improves the list of default Magento features with the ability to install Composer-compatible 3rd party extensions and tools by adding Composer’s vendor autoloader . You can read more about Composer on the official website: If you don’t know how to use this tool with Magento, check the Magento Composer guide by Alan Storm. It is also necessary to mention that Composer is now a part of Magento 2 out-of-the-box.

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Meanbee PersonalisedContent Extension

Meanbee PersonalisedContent Magento Hackathon Extension

This Magento Hackathon extension became a winner of MageHack event in London. The module automatically provides visitors with the ability to see the most relevant static blocks based on products they have previously purchased and even viewed. Personalization is extremely popular in ecommerce; therefore, Meanbee PersonalisedContent is a must have solution for every online merchant. You can check the extension on GitHub, and don’t forget to read our article about ecommerce personalization.

Get Meanbee PersonalisedContent Magento Hackathon Module


Hackathon_MultistoreBlocks Magento module

Another amazing Magento tool developed during one of Hackathon events is Hackathon_MultistoreBlocks. The module is aimed to help ecommerce merchants with multiple store views, as it simplifies both adding and editing blocks from multiple store views. Since Hackathon_MultistoreBlocks regards blocks with the same identifier, it is possible to edit them on a single page. At the same time, database tables remain the same; thus, as a Magento merchant, you simplify some routine processes without changing CMS block structure.

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Layeredlanding Magento Hackathon Module

Next in our list of the best Magento Hackathon extensions is Layeredlanding. This module change how you create landing pages. The extension relies on store, category, and layered navigation attribute filters. As a result, landing pages are based on layered navigation features. For instance, they allow users to refine the provided product collection. For additional information, follow the extension on GitHub.

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Hackathon_PromoCodeMessages Magento plugin

Sometimes, entering a promo code does not lead to the desired result, and your customers get a default error message. By using Hackathon_PromoCodeMessages, you can easily customize this message, since the extension provides the ability to display additional information about the error. For instance, if the problem is caused by an incorrect group for a certain rule, you can provide additional help by displaying required groups. Unfortunately, the default Magento lacks such opportunity. Additionally, Hackathon_PromoCodeMessages supports more complex condition-based rules for error messaging.

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MageMonitoring Magento Hackathon Project

The main purpose of this Hackathon Magento extension is advanced monitoring. The module provides Magento data related to server, SEO, database, cache, PHP, patches, logs, rewrites, modules, and other health indexes. MageMonitoring is a simple and at the same time flexible plugin designed to automate various monitoring tasks. Besides, there is a convenient notification system bundled into the extension. It is also necessary to mentioned that MageMonitoring’s UI is fully configurable frontend; in addition, you can use the config.xml declaration.

Get MageMonitoentoring Hackathon Magento Module


EAVCleaner Hackathon Magento Module

Your Magento probably suffers from tons of unnecessary garbage. As a developer or a merchant you can easily get rid of unused data with the aid of EAVCleaner – a unique Magento Hackathon solution aimed at providing various cleanup functions. EAVCleaner monitors flaws that occur due to EAV and removes images and attributes, that are not in use. Additionally, you can just check data without any modifications. Follow the below link for a detailed description of EAVCleaner’s functions and features.

Get EAVCleaner Magento Hackathon Extension


Sandfox_GeoIP Magento Hackathon plugin

The ability to connect Magento with with the GeoIP Lite database by MaxMind appeared during one of Magento Hackathon events as well. Coders developed an extension, Sandfox_GeoIP, that provides integration between two systems. Check the official module’s page on GitHub to find out more information about installation, configuration and usage.

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DerivedAttributes extension

Having installed DerivedAttributes, you will be able to generate new attribute values based on already existing rules and attributes, such as product or customer attributes. The functionality simplifies some routine processes – product feed export, for instance. As for installation, you can install DerivedAttributes manually or via Composer, both methods are described on GitHub.

Download DerivedAttributes Magento Hackathon Extension


HoneySpam Magento module

Due to Magento Hackathon, we also have a reliable tool for spam protection, HoneySpam. The extension works with the most vulnerable parts of every Magento store: customer registration, product review form, and contact form. HoneySpam adds a new JavaScript-hidden field. If it gets filled, the module sends an error message and nothing is saved. Additionally, the extension checks how fast every form has been filled. You can disable this feature or set how long it should take to transmit every form. Besides, there is a regex-checker with the ability to set a custom spam index level.

Get HoneySpam Hackathon Magento Module


Perfect_Watermarks Magento Hackathon extension

Another useful Magento Hackathon project is called Perfect_Watermarks. This extension replaces Magento’s default GD2 image adapter with ImageMagick an open source software suite for creating, editing, and composing images. Perfect_Watermarks works with a variety of formats and supports the ability to resize, mirror, flip, rotate, transform, and distort images, adjust their colors, and apply various effects.

Get Perfect_Watermarks Magento Hackathon Extension


FireGento_FlexCMS plugin for Magento

Magento’s default CMS features are often enough, but you can  make adding content much easier and enhance the category navigation by installing FireGento_FlexCMS Hackathon extension. The module utilizes FlexCMS elements on CMS, category, and product pages, provides Simple Text-Element (WYSIWIG), and adds the ability to link categories with external URLs. Check the extension’s GitHub page for installation, uninstallation, compatibility, and other useful information. Other CMSs are listed here: content management systems on Firebear.

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Real Big Sample Data

This extension was born on the Magento Hackathon 2014. It is aimed to creating a series of functions for generate sample testing data. The extension can easily create a big dataset with the help of templates, randomizing, and iteration. Real Big Sample Data is still under development. The project is focused on category tree generation. More features and other related information are described on GitHub.

Real Big Sample Data Magento module

Get Real Big Sample Data Hackathon Magento Module

Magento: Two-Factor-Authentication

Having installed this Hackathon Magento extension, you enhance your ecommerce store with two-factor authentication. The module is based on Google’s 2-Step Verification algorithm is available for free. You just need to install both Google Authenticator app to your smartphone and the extension to your website. As a result, backend users will be asked to enter one-time security code after they have authenticated themselves in the. Thus, you get an extra protection layer, and you backend cannot be accessed by third parties.

Magento hackathon project: Two-Factor-Authentication for Magento

Get Magento: Two-Factor-Authentication Magento Hackathon Extension

Magento PSR-0 Autoloader

PSR-0 Autoloader Magento Hackathon extension

With the aid of this Magento module, you can add a PSR-0 Autoloader before the default one, Magento Autoloader. The extension offers the ability to add the composer Autoloader as well. If you don’t know how to disable the default Magento autoloader, check Magento PSR-0 Autoloader’s page on GitHub.

Get Magento PSR-0 Autoloader Magento Hackathon Module


E-mailPreview MAgento Hackathon project

Another prominent child of Magento Hackathon is EmailPreview. This extension supports the preview of email templates from the backend. It displays real data, so you can simplify your email management routine. A detailed ‘how-to’ regarding EmailPreview is described on the extension’s GitHub.

Get EmailPreview Magento Hackathon Extension


Hackathon_IndexerStats Magento plugin

Due to Magento Hackathon, you can customize the indexer list as well. The opportunity is offered by Hackathon_IndexerStats Magento Hackathon extension. The module enhances the indexer list by adding a new column. Thus, you get additional information related to running time for full reindex of the respective indexers. Please note, that estimated remaining time of a running indexer is based on past work of the system.

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MultiStock MAgento Hackathon Extension

FireGento MultiStock helps to add multiple stocks for each product. Of course, this feature is very specific, but some merchants still need it, while default Magento does not support such multistock capabilities. Having installed FireGento MultiStock, you improve the catalog product backend with the ability to show different stocks and to modify each value.

Get FireGento MultiStock Hackathon Magento Extension

Firegento Contentsync

Firegento Contentsync Magento module

By installing Firegento Contentsync, you will be able to share content between Magento installations through t Git, SVN, or other file systems. The extension allows both export and import. You can migrate even whole CMS pages and blocks between systems. Unfortunately, the project is unstable and isn’t maintained anymore, but you can find similar solutions on Contentsync’s GitHub page.

Get Firegento Contentsync Magento Hackathon Module

What Magento Hackathon extensions do you use? Let us know through the comment field below.