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For over a decade, MageMojo delivers the best hosting services to Magento users all over the globe. The company provides merchants, developers, and agencies with the most powerful, reliable, and feature-rich services via Stratus – a modern cloud-hosting platform from MageMojo. Here at Firebear, we were always impressed with what the company does. And now, we are happy to announce our partnership with MageMojo. 

While most of our readers are probably familiar with Improved Import & Export, SAP connector, and other tools and services that we provide to our partners, let’s say a few more words about MageMojo and its Stratus.

Stratus – Magento as a Service 

Stratus combines SaaS stability and ease of use with the power of Magento. First of all, it is necessary to mention that the platform delivers PCI level 1 compliance. According to MageMojo, it is the only PCI level 1 compliant Magento-as-a-Service platform all over the Internet. As a result, all its users protect the most sensitive customer data stored on their storefronts. Having even the tiniest data breach usually spells death for a brand especially if it is emerging. Therefore, such security enhancements are vital. Pay heed to the fact that MageMojo has taken a third-party audit as an additional step of becoming PCI Level 1 compliant.

An additional security level is associated with the Web Application Firewall & Malware Scanning system. They protect you and your clients from malicious hackers.

Another great thing about MageMojo and Stratus is that the platform helps to relieve your time and resources to generate more sales. It offers a Magento-optimized stack based on the latest technology and cloud services. As a store owner, you will experience a notable performance bump in comparison to all other hosting solutions. 

Also, note that Stratus MaaS makes your digital storefront always available online. The system proactively monitors and notifies specialists about common Magento problems. Thus, it helps to prevent failures. If any issues occur, Stratus MaaS saves your orders and recovers them quickly. Protect your sales and let your prospects check out 24×7.

Automated scaling is another vital aspect of MageMojo. Stratus MaaS scales vertically and horizontally without any external manipulations. It happens whenever you need to handle more traffic in a fully automated manner, without delays, and exceeding any limits.

Last but not least, you get a user-friendly control panel that is always at your disposal. It provides you with easy access to various management and control chores. For instance, you get the ability to monitor users, SSL certificates, and service configurations as well as apply changes to them. Logs, cron jobs, and numerous advanced metrics and optimizations are there too.

Firebear Partner Loyalty Program

Now, let’s return to our partner program to say a few words about it. The program is aimed at digital agencies of any size and impact. There is no difference in how many clients or projects are associated with your company. Anyone can join our family that already includes both big and small market players. Becoming our partner is everyone’s possibility. And we always look for mutually agreed conditions to offer flexible partnership terms that can be easily adapted following your business requirements. Contact us to learn more about our Loyalty Program.


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