The Best BigCommerce Apps for Shipping & Fulfillment

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BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that offers a range of tools and features to help businesses sell online. One important aspect of running an online store is shipping and fulfillment, and you can use third-party apps and plugins for BigCommerce to improve this. We will examine BigCommerce’s shipping and fulfillment plugins in-depth in this article, including applications for shipping costs and carriers, order tracking, and more. We’ll also go over how these features can improve customer experiences by helping businesses automate their shipping and fulfillment procedures. 

Best BigCommerce App for Shipping & Fulfillment


No matter where you sell or how you ship, ShipStation supports business-wide shipping success. You can quickly link your BigCommerce store with this plugin, sync your shipping changes back and forth without any problems, and quickly deliver goods to your consumers. More than 200 shopping carts, marketplaces, carriers, ERP and inventory platforms, fulfillment services, and other ecommerce technologies are integrated with ShipStation. You receive features like:

  • Manage, control, and ship. Orders may be imported from all of your selling channels into one platform. Utilizing flexible processes and personalized automation rules, process orders. Use the finest carrier, service, and prices to suit your needs when shipping orders. 
  • Returns are simple. For a fantastic customer experience, create a self-service Branded Returns Portal with your company’s colors, logo, and social media channels. Accounts with locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom can access the Branded Returns Portal.
  • Support from the start. With ShipStation, you acquire a team of agents to aid in your expansion in addition to an industry-leading shipping solution. We’re here to assist you onboard whether you’re just starting started or an ecommerce seasoned pro. 
  • Order Delivery Fees. When consumers are checking out, display real-time shipping costs and set up a variety of customisable shipping alternatives.

After a 60-day free trial, this software costs $9.99 per month to use. Get ShipStation App for BigCommerce.


With this software, you can enhance conversions at the checkout by up to 50% thanks to personalized prices, pickup and delivery alternatives, transparent delivery timings, and other features. ShipperHQ can handle needs that are basic, complex, and anything in between, regardless of how many products you sell, where they are sent from, or how many shipping alternatives you need. This plugin offers you such features as:

  • More customers from visits. Add estimated delivery dates, duty and tax calculations, in-store pickup, and more to your checkout.
  • Reduce costs and time. With dimensional weight-based pricing and sophisticated packaging guidelines to determine which goods are transported together or separately, under- and overcharging for shipping will become a thing of the past. 
  • Set your own rules. Establish dynamic shipping policies and limitations, such as restricting shipping to P.O. boxes, specific zip codes, and nations. Create more precise customer categories to reflect current contracts in your pricing.

After a 15-day free trial, this software costs $75 per month to use. Get ShipperHQ App for BigCommerce.


Gymshark, KylieSkin, and eBay all make use of the post-purchase portal known as AfterShip. It provides customized shipping monitoring and notifications, which boosts sales and improves the customer experience. Businesses may boost sales and foster brand loyalty by using real-time shipping tracking and notifications. Multinational enterprises should choose AfterShip because of its network of 980+ international couriers. 

  • Obtain complete order visibility in one location
  • Continually update clients on orders to keep them informed
  • Using branded communications, increase consumer interaction 
  • AfterShip Protection provides package security
  • Easy carrier integration 
  • Prediction of the delivery date

A 14-day free trial is available for this app. After this, monthly fees for paid plans begin at $11. Get AfterShip App for BigCommerce.

Printful | Print-on-Demand

Because Printful sells high-quality goods including apparel, accessories, home goods, and lifestyle products, you get more loyal customers. You can also start your business for free, pay only when an order comes in, and establish your own retail price; we simply charge you for production. Easily create eye-catching commercials, product mockups, and other visuals by using the built-in design tools. You get features like:

  • Beyond the fundamentals. T-shirt businesses are entertaining, but why stop there? Make more than 320 upscale products, such as furniture, pet supplies, apparel, and accessories. 
  • Able to manage your revenue. The profit margin for each sale is a choice you make. You merely cover the costs of production and delivery; we’ll let you set the selling price. 
  • Beat your competition. Personal branding can raise brand recognition. Add your own pack-ins, packing slips, or design your packaging to make your business stand out.

This app is available for free usage. Get Printful App for BigCommerce.

Inventory Source

By using this plugin, you may route orders to dropship providers straight from your BigCommerce store and automatically upload products, sync inventory, and route orders. You can gain from this app in the following ways:

  • Directly load products and photos from the supplier(s) you choose automatically. 
  • With simple controls, customize the price and category options. SKUs, brands, categories, price points, low stock levels, items without photos, and many more settings can all be filtered. 
  • No matter how many products are available on your store, you can quickly set or modify your pricing plan. 
  • Automatic pricing, quantity, and status updates from your supplier(s) to your site on a daily basis

This app is available without charge. Get Inventory Source App for BigCommerce.


Automate the import of orders, the return of tracking data to your store, the best-rate label printing automation, and the expansion of your company. Wherever you sell, ShippingEasy supports you and offers efficient order administration and customer marketing solutions to encourage repeat business.

  • Automatic import of orders. All order data is automatically retrieved, and your BigCommerce store and customers will receive shipment and tracking information. 
  • Delivery automation. You can focus on growing your business by saving time by automating your shipping processes, including label printing and simple return labels. 
  • International shipping is simple. Automate your customs forms to reduce complications and guarantee that your products are delivered properly to buyers abroad.
  • Customization. Add your brand on labels, personalize packing slips and confirmation emails, and more. 

This plugin costs $19.99 per month to use. Get ShippingEasy App for BigCommerce.


Shippo transforms shipping’s complexity into user-friendly features that work perfectly with your BigCommerce business, utilizing the tools you already have to maximize profitability and efficiency throughout the whole fulfillment process. You can take advantage of features like:

  • End-to-End Shipping for Every Business. Shippo equips BigCommerce retailers with the tools they need to deliver at every level of fulfillment, from carrier rates to customer interactions. Give your company the resources, modernization, and knowledgeable assistance it needs to expand in the future with Shippo. 
  • Workflows for online and offline shipment can be automated. Take complete control of the fulfillment process by using the tools, automation, and branded experiences to distinguish and advance your delivery. 
  • Manage labels and returns at e-commerce speeds. Create labels more quickly, print large quantities quickly, automate returns, offer shipping insurance, integrate orders with BigCommerce, and more. 
  • Set discounted rates in stone for any volume of shipments. With upfront pricing, deeper discounts on top carriers, and flexible options at any volume you ship, you can lock in better rates for your company and your clients.

This program is available for free use. Get Shippo App for BigCommerce.

AliExpress Dropshipping by Appfreaker

Adding AliExpress products to your store would be simple with the help of this software. Automate order fulfillment with a single click and notify customers with ease. Due to its low item prices compared to other online shopping channels, drop shipping enables your store to generate a return on investment of ten times. As a result, it creates the most lucrative online drop shipping business to date.

  • Lookup and Import. Within the application, you may quickly import hundreds of products by searching for them. The imported goods are already prepared for sale. 
  • Complete Orders. Automatically fill orders using a semi-automated procedure. Clicking the “Order Product” button causes the program to automatically fill up the shipping information on the drop-shipping website and add the ordered products to the basket. Lastly, the order was confirmed with a card payment. 
  • Edit the Image and Description. Edit variation photos, item specifications, and product descriptions with ease. Utilize a spinner tool to quickly rewrite a product description.

After a three-day free trial, this app costs $10 per month to use. Get AliExpress Dropshipping by Appfreaker App for BigCommerce.

Sunrise Wholesale

15,000+ products are available from Sunrise Wholesale Dropshipping and may be purchased directly from your BigCommerce business. All orders will be dropped-shipped by Sunrise to your consumers. You can take advantage of features like:

  • Incorporating products into your own BigCommerce store. 
  • Automatic inventory updates provided to your store 
  • With a single click, fulfill orders received directly from Sunrise. 
  • Integral Fraud Examine any integrated orders. 
  • Create individualized pricing markup percentages 
  • Sunrise provides dropshipped goods directly to your clients. 
  • More than 15,000 products are available for your store. 
  • Every item now has an automatic addition of the product title, description, price, and photographs. 
  • No need to purchase anything up front 
  • Add goods quickly and easily with one click 
  • Costs and categories for shipping are automatically configured 
  • Create individualized pricing markup percentages

Following a seven day free trial, this application costs $29.00 per month to use. Get Sunrise Wholesale App for BigCommerce.


With the aid of this brand-new BigCommerce listing tool, you may direct-push anything from any drop shipper onto your BigCommerce website.

  • Setup price markups as desired. 
  • You have complete control over delivery costs. 
  • Edit prices by individual items or with a global markup 
  • To make the product titles and descriptions on your website distinct, change them. 
  • View your projected profit and loss. 
  • Log in to your daily submission logs. 
  • Order processing in a single click (no other action required) 
  • Tracking codes are supplied to your BigCommerce website automatically. 
  • Your BigCommerce website receives changes every day. 
  • Items that are out of stock are updated for you automatically. 
  • At any time, you can add or remove things from your list. 
  • Push every product on your list to BigCommerce with just one click. 
  • Remove items in bulk according to price range

This application costs $37.99 a month to use. Get Wholesale2B App for BigCommerce.


What shipping carriers does BigCommerce support?

BigCommerce supports a range of shipping carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, as well as regional carriers like Canada Post and Australia Post.

Can I offer free shipping to my customers?

Yes, BigCommerce allows businesses to offer free shipping to their customers. Businesses can set up free shipping thresholds, such as free shipping for orders over a certain amount, or offer free shipping for specific products or categories.

Can I set up different shipping rates for different products or locations?

Yes, BigCommerce allows businesses to set up different shipping rates for different products or locations. For example, businesses can set up different rates for heavy or oversized items, or offer different rates for domestic and international shipping.