The BigCommerce Apps for Shipping Protection

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Today’s e-commerce environment makes extensive use of extensions and third-party applications. Your possibilities are being increased by them. For instance, automation or email marketing campaigns can make your daily tasks simpler. Because of this, popular platforms like Shopify and Magento have their own app stores. We’ll look at the best BigCommerce tools for shipping and product protection. You will also learn about product and delivery security in the world of online shopping. After reading this essay, you will be able to decide for yourself which practical applications you will use. Let’s start. 

What is Shipping Protection?

Shipping protection or parcel protection, which is sometimes offered in the form of shipping insurance, protects against financial loss if a package is lost, damaged, or stolen before the customer receives it. It aids in mitigating the numerous negative effects of delivery issues on your bottom line.

What are the advantages of Shipping Protection?

Let’s go over the four main advantages of shipping insurance.

  • Give customers peace of mind
  • Reduce the costs associated with problem resolution
  • Increase the quality of customer service
  • Keep your brand safe

Best BigCommerce Apps for Product & Shipping Protection

Corso Green Shipping Protection

Corso was created to address the two main problems that e-commerce merchants face: adverse climate impact and lost, stolen, or damaged package issues. By enabling your customers to reduce the environmental impact of their shipments and add order protection, Corso enhances the customer experience with your brand. Customers will benefit from 2% of their order value worth of protection from porch pirates, mishandled packages by carriers, and lost shipments. Corso will also work as an extension of your customer service team to quickly address problems with shipping, with a resolution to your customers’ issues taking place in 24 hours or less. With this plugin you get such features as

  • Carbon Reduction. Customers’ LTV and loyalty will rise if you make it simple for them to reduce the carbon emissions linked to their order. 
  • Protection for Shipping. Packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged are covered by Corso. To generate new revenue, Corso will cover the cost of replacement orders in place of you. 
  • Committed Assistance. When an order is lost or damaged within 24 hours, we can contact your customers to ensure they have the best experience possible.

This app is available for free use. Get Corso Green Shipping Protection App for BigCommerce.

Surfcare & Snowcare Protection Plans

When your customer buys new surf or snow equipment, such as a surfboard, SUP, skis, or snowboards, you can offer protection plans through Surfcare & Snowcare. Customers purchase a plan to cover damage to their new equipment. SC will repair any broken equipment you bring. SC will replace it if it is damaged. You receive benefits like:

  • Improved Sales. The cost of surf and snow equipment is high. As customers feel more at ease knowing their equipment is covered, expect higher sales. 
  • Increase Loyalty. Boost Loyalty Surfcare & Snowcare encourages customers to return to stores for repairs and additional gear purchases. 
  • Easy & Quick Integration. Streamlined process of paying.
  • Adaptive reporting. To monitor sales and income from insurance policies. 

This application is free to use. Get Surface & Snowcare Protection Plans App for BigCommerce

Rescue Data Protection Plan

In order to help their customers avoid the high cost of data recovery should a failure occur on their digital media device, merchants who sell digital media products can add a data recovery plan to their current offerings using the leading solution, RescueTM Data Recovery Plan. The RescueTM Data Recovery plan restores lost or corrupted data and can be made available as an add-on for laptops, desktops, hard drives, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, drones, or flash media of any brand that you sell. You get such features as

  • Lift AOV and Revenue. Drive more sales at the point of sale and raise the average order value (AOV). At the point of sale, realize additional revenue. 
  • Easy & Quick Integration. Simple setup and liability-free since After, Inc. takes care of the management and post-sale obligations 
  • Versatile Options. Provide different coverage options, such as 1/2 or 3 years, for each device. 
  • Customer Experience Is Improved. Plans from RescueTM Data Recovery save money. Data recovery without a plan could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. assurance that information, including data, images, music, and movies, is safe. 9 days on average are needed for recovery, and 94% of patients succeed.

This program is available without cost. Get Rescue Data Protection Plan App for BigCommerce.


A package protection plugin for your BigCommerce store, ShipTect, is shown to your customer during the checkout process. Your customer can choose to pay a small percentage of their total order amount to receive shipping assurance that their package will arrive safely and in the condition anticipated. With ShipTect, your store’s revenue will rise by 2-4% right away. You will also get such functions as

  • Package and Shipping Protection. Having trouble with clients complaining that they never received a package from you? or that there was already damage to the package? With ShipTect, you can charge your customers to cover the costs of loss, theft, or damage.
  • Internal customer support. The claims can be handled however you want. You won’t need to be concerned that a different business will ignore or frighten away your client. 
  • Low Cost Per Month. The cost of ShipTect is on a monthly basis. Platform’s objective is for your monthly subscription to pay for itself in less than three business days per month from the extra revenue generated.

This application has a unique pricing structure. Get ShipTect App for BigCommerce


By giving your customer the choice to insure their purchase throughout the shipping process, Ship-Safely can help safeguard your reputation. This platform also makes it possible for you, the store owner, to get a cut of every sale. With Ship-Safely, you can safeguard your name and reputation while also having the chance to add a new revenue stream to your company. Reordering from your store when it’s time for your customers to claim will allow you to make another sale for your company.

  • Get rid of empty carts. Increase your conversion rates significantly. Customers are less likely to leave the checkout page if they are aware that their purchase is insured. 
  • Simple installation. With just one click, the app is installed. At checkout, your customers will be asked to buy a policy. Simple as that! 
  • Give your clients reassurance. This app offer coverage for items that are Damaged, Lost, or Stolen during the shipping process for a small portion of the cost of each item.

This application has personalized pricing. Get Ship-Safely App for BigCommerce.

Canon CarePAK Plus

Beyond the normal warranty period, Canon CarePAK PLUS and CarePAK PRO provide protection against unavoidable harm such as drops, spills, power surges, and more, as well as against normal wear and tear. A damaged product covered by a CarePAK will either be restored to good working order or exchanged for a comparable item. CarePAK offers additional years of service and support from the date the Canon product is purchased, and it is affordable and simple to use. Your clients will experience years of worry-free living knowing that their new equipment is covered. You get such features as

  • Better Customer Experience. All products are repaired by factory-trained Canon employees using only genuine Canon components. 
  • Greater Attach Rates versus Third Party. Customers favor manufacturer plans over third-party plans because they offer a better customer experience and are of higher quality. 
  • Increased value enables higher selling prices. A wide range of advantages enable an increase in average selling price and revenue.
  • Canon responds to all inquiries from clients. Customers will never deal with a third party thanks to the hassle-free service and support they receive directly from Canon. 
  • Increased Income. Obtain additional income for each CarePAK that is sold.

This plugin is available for free use. Get Canon CarePAK Plus App for BigCommerce.


With the largest marketplaces, adspaces, affiliate channels, and shopping engines in the world, you can list, sync, and manage your products, inventory, and orders using the Shopping Feed platform. Shopping Feed creates your product listings, keeps your inventory synced across your entire ecosystem, boosts your product visibility, and exponentially increases your sales by selling and advertising on a world of places. It does this with automated channel setup, a full suite of powerful ecommerce tools, and an award-winning support team. You get such features as

  • Find & Replace Rules
  • AutoRemove Rules
  • Custom product fields
  • SEO & Product Tagging
  • Custom Channels
  • Order syncing
  • Exportable reports
  • Invoicing
  • Automatic fulfillment
  • Order alerts
  • Conversion Tracking

You can start using this application for $599 per month. Get Shoppingfeed App for BigCommerce.

Nano Insurance

You’re in luck if you’re upset about unfavorable customer feedback or abandoned shopping carts. The customer has the option to insure their shipping risk with this application, which integrates with your checkout. Additionally, a portion of every policy sold through your store will be paid to you in commission. You get such features as

  • Stop abandoned carts. Increase your conversion rates significantly. Customers are less likely to leave the checkout page if they are aware that their purchase is insured. 
  • Simple installation. With just one click, the app is installed. At checkout, your customers will be asked to buy a policy. Simple as that! 

This plugin is free to use. Get Nano Insurance App for BigCommerce.

G1 Shipping Warranty Manager

Every day, hundreds of thousands of packages are shipped around the globe. As a result, packages getting lost, damaged, or stolen in transit are happening more frequently. As a business owner, you spend a lot of time and money corresponding with customers and organizing replacement shipments. With this plugin, you get such features as

  • Manage Shipping Loss Cases in Concert. Customers can contact us directly, and we will respond within 24 hours, and we will assist them at every step of the way. 
  • Improve the Customer Experience. Gives customers newfound confidence in your business. This can boost conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment. 

You can use this application for free. Get G1 Shipping Warranty Manager App for BigCommerce


Route provides online retailers with a connected suite of post-purchase solutions. BigCommerce sellers can improve their post-purchase experience with Route, raise customer lifetime value, and distinguish their brand. This app provides you with:

  • Shipping Protection available to customers at Checkout
  • Protection cost-based averages 1% with a minimum of $0.98
  • One-click claim filing for customers
  • Visual package tracking
  • Customer claim tracking
  • Claim reports and insights
  • Ability to file claims on behalf of customers
  • Fast claim resolution
  • Customer receives direct reimbursement or replacement item

This plugin is cost-free to use. Get Route App for BigCommerce.


Do I require shipping insurance?

According to a recent poll, 53% of buyers want faster shipment on damaged items, and 43% expect discounts or swaps for damaged merchandise. This indicates that many e-commerce enterprises will suffer losses if this occurs. This is why shipping insurance is necessary.

What is shipment protection?

Shipping protection, often known as parcel protection, is a type of insurance that protects against financial loss if a package is lost, damaged, or stolen before the buyer gets it.

What is the best shipping method for ecommerce?

– FedEx